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One Moment Can Change Everything

Rethink Possible

In just one moment of Great Contact a whole host of challenges and problems can be resolved. This has happened to you before in some measure. You have had some moments of experience that literally changed ‘everything’ in seconds flat: It could have been: your first love, hearing good news, having a debt forgiven, getting paid, a new venture, a breathtakingly beautiful scene in nature, intervention, meeting a new friend…etc. What if you could create those same biochemistry results independent of experience? You can.

This is the challenge, the opportunity of this course. To continue having experiences that rejuvenate and clear the air. A moment that shifts your reality for the better is available for right now. We can show you how. Face your life directly and get centered…breathe.

The benefits are cumulative. Each time you have such an experience it bathes your systems in the biochemistry of coherence.

Hormonal nectar is released

Deep seated stressor discharge

You absorb energy to yourself and

Fresh insight will come about of its own accord.

But, you need training on how to make this happen effectively in time efficient ways.


This is your best insurance plan for your future. Read on-

Make a break for it now for your own wellbeing by learning ‘the masters skill’; the ability split off from all else and just trust in your ability to release the problem and rejuvenate. This is the great source of problem solving power.

This is a mechanical program so won’t have have to think about it much going forward. Just start with a simple 10 second practice weaving into your daily life:

While your waiting in lines,

Before important appointments etc.

These are times where you can practice and improve your ‘centering

ability over time. Start by installing this 10 second experience today into your life and you will see that the benefits are cumulative. We will show you how and measure your ability so you can consistently improve. Since life is all in the moments learn how to become fully present and dissolve your distractedness.

There is also the customizable portion of your program which is designed according to your likes. This will be phase two of your Rejuventation program.

We will help you organize all that you have within you but may have forgotten into one power packed experience.

You must work harder on yourself than you do at your job!

First, Let’s Get Back to Basics Today

Getting back to basics both in mind and body is the only method of real transformation. Science says you have between 10-80,000 thoughts per day.

You need to return to words of wisdom for reference otherwise you’ll never get rejuvenated in the way you know is possible. Wise words satisfy the mind and bring you clarity whereas nothing else will really do it. At least initially you have to know what you are doing and why. So, you are given some 5 minute readings to refresh your perspective weekly. If you would like you can also have free, periodic text reminders to stay on track. Finally, here’s a program that’s all about you. You may have tried many other things and have much experience but we invite you to try The Rejuvenation. It just may be what you have always wanted.


The ‘wellspring of life’ is an inexhaustible personal resource that you can tap into right now. What does that mean to you? How do you get connected in your own ways? This course will help you remember your access in the ways you love but may have forgotten.

It doesn’t matter how well you can do it. What matters is that you improve you experience of inner nourishing, repairs and upgrades. With this in place your outer concerns are managed better automatically. Get your priorities straight. Do not trade your inner experience of life for some outer goals that you have bought into as more important; they are not. One precedes the other and only in that direction. This is the proper order of life. Otherwise you could find the years taking away from your own personal evolution, clarity and understanding in life.

You are not alone

People, relationships are not conveniences but rather sacred opportunities.

We are not meant to live alone nor process alone. There are real ‘outer connections’ that can help you find your inner magic. This can come as a person, place or thing.

Nourishing points of contact in nature available everywhere even in closed off rooms. Wise words from people who literally eclipse your intelligence are available in certain books, there are movies, audio etc. that can help you finally understand the meaning of life as well as how to best make progress in your goals. Einsten said

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

Just take it easy. Have little quotes or practices in your life. This course will help you first by organizing all that works for you as an individual. There are ways that you can do this, ways you accept and enjoy; let us help you find them and list them. There are sources of knowledge you can connect with in the way you choose: Just one little quote can go a long way to keep you connected to the stream of life that ever educates and helps.

