I’m ever seeking out the deeper meaning of life. Is there a way to clarity, insight and influence?

Yes. Since a very young age my daily life has been dominated by the most fascinating question: Is a sage with unique intelligence and abilities real? In my experience the answer to that question is a proven, resounding Yes. After the serious school of hard knocks I tried the Zen thing as a monk for 4.5 years and then became head of security for a major retreat center created by the Guru of The Beatles; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of transcendental meditation. Moving to Colorado, the center of Buddhism in America, I had the chance to do advanced meditation training with The Dalai Lama on his visits.

Then I was the cook for a legendary Taoist priest, Qigong and Kung Fu Master; Master Chen who was raised on Mt. Wudang; the birthplace of Chi Power.

Since boxing and marital arts was a hobby from childhood MMA became the next evolution. So, eventually a lil success as a fight coach for MMA. I keep tryin everything; lol.

Now, I live in a place where there are over 20 major monasteries all within a few miles. One of the Karmapa's main monasteries is here (a deeper meditation lineage than the Dalai Lama), one of the main Japanese Shumei monasteries is here, a big Ashram, A Zen temple founded by the international Zen legend Shunru Suzuki; etc...etc.

But-the best thing that I can say to you if you are considering 'The Evolution' course is that I'm an expert at nothing and love to engage new possibilities while meeting people where they are and working on issues together.

I do not have the solution; that's clear. Together we might be able to experience a win/win to just find out a new angle, some fresh insight and most of all measurable results.

This program is a natural way of transformation and represents the synthesis of all I've experienced: Distilled, simplified and based on customization according to what your best is-The quotes, beliefs, memories, dreams for you future, ways to connect with life that you choose.

I might be able to offer some practical options. However, what we focus on here is finding what really are uniquely your choices..

A true 'path' is born according to what works for you as an individual. This method just might be what you have always sought.

The Evolution process (Creating Moments that Ripple) is utilized by Olympic sports affiliates, hospitals, businesses, senior facilities and by people from virtually every walk of life. There is amazing legacy of time tested, lasting results.HERE.

I'm an author of 12 books; meditation, inner energy and lifelong martial art enthusiast. The greatest adventure is the witnessing of hearts, minds and bodies transformed. That's the real miracle we all need. Its such honor go about some time, energy and efforts with others toward into this result.

There are programs for everyone. Healing lives is not a business. Still, the win/win of mutual support is appreciated when possible.

Much Love, William


1. Recognizing Depression: A guide for those suffering with depression.

2. Stress Less: Practical solutions for profound stress management and focus

3. Workplace Wellness: Transform ordinary routines into personal evolutions

4. The Masteries in Meditation-Neuroplastic transformation through meditation.

“Neuroplasticity It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science...Thinking actually turns on genes inside of neurons to form new connections between brain cells.” “Dr. Kandel-Nobel prize-brain science.

5. Dragon Thunder: Protection for Mind, Body and Soul

6. The Natural Sentry: Real World self-defense beginner to advanced.

7. Emotional Hygiene: Support, Relief, Catharsis, Transmutation and Hygiene

8. Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth.

9. The Essence of Chi Power: The inner keys to super health and strength

10. The Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

11. Tai Chi Harmony: The inner teachings of Tai Chi Chuan

12. Natural Enlightenment: Full spectrum success from the inside/out.