The 7 Sessions

In 'The Seven Sessions program have live contact through Zoom with a certified Flow trainer or possibly with William depending upon availability. You will get to explore mind/body techniques to discover what works for you as an individual. For example some module options are: Breathing technques are one thing but naturally occuring changes of breathing patterns are far more beneficial, Embodiment in daily life, Relational coherence, developing effective action in daily life and so many more options as seen on the home page. Through this dynamic 'Flow' process you can realize what works for you to upgrade your insides. Each week builds on the previous resulting in your full custom designed program by session #4. We measure results with a free biofeedback app. In between sessions explore your options and track your progress in real time.

The Inner Teachings of Qigong

Learn authentic, science based personal magnetism development. Biomagnetism (your vibe) is a physically measurable reality and you can improve it. Sleep better, clear your mind and devlope natural focus. Includes 7 private sessions, admission to the group and teacher certification. Here is a documentary series featuring William Martino as one of the world top masters of real Qigong. Click for more

There are so many options available to explore the real deal: Inner teachings of Yoga, the science of advanced meditation, improve bone marrow health, getting 'outside the box and in the zone', engaing the dynamism of relationship, Tai Chi, Real Self defense, Sacred Sexuality, Pure Stress Relief, Creating dynamic energy and life. All from the inside/out. The options are actually dozens more. Try a session and test us. We want to come through for you to help you find your own way.

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