A computer cannot process without being connected to the net neither can you process without being spacious and connected. Nor could you ever go into a forest and come out with a space shuttle. Yet, such things were created by accessing all the previous wisdom gained by others and building on it. All life builds through the knowledge all around and that is how genetics evolve. So, whoever you are and wherever you are at in life this course shapes to you. You do not need any special knowledge nor desire to do a lot of work. You just need to follow along with the simple and doable suggestions. Virtually anyone can do it. Any age or level of education. All is welcome here.

Are you suffering?

You could be suffering for so long with no apparent end in sight then some kind of helpful event could happen to you that ‘changes everything.’

Placing the outer world first and being stuck on go is a slave like mentality that constantly sucks the life out of the most important project in your life; the evolution of your soul/psyche. This ‘cart before the horse’ mentality has plagued society since its dawn. Wouldn’t you benefit from a return to ‘naturalness of being?’ Would your entire life benefit if you just felt better? Of course it would and this course will show you how.

Only a small percentage of people have success in dispelling the illusion of ‘an outer solution for personal problems’ and learn to live life from an overflow not a squeeze.

This is the legacy of masters of life whom benefit all that come in contact with them-

You see, quality of life is determined by the types of experiences you are having. Not ever planning for some other time to experience life fully: When I get out of school, when I get married, when I have this child, when I get more money, when I retire….how sad. Life is right now and you can let it back in rather than ever attempting to keep it out remaining in a prison of your own making.

Sometime you have to leave off thinking, just trust and feel.

Is it possible for you right now to slow down and give up your worries just for some moments? If so, you will being the inner rejuvenation. Remember the promise is that if you can just trust and practice some of these suggestions you will begin to enjoy better circumstances in your outer life as well. You will get done everything you need too more quickly and effectively.

So-Even though it seems like a waste of time. It is not.

Are you ready? Actually, how could you ever be ready? You don’t get clean in order to prepare to take a shower do you? This is not for some other time. That is your challenge! To do it now and don’t look back; ever.

“Don’t fool yourself. The way is in training.”


Break out of your shell

If an egg is broken from the outside it dies. If it breaks from the inside it discovers rich life.

Remember what the Olympian does just before action.

They take a few breaths and are somehow transformed in little time. They touch the field, absorb great power and clear their minds in mere moments. Totally relaxing, centering and refreshing themselves in seconds flat.

This ability is something we all do when about to face something very important to us. Time slows down and we enter a surreal reality.

Call it balancing, meditating, clearing your mind…whatever. Words cannot represent this experience only point to it

According to science it is the very best skill you can learn for yourself and your loved ones.

‘The path advancing appears retreating’ T

Back off and be more careful today-

Harvard says in just 7 weeks repeating this type of experience will improve your grey matter and actually thicken your cortex.

What you are doing in this course is concentrating the results.

The Butterfly Effect

“Tiny influences can have giant effects on complex systems.” E.L.

Edward Lorenz is a world renown scientist who “profoundly influenced a wide range of sciences and brought about one of the most dramatic changes in humankind’s view of nature since Sir Isaac Newton,” K.P.

He discovered that that a tiny initial change like a butterfly flapping its wings in one place can have extraordinary influence on the weather pattern on the other side of the world.

So, learn to have life changing experiences in little time!

Just do 10 Seconds Each


Just do all these 3 things in one flow for a longer amount of time now as a way to initiate the skill. Forget your worries and just do this-

An important note: Be ready to repeat ‘10’ within yourself for a lifetime. If you do this 10 second structure it will not become part of your life. Just say ‘10’ and count to 10. Get it done now and then here and there right in the midst of your daily life.

· Rest your eyes

Now, for about the next 10 seconds drop your head into your hands and rest your eyes. Afterword’s focus distantly for some time as all of us are not focusing off into the distance anymore.

Put your phone down. Close the laptop lid at least for the next 10 seconds.

