One 2 hour private session with William                                       

                                 The Reset - A 3 day group immersion experience                              

The 777: 7 sesssion In 7 weeks  with 7 lifelong lasting establishments.  Live group     

                                         One year immersion                               

Note:  There are many free programs for those that want to try it out.  Email us The Flow program                                                             

                                                                The 7 Sessions

                                 Meditation is the ultimate personal resource

                                                 Try just 10 seconds here and there in daily life to start.  

   Harvard University stated that our brains improve with just 8 weeks of meditation with proper instruction.

  The value of meditation and gaining energy is irrefutably the best thing anyone can do for their wellness.   

          Zen at your desk, Yoga on your bed, Qigong outside, The body gym anytime anywhere.                                                

       In each personalized session with a certified traininer or with William live you will receive custom designed options to explore in real time.  Theses include 'The 10 second sereis for mind/body wellness": Breathing exercises, internal sensory rich visualizations, precise concentration development, how to release stress, gaining more energy; etc.  All lthese you can try out in just 10 seconds now and then.  Quickly you will discover what works for you as an individual.  Next, there is 'The Take 5 Series"; Zen at your desk, Yoga on your bed, Breath, Qigong outside. Explore these classic methods.  

 Your full, indiivudalized program is delivered and will last a lifetime.  The benefits are cummulative.  The result is dynamic energy being more effetive personally, socially and financially.  Feeling better you will do better naturally.  It is not the other way around as you have been taught.  Get in sync by learning about yourself today.  Personal coherence is the luck factor in life.

Our founder, William Martino has an extraordinary level of experinece and expertise in healing lives with an established track record of succss in every sector.  Register Here


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