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William Martino is an author, speaker on human development. He is known worldwide as ‘The Enlightenment Coach.” Author of twelve books in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality including: Moments That Ripple, Stress Less, The Masteries in Meditation (In Barnes and Nobel worldwide), The Mystic Portal, Rejuvenation, The Natural Sentry; and many more.

William has apprenticed with authentic masters of meditation and martial arts. Author of 12 books and coach to people all over the world. His programs are threaded with humor and effectiveness. Outstanding endorsements from universities, hospitals, schools, businesses and by people from every walk of life. Customization and personlization helps individuals and organizations gain moments of clarity.

The Masteries in Meditation Book

Published Books:

  • Welcome to 'The Flow': Greater energy produces a greater life.

  • The Masteries in Meditation

  • Our Journey

  • Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth

  • Recognizing Depression

  • Emotional Hygiene

  • Stress Less

  • The Essence of Chi

Including the original temple scriptures

  • Dragon Thunder: Real Protection in Real Time

  • The Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

  • The Natural Sentry - Practical Self Defense: Mind, Body and Soul

  • Tai Chi Harmony- The inner teachings of Tai Chi applied to every day movement

From an early age William had a drive propelling him far and wide in search of answers. Always interested in serving the poor and exploring mysteries he drifted further and further away into his own little world. The fascination with, geniuses, mysteries and martial arts began at 8 years old. Thinking that fitness was the solution at 15 years old he became a certified fitness instructor. Finally, he was employed helping to bring fitness to professional football players. Next up was as a fitness coach for Bally’s fitness yet still his search for ‘something more’ was not being realized. This inner angst mounted because results were marginal but he was sure that there was a way to cause amazing results in his own and others lives. Feeling lost for solutions William just gave up and fell into a depression living out ‘The dark nights/years of the soul’ rebelling against life and law for years.

Finally, in desperation he reached out to Zen and became an ordained lay monk for 4.5 years and afterword’s founded a school for martial arts and community outreach center in Philadelphia, Pa.

Next up was being a Yogic monastic as well as the head of security for a major Transcendental Meditation center in Avon Park Florida. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi popularized this mediation technique (T.M.) with famous students such as The Beatles, Clint Eastwood and so many more. There, he found a union between science and inner healing and natural success in life.

At this time it seemed that both Zen and Yoga were dissociative and lacking in practical application to help people’s lives in deep suffering. So, he went back to his roots to learn more about ‘the inner chi’ by becoming the head cook for Master Chen and his core students; Master Chen, author of ‘The Master Within’ (Which William got published for Master Chen.) Master Chen is a legendary Taoist Priest and Qigong/Kung Fu master who was raised on mount Wudang; the birthplace of ‘Chi Power.’ Through this teaching the mysterious inner world became his reference point. Here is a movie series Wiiliam is in as one of the worlds top Qigong masters.

Further initiations were completed with The Dalai Lama in person and with whom the Dalai Lama said is ‘The greatest living meditation master;’ Drubwang Rinpoche. Many full retreats and initiations with Ammachi, Thich Naht Hahn, Cealo, receiving his Ohikara initiation with Shumei…Etc. The training’s go on and are too numerous too mention.

All those experiences resulted in a clear understanding of the common themes and clear science of personal healing.

The true path to wellness and success is already within people and needs a process to be elicited through personalized attention.

‘The Flow’ method was created combining all the best techniques to improve a person’s life quickly and efficiently. Everything is user friendly, demystified and combined into one power packed, simplified program. Soon, hospitals, sports teams, schools and individuals of every type of background were asking for his training. The Evolution legacy continues today. It is based on the needs of the individual with results measured by biofeedback equipment to make sure the individual and/or group is benefitting in real time.

William’s professional contributions include: Being a top wellness consultant to many organizations around the world including Hospitals, Olympic sports affiliates and numerous schools and individuals. He is featured in a international documentary series with the world’s top wellness experts. Will is was also a head coach for a mixed martial arts fighter who went from no fights to fighting for a title in just 4 fights with no gym and no team. Currently William is a registered student of Gracie combatives program and has attained his first black stripe with the legendary Gracie JuiJitsu familiy studying directly under the sons of Rorion Gracie (Ryon and Rener Gracie) who founded the UFC.

He continues to deliver presentations globally characterized by humor, whit and measurable results. Don’t miss out.

The Evolution retreat center is located in the Rocky Mountains in Crestone, Co. Crestone was dubbed ‘The Spiritual Heart of America’ by U.S. News and World report with over 20 monasteries of various faiths all living together peacefully and dynamically. Every sort of wellness therapy is offered here and people come from all over the world to benefit.

William Martino and ‘The Flow’ program is virtually unparalleled in the wellness industry and endorsed by people with all sorts of backgrounds. William’s life story is amazing to say the least and ‘the rejuvenation team’ is made up of the most unique and effective individuals all trained to help people help themselves. ‘The Rejuvenation’ is the future of wellness, self healing and self actualization methodology available now.

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

William Martino

I remember once, a group of us were out in the field practicing.. you went tot he other side of the space, had your back turned,, i threw a snowball at you,, it arched and was coming near you,, you pivoted lightning speed and dashed it to pieces,, Miss seeing you Master Will!

From Nathan Hutchison Amazing artist