Drop your head into your hands and rest a while. Eye strain and vision problems are at an all time high. Take time to bring nourishment into your eyes. Place your palms on your eyes and relax them-Also, just close your eyes more when you can safely do so in your daily life

Once may years earlier I had worn glasses then lost them and just went without for some years. I went in for an exam to get glasses again as I thought it would be helpful for driving and viewing the board in classrooms. Upon getting the results of my test they said “ You have 20/20 vision. REST YOUR EYES! Many years later I failed the eye exam for my drivers license renewal and went to go get glasses again. I asked the ophthalmologist ‘Can a person heal their eyes through any of those programs that are out there? He said “no, that’s all pseudo science.” So, I got the glasses and then I practiced resting my eyes as I had some weeks before the exam and I passed the eye exam easily without them. That’s two times I healed my own eyes and defied ‘science’ even though the ophthalmologist told me its impossible. Lot’s more amazing transformations have happened in my life. Now, it’s your turn!

· Hands on breathing

Put the back of your hands on the lower ribs of your back and Breathe. Can you feel your lower back moving?

William created this method for the Official Trainers of The Olympic Ski Team. After realizing that almost all professionals talk a good game but don’t really know about proper breathing he developed this method.. It is a simple ‘hands on way’ to really get in touch with your breathing which is so important for improving your energy levels going forward. The reason it is necessary is that you have been patterned in unhealthy ways of breathing because of too much unprocessed stress. Doing this exercise over time will naturally repattern your breathing to become more effortless and enjoyable. When you have more time use lower, middle and upper hand positions front. Back and sides of your torso.

· Look Up

Look straight up. It does a lot more good for you than you know.

Just take a few seconds (10 is a doable amount of time and include it in your life now and then when you can.). When was the last time you really looked at the sky? Leaning the head back and looking up relieves neck and shoulder tension. There is so much trapped up stress in our necks and shoulders that the medical world now has a definition called ‘text neck.’ If you do this here and there you will release tremendous amounts of trapped up energy that you can use.

Estimate or count 10 seconds and get it done- Being specific about this doable and repeatable amount of time allows you to keep benefitting in cumulative ways for a lifetime.

You might want to copy and paste that last sentence and post it somewhere.

· The Body Gym

Get Physical

Options: shake it off for 10 seconds or

tense and release muscles, yawn stretching, dynamic tension, swaying, turn and hold, wipe your palms together, imitate an animal.

Be boundless in your physical senses when you do it. Just like you are when alone in a beautiful and vast scene in nature for connectivity is power.

When you are physically active it grounds the excessive activity in your brain. Many brain science experts prize exercise as very important to psychological health and brain fitness.

It’s the little things that count. Begin to ‘Take 10’ in your life with these options. This must be for the long term. Obviously doing this once won’t help much but what if these little 10 second experiences become part of you life? Can you understand what that means for your future?

So, you cannot analyze and search for other methods anymore because it is only things like this that will work for you over the long term.


Further options are: Carefully position your feet when stepping. when opening and closing doors pay attention to the balance of your movement. When just sitting down or getting up first establish your posture, stance (if standing up) and spacious presence. When waiting in a line adjust your weight distribution.

Now on to your next mission.

These 3 steps model not only can bring you to this experience but it also is the same sort of ‘flow’ when anything done is done well. Knowing this you can refer to it to help you process any task properly and anything you need to face in yourself and in your life.

· First you breathe into the task and hand and get ready.

· Next, you slow down and pay attention to details and

· 3rd there are epiphany moments of a job well done.

Make a break for it by doing this now.

By targeting your outer needs only you are wasting power. By blaming others for your agitation rather than saying “Why am I agitated” you are only denying personal responsibility. Making YOU more coherent is the source of all your lifes success. Doing so you are creating a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

The 3 Steps

1. Breathe into it

Drop your defense mechanisms and ‘breathe into it’

There are many things that you are attempting to mask or cover. Your own bad decisions, actions, diseases and distortions. As you reveal where your ‘just wrong’ in relationship with _____________________ then your ego is deflated and you become grounded. The attention comes away from your head and into your body. Your personal issue(s) are felt both psychologically and physically. Have your bubble burst and start over as the only one that is the student.

