The 7 Sessions

Apply for The 7 Sessions group live with William. This invitation is open again only for a limited time. During The Seven Sessions once per week, have live contact with William Martino through Zoom. Many report life changing experiences during this time. You will get to explore and discover what works for you and have an expert wellness/enlightenment system made to order to last a lifetime. By the 4th session your full custom designed program is delivered for you. You will also be directed to state of the art free biofeedback apps you can use with your smartphone to track your results. Upon completion you will be certified to teach the 'Flow' process.

The Inner Teachings of Qigong

Learn an authentic chi power development. Apply the principle to how you posture and move in daily life along with learning the key classical forms. Easy to do. This has virtually nothing to do with the Qigong you have seen and heard about in local presentations and online. Includes 7 private sessions, admission to the group and teacher certification. Here is a documentary series featuring William Martino as one of the world top masters of real Qigong. Click for more

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