The Ecstatic Source of Success

Why is it that all of the enlightenment pathways talk about an incredible ecstasy that comes along with spiritual maturity. The texts and 'masters' clearly share with us that intense love, joy, bliss, ecstasy 'is' the power that changes lives and creates ordinary 'miracles' of lives transformed. it is not some silly or entraping emotion. Rather genuine loving feeling is a great power. Think of when you feel supported, given grace and guided. That's like being loved right?

You and I herald much where we walk. Think of how many individuals are touched by your life, every day. There is some kind of 'energy exchange' going on right now between you and all mankind. What are you putting out? What kind of legacy are you leaving for the world?

How will we accomplish being kind with each other? Good things can continue happening to us if we just take the time to stop and tune in. Is now an ok time to secure such a vibe into your life and business?

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