2. The Super Slow Down

Becoming Receptive

Challenge yourself by saying ‘How long can I make my breathing now’

· Feel the air flowing in and out of your nostrils.

Be really careful with your breathing. Let it become naturally: Long, calm, fine, slow and even because of slowing down all your systems. The deepest repair and insight gaining experience happens during surreal moments where time moves super slow.

As soon as you really calm down you begin to access subconscious processing power which is far faster and more effective than your ordinary conscious awareness. You may like to receive from some point of contact. Extend your attention span and become with totally with whom or what you are joining with- The greater your sense of spaciousness and timelessness the quicker your processing speed.

The joy of listening

Listening is a key component to this step because we are often trying to be heard and not listen to life.


Addendum to step 2

Why do this?

First, the largest concentration of magnetite bearing tissue is near the beginning of your nose bone and actually in your nasal bones. This detects and absorbs the magnetism in the air.

You can learn to focus your mind in this area and activate this tissue. Mental focus can influence biology. For example, the placebo effect is a well established scientific fact. How much can your mind influence your biology? Through this program you will gain more and more influence to your own biology which is the true source of all your life.

The technique of sensing your nasal airflow was the Buddhas meditation method and is called anapasatti. It is also the foundation of mindfulness meditation now taught in universities and hospitals worldwide with scientifically measurable benefits. It seems like a lot of nothing and is wasted time yet it is associated with the cause of enlightenment in various cultures. Enlightenment scientifically explained begins with brainwave coherence, hormonal nectar and other values.

3. Natural Pauses and Sighs of Relief

Stop everything and have no concern for anything else.

(Say the phrase and slow everything down extremely)

Natural Pauses, Sighs of Relief and Pre-Printing

Only Great Contact will burst your bubble and let out your toxic stuff and have you receive the proper support and insight. Learn to make contact with specific sources uniquely effective to you as an individual. Receive so much nourishment in step two that you naturally go beyond it all as is described in step 3. As in the breathtakingly beautiful scene time just stops, there is a pause in the breath. Coming back from such a moment the air is cleared and you are refreshed.

Find another ‘breathtaking’ moment and then have some more sighs of relief. Go back and forth between these two as your ultimate personal resource to recharge your mind and body to influence any circumstance. Then, when your finished your session apply what you have gained by previewing everywhere you will go and everything you will do. Let it flash before your minds eye. Make contact with the people, places and things in your life and engage with them-

Addendum to The 3 steps:

The ‘Pause’ experience is the most powerful ‘transformational opportunity.’ In traditional religions it is referred to in various ways as ‘the peace that passes all understanding’ in all most eastern traditions (In Yoga, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism it is called Samadhi. In the Qigong of Chinese medicine, The Tao, and Kung Fu its called Embryonic Breathing. It is the ‘soulgasm’ of rapturous disappearance when nourishment wells up to a certain level.

All these references point to the same type of peak personal experience. Scientifically, it is when the best possible benefits for your own physical systems. demonstrated by: Brainwave Coherence, hormonal nectar, neurological repair, neurogenesis, epigenetic influence and other values which are proven to occur with effective meditation. A man who won the Nobel prize in brain science said this in a documentary about mediation. “Neuroplasticity is the last frontier of medical science.’ He was referring to the abilities of advanced meditators. That is quite a statement. Since a person who won the Nobel prize in brain science said this we can be confident in logically improving our experience of Natural Pauses and Sighs of Relief.

As you experiment here and there with these various techniques you will have the help of a certified trainer if you want. Then, a custom designed, personalized program will be created for you. Take your time. Just keep experimenting now and then when you like.

Mr. Wonka: "Don't forget what happened to the person who suddenly got everything he wanted."

