Endorsed by: One of the worlds top 10 physicists, ceo's, giant organizations, major hospitals, universities, Olympic sports affiliates and by people from virutally every walk of life.

Resolve: Unhealthy emotion, mental confusion, irregular pulse, high blood pressure, lacking libido, weak digestion, low bone density, poor eyesight, unresolved trauma; etc. 


William Martino 'The Enlightenment Coach' 

     Author, speaker on human development. Meditation and inner energy adept.  Author of fourteen books in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality including: Moments That Ripple, Stress Less, The Masteries in Meditation (In Barnes and Nobel worldwide), The Mystic Portal, Natural rejuvenation, The Natural Sentry; and many more. 

William has apprenticed with some of the worlds leaders in human developement since he was 8 years old.  As a child prodigy his lessons brought him before dignitaries and leaders of all sorts.  Will has helped people worldwide  from every walk of life.   Measurable results guide the way.   His programs are threaded with humor, clarity and effectiveness. Outstanding endorsements from universities, hospitals, schools, businesses and by people from every walk of life.   


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William Martino

William's MMA cage fighting student.  The one delivering the blow.  Benjamin Antoniwicz.

 On the set of a documentary about the worlds top internal healing masters.



William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

 I remember once, a group of us were out in the field practicing.. you went tot he other side of the space, had your back turned,, i threw  a snowball at you,, it arched and was coming near you,, you pivoted lightning speed and dashed it to pieces,, Miss seeing you Master Will! 

From Nathan Hutchison         Amazing artist