Starting with a family that went from zero to super success I then went off on my own through the genuine school of hard knocks and sought resolution for my issues by seeking out the deeper meaning of life.  Is there a way to clarity, insight and influence?  The answer to those question was a proven, resounding Yes..   Enduring a series of tests led me to become an ordained Zen monk for 4.5 years and then the head of security for T.M.'s  major retreat center created by the Guru of The Beatles.  I still apprentice with real masters of life; ever in search of more personal and collective transformation.  These teachings are the one of the worlds greatest legacies to health, protection and real deal enlightenment not new age bullshit.  I have been a fight coach for MMA, done advanced meditation retreats with The Dalai Lama and now live in a place where there are over 20 major monasteries all within a few miles.  One of the Karmapa's main monasteries is here, one of the main Japanese Shumei monasteries is here and I could go on and on with the real deal masters that live and visit here all from around the world.  But, the best thing that I can say is that I'm an expert at nothing and love to meet people where they are working on personal and world issues together.

                   The team's main work now has become philanthropical for but special projects such as The Energy Shield project and some teachings are offered on special occasions.

      The methods developed by our team are utilized by Olympic sports affiliates, hospitals, businesses, senior facilities and by people from virtually every walk of life.  There is amazing legacy of time tested, lasting results that can be had here.HERE.

I'm an author of 12 books; meditation, inner energy and martial art enthusiast.   I love to lead trans formative workshops for individuals and groups. The greatest adventure is witnessing the healing of peoples hearts, minds and souls.  It is my honor to do so with you.  There are programs available for every level of income.  Healing is not a business. 

               Much Love, William

  One of our key methodologies is measuring a persons ability to progressively influence their own systems through advanced biofeedback devices.

  Fun and effective, each presentation is custom designed for the unique needs of individuals and organizations.  Clear the air now.



1.                     Recognizing Depression:  A guide for those suffering with depression.

2.                     Stress Less:  Practical solutions for profound stress management and focus

3.                     Workplace Wellness:  Transform ordinary routines into personal evolutions

4.                     The Masteries in Meditation-Neuroplastic transformation through meditation.

             “Neuroplasticity It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science...Thinking actually turns on genes inside of neurons to form new connections between brain cells.” “Dr. Kandel-Nobel prize-brain science. 

5.                     Dragon Thunder:  Protection for Mind, Body and Soul

6.                     The Natural Sentry:  Real World self-defense beginner to advanced.

7.                     Emotional Hygiene:  Support, Relief, Catharsis, Transmutation and Hygiene

8.                     Love and Sex:  A match made in heaven played out on earth.

9.                     The Essence of Chi Power:  The inner keys to super health and strength

10.                      The Tao Te Ching:  A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

11.           Tai Chi Harmony:  The inner teachings of Tai Chi Chuan

12.           Natural Enlightenment:  Full spectrum success from the inside/out.