Mr. Wonka: "They lived happily ever after

From The Willy Wonka movie

What is of primary importance to you in your life today? Name each item on the list to yourself now. Be specific. Are YOU part of that list? Or are you in the delusion that by completing this or that project or having this or that person under control will grant you your life happiness? Think about your actions each day. Aren’t they fueled by beliefs and actions designed to get this or that, do this or that, keep her or him under control, get more money etc. Isen’t this a good list representing your main obsessions today wherein you don’t really give yourself a break from it day or night? Even when ‘relaxing’ watching t.v. sex etc. don’t you just refer back to these goals after your no longer otherwise occupied? So, even your relaxation/enjoyment energy is given to these obsessions. Do you agree with that for yourself?

Your primary job in your life is your own evolution not the compulsive acquisition of outer changes and materials. You can have those also and you will have them in better measure its just that you need to prioritize your time and the order and reasons why you do what you do.

First things first.

Next up comes everything else. Just take some time to review the movie real of your life and you’ll discover what is wasted time and what is meaningful. The meaningful certainly is the best way to go and not only nourishes your genuine emotional/behavioral maturing but it’s the best path to lasting riches of every sort as well.

Start Over Once Again

You are the key influence to each relationship and circumstance at play right now.

What if you could arrange it so that today, overall, it is rejuvenating and maturing experience? You can. Be humble, be teachable, follow directions offered from truly wise sources. You can decide what those are and in this course it is your design ultimately.

Keep Going with this Today or you might set it aside forever.

Course Theory: One Moment Can Change ‘Everything’-Rethink possible.

Course Practice: Have Experiences ‘on the clock’ that train you into improved Your Personal Coherence: 10’s, 5’s and The Custom Design.


· You understand some about how small influences can produce big change.

· You have The 3 Steps to Flow which can help you do anything better, quicker and more efficiently.

At this point I’d like to introduce you to another way to begin benefitting yourself and others-

The Take 5 Series

Just get it done: 5 minutes on the clock-Go

Just click the video and enjoy.

A little walk around your house or town

The Body Gym: Stretch it Out, Pump Up, Shake it off, Get Psyched,

Fresh Air: A 5 minute routine to naturally free up your breathing pattern

Behave. There are certain deeply ingrained behaviors that are detrimental to your character and success. This is always true in some measure. Take 5 to review some of these, face exposure and work at new skills. Invest in loss.

Emotional Hygiene:

Emotional toxicity and not feeling emotionally supported is a/the main cause of failures in the long run. Take 5 to feel your emotions in relationship to yourself and those in your life. Wash out the bad vibes and reconnect with your well chosen stream of emotional support. (Mentors in your My Favorite list.) Associative skill determines how you will interact better.

Esoteric: In your 5 minute video you will learn the principles of the real inner teachings of these. Rarely disclosed.

· Zen at your Desk-

Understand the true inner principles of Zen. Get Zen while seated at your desk. This will help you even out your attention in the midst of all the demands for your time.

· Yoga on your Bed-

Understand the true inner principles of Yoga. Natural yawning and stretching when just waking up is the perfect model of Yoga. Make a map of your custom stretches like authentic Yoga does and include the key inner teachings. This is much different then your local Yoga school and far more effective. It is a simple 5-minute process. Just watch the video.

· Qigong Outside

Understand the true inner principles of Qigong. Whenever outside take a few moments to get connected with the 3 powers of Qigong. The 3 powers build the 3 treasures (Sexual magnetism/Psysical magnetism and Psychological refinement) Developing more personal magnetism is easier when you get connected with nature’s nourishing. Even if you are inside air, light, magnetism and many other nourishments are in the air- Learn how to get connected and absorb it to yourself.

· The Mindfulness of Driving-

Transform your driving a time to practice mindfulness. Some great tips are given for you can have better natural perception to transform your driving into a safe more rejuvenating experience.

To enrol in the full program or have one adapted to your needs send us an email.