What If

If not the person on the phone or in our meetings then where and when? It is practice in ordinary moments that gives us the skill to do our jobs better and better and better. Support is natural when you get in the right state of mind and here, through this program you are given the tools you need to build your inner quality of feeling from the inside/out.Being pioneers in our daily lives simply means to apply ourselves to the task at hand and do it well. Just this alone makes us a team player. We mustn’t be depressed nor self isolated. Smell the air; let the sun, sky and universe in. We all walk together as one great soul discovering itself. Once we are simply overflowing with good energy we naturally want to share and it’s in the simple things that such great energy is best invested.Servant hood is the crown of human achievement and through these simple steps you can find the way and means to have more than enough energy to not only get the job done but to make progress as well.We mustn’t wait for something mystical to happen to have more faith, rather, have more faith first.

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