William is featured in an international production of the worlds top Qigong/Kung Fu/Chinese Medicine Masters.


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Anne Kelly

"I am really excited to do more work with you. The live Qigong series sparked something in me. All you gave me in the session is working extremely well. I have so much relief. I am so grateful for the amazingly powerful work that you do for your clients."

What people are saying:

"I was in really poor shape and after just one session of live Qigong helped me. You can search in lots of places for puzzle pieces or you can find all of them with Will. I have now done the whole series and my life has changed for the better. Thank you so much William!"

Skip Platti-Executive

"William is an icon in the field of wellness"

Wendy Mclure: The Official Traininers of the Olympic Ski Team.

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A sampling of people from our annual August retreat 2018

Wellness Expert Danai Shanti

"These are great, effective ways of self healing, empowerment and actualization. You've brought so much joy and heartfelt awakening into my life."

-With much love and gratitude, Danai

C.E.O. David Brand

"I have been able to enrich my life and business immeasurably. I wholeheartedly recommend your course 'Qigong Healing' to any organization or individual. Much gratitude and respect. "

-Sincerely, David

Sounds True Inc.-Wellness Publishing House

"William Martino's teaching series is amazing. He is a gifted teacher with an unmatched ability to get to the heart of each person's unique needs. I highly recommend him!"

Beverly Yates - Publicity Manager for one of the worlds largest holistic publishing firms

You Receive:

  • A Live session (for those who can attend scheduled time)
  • 3 Ebooks by William Martino
  • • Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation
  • • The Essence of Qi
  • • Spirit Touch: The Masteries in Meditation:
  • Downloadable video of the live session
  • Downloadable PDF Notes

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Dear Will,

Thank you for touching our hearts with your wisdom and love...

Cynthia Banks

William is a consummate artist in his ability to blend together the elements of scientific research, spirituality, energy medicine. The scope of his work enters into the larger context of mindful,practical applications facilitating physical and mental health.

Williams unique artistry manifests through his powerful, yet sensitive, gentle presence, astute intellect which he mindfully embodies. A teacher by example. He is a gift and asset to our community of practitioners and educators.

Liza York, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Longmont, CO