Offering custom designed Wellness programs William Martino has pioneered a unique methodology based on the needs of the individual and measurable results.

Contact info: 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

William Martino is an author, speaker on human development, athletic trainer, Qigong and martial arts master. An Zen/Qigong monk for 4.5 years and author of twelve 12 books in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality. A spiritual prodigy from a young age, William has dedicated his life to connecting the mind and body.

Two books related to Qigong William has authored which are considered seminal and pioneering include:

1. The Tao Te Ching- A new poetic translation from the original Chinese


2. Essence of Qi: The inner teachings from the ancient Qigong/Kung Fu Temples

Initially a love of Martial arts brought William to seek out the truths of 'chi power.' Beginning with Taoist Qigong, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vision Questing and practical self-defense a fire was lit.

William' ordinations and further experiences are: , A yogic monk and head of security for a T.M. retreat center created by the guru of The Beatles; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, receiving his Ohikari from Shumei (A Shinto based organization) and being the personal cook for legendary Taoist priest, Qigong and Kung Fu Master Wudang Chen who was raised on Mt. Wudang the birthplace of Qi Power..

William now leads retreats in the rocky mountains at The Evolution Retreat Center high in The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. People come from all over the world for retreat opportunities with Will and his team. Crestone was called by U.S. news and world report to be “The Spiritual Heart of America. There are over 20 major monasteries there and masters of every art all living together in harmony. If you need to refresh and reboot your system schedule a call. It's all about fun, and very practical solutions to help you in your specific need.

'The Evolution' helps people from all walks of life to feel, be and do better in life. It demonstrates the meeting point of Mind, Body and Soul techniques in one, life trans-formative presentation.

Treatments are based on the unique needs of individuals and groups resulting in personalized benefits. The use of cutting edge biofeedback measurements help people benefit their systems with doalbe, repeateable and measurable results.

William also heads up 'The Pearl' a philanthropical organization helping communities with issues of mental health and public safety.

Contact info: 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

One experience with William can transform one’s life for the better.

Endorsed by: Hospitals, Universities, Businesses and by literally 1000's of people from all walks of life.

For his ongoing and pro bono work with a medical staff, William received The Lifetime Outstanding Service Reward from Boulder Community Hospital

The Official Trainers of The U.S. Olympic Ski Team

“An icon in the field. William is pioneering new, more effective methods to create wellness.”

Wendy Mclure

Sounds True Inc.

“William Martino is a gifted teacher with an unmatched ability to get to the heart of each person’s unique needs.”

Beverly Yates: Senior publicity manager

Sounds True Inc. is a world leader in holistic program publications

“It is such a privilege for me to share with you the secrets of Qigong for both health and self defense; psychically and physically.” W.F.M.

All of William Martino's books include:


1. Recognizing Depression: A guide for those suffering with depression.

2. Stress Less: Practical solutions for profound stress management and focus

3. Workplace Wellness: Transform ordinary routines into personal evolutions

4. The Masteries in Meditation-Neuroplastic transformation through meditation.

“Neuroplasticity It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science...Thinking actually turns on genes inside of neurons to form new connections between brain cells.” “Dr. Kandel-Nobel prize-brain science.

5. Dragon Thunder: Protection for Mind, Body and Soul

6. The Natural Sentry: Real World self-defense beginner to advanced.

7. Emotional Hygiene: Support, Relief, Catharsis, Transmutation and Hygiene

8. Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth.

9. The Essence of Chi Power: The inner keys to super health and strength

10. The Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

11. Tai Chi Harmony: The inner teachings of Tai Chi Chuan

12. Natural Enlightenment: Full spectrum success from the inside/out.

Contact info: 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412