Just press play reviewing your best: People, Place and things to 'get the feeling' then go into deep, embodied, quantum body bellows breathing meditation.

We explore the landscape of your life history as a movie reel. You may as well take some time to review clearly so that you have better insight. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Watch the full movie. This way you can clear the air and really understand the dynamics at play and how your own actions are contributing to your failures and successes. What is most important is your inner goals not your outer. The other way around is a slave like mentality that robs you of the mystery of life. You can have both but prioritize your own evolution as an individual then everything you do is accomplished faster and more efficiently as well.

Next we will go on to making a clear map of your profound supports and unment needs for healing.

Feeling better, more centered and calm you will then be able to pick up on the cues given to you behind the scenes of environment. Start to believe more in you and you inner solutions for outer challenges.

"...From the projectors one light there are many scenes. Get behind the screen and dream..." From William's poem 'The Cosmic Fire'

Protection, Providence and unique insights dawn whenever we are deeply refreshed.

Here is a PDF all about the scientific nature of you personal field of 'vibes' Click Here

Touching Nature

Learn how to discharge deep seated stressors and start over.

By accepting life in and participating rather than ever attemtping to be separate and in control natures nourishing streams in to support you. By slowing down, stopping and reversing your search you can discover the way to experience profound peace of mind and the ability to live a life by design; from the inside/out. It will help everything you want to be and do.


Get grounded in your daily life with this series of methods. Discover what works for you as an invidivual.

Weave your life with moments that ripple

Opening the door meditation

Cleaning and organizing meditation

Doing the dishes meditation

· Rest your eyes meditation

· Enjoy your breathing meditation

Guided meditation


Why give so much time to just slowing down? Because that is the root of going fast and getting things done. If you would like to get more done, more efficiently, more quickly with better results then you will have to learn to slow down and do things more carefully.

Slowing down and trusting is the real challenge in life. Life is given automatically just look around. Our real challenge is the inner one not outer. Outer concerns take care of themselves once you have given enough time and energy to establish your inner, personal coherence.

Note: You may have studied nutrition, worked out at the gym, done therapy, taken self-help courses and tried many Wellness methods including Yoga, Zen, Qigong, Mindfulness etc. but we promise that you have never experienced the real inner teachings like they are presented in this course. This program is endorsed worldwide. Everything is given for you in a user friendly presentation. Free 3 day course. Free public programs.


The Body Gym

Here you will learn a wonderful warm up series for effective meditation. Gentle warm up exercises: Rest Your Eyes, Hands on breathing, Belly contractions, The stretch set (custom,, pinpoinnted) The cleansing breath, Posturing and more...


Learning to meditate effectively- Science based

In every meditation/enlightenment system there is a specific term for the place where the greatest help is granted. In Yoga, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism it is called Samadhi. In Qigong it is called embryonic breathing. In science its called brainwave coherence and hormonal balancing. Building on all your experiences thus far we will reach this- the ultimate experience of meditation.

You will receive initiation into: The 'Natural Meditation' technique. It is born from what works for you as an individual, proven by science, and gives you direct access to the most advanced benefits of meditation. Here is your PDF of The Natural Meditation Technique Click Here

Coherence and your Genetics

Deep in the cells of our physical being we are introducing 'codes' to rewrite the subconscious influences on deep levels. Accepting the transmissions of authentic teachers is the quickest path to transformation. Split of from every concern and receive this help now.

"Grace is the deciding factor."

"Since all effects or seeds of our past actions, our karma, can be destroyed by roasting them in the fire of meditation, concentration, the light of superconsciousness, and right actions, there is no such thing as fate" Y

Personal Coherence is the luck factor in life. By slowing down, stopping and reversing your search you can discover the way to experience profound peace of mind and the ability to live a life by design; from the inside/out. It will help everything you want to be and do.

Together we can make a difference.

Marathon for breakthrough. Do a long full cycle to shift your quantum karma today.

emotional well-being

Emotional Hygiene and Deep Cleaning

Dynamic with people places and things in your timing

Here are a few PDF's for your journey into emotional Well-Being

Graph How to forgive others

Time for:

  • Just listening to blessed silence is the key to easing mental suffering.

  • Downloading and digesting the energy and information in your brain through embodiment and grounding.

Stay aware of your body for embodiment is healing. Too often people loose themselves in discursive thought and not present.

Discern your own behaivor paradigm, your family, community and the world. Gain a sense of solidity in your personal presence.

Lifelong lasting emotional well-being

Learn about emotional well-being and its relationship to health. In our cells it is our emotional input that is programming us more than any other factor. Together let's go through a list of emotions and feel into the ones that are either helping or hindering your life. Its all about emotions really.

The Negative

There are negative programs installed in some of your biological biography causing the unfortunate circumstances to repeat in your own life. Genetically and from your history let's defrag your biological biography by first revealed what is causing you fatigue. The offering help is all around you but these 'stuck spots' keep some measure of your person in bound up in fearful clinging. The first step is uncovering real and personal issues.

The Positive

Do you feel genuinely cared about as an individual? I can assure you there are many people that do actually care. Let's make a note of how this is true for you in specific ways. You are worthy, look around at how much life freely offers to you today- Noticing how this goes a long way for feeling better, becoming free and protected and provided for in better ways.

The Habit Exchange

Define certain new habits to include in your life; like drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, keeping your environmnet clean and simple. Also, learn more about the consequences of bad habits.



Drastically revamp your understanding of relationships from paranoia to pronioa.

Now its time to let your current relationships flash though your mind and define the new and better paradigm of interaction. For key relationships repeat the persons name and prepare to receive them fully.

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