Right Now

Wellness in no way leads to flightiness, escapism nor grandiosity. Rather, it’s with this kind of beautiful 'vibe' that people are remade and charged with the breath of the Divine. Do you want to be re-made? Would you like a new lease on life? Do you need an energy infusion? All these blessings continually flow from Wellness. Union herein deposits the power to make changes happen. Great and positive actions naturally flow from such an empowered person. If you release the 'outer' and refine the 'inner' then the 'outer' will be able to accomplish what you seek. We must not compulsively search for external solutions to internal problems. The way this happens is first for a flash of time. We experience a moment of focus and learn more about ourselves and the effective means necessary to meet the need present in the moment. Our practice is to extend these flashes into moments and moments into minutes and minutes into hours in intensive situations.

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