We each have the ability to transform apparent curses into blessings; negatives to positives. Are their limits to this action of self inquiring transformation? No, I've never heard of a limitation as to how much love we can discover within our very own selves and how powerfully this love can affect us. Actually, the masters of life advise us that our potential is literally unlimited.

Can we really accept the statement that we are the stuff of stars that Divinity is living within us asking us to be a vessel to flow through us? The admonition to the child is you can be anything you want to. Do you and I still have this creative potential?

Our negative's can become positives. It’s just the disciplined

progression of personal metamorphosis that can be a bit tricky. We are asked to get concentrated and on track right now. We do not always want to give up our nervousness; to let go and trust beyond what we can see. The funny thing is enlightened consciousness remains in us no matter what our choices. Unbounded love and power exists in us, forever, and we are sovereign in our ability to perceive it. In each mind, every emotion and body there is the pure energy that animates all life. It is this core thread of creation that emanates the impulse of life itself. One moment of this recognition is enough to heal a life completely. The sun and rain touch the lives of every person good or bad. In the same way our common inner Source is ever present willing to touch our lives if we allow. How about right now, right here?

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