The 7 Sessions Live Online

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The Masters Skill

Observe a master of any art or science. Just before going into action there is a few deep breaths, balancing and centering. Now and then, each day practice this ultimate key to resourcefulness. The benefits are cumulative

We all have issues. How about having a personalized program centered around your needs? Thats the only kinda of help that really works. Each day make a break for it to experience something that influiences your inner personal self significantly. Upgrade who you are and how you live with tghis program in place. Epigentic and neurogenesis and neuroplasticity are all determined by the strength of your experineces in life. Why not choose some great ones and enjoy the ripple effect? You can sign up on the home page. Space is limited and there may be a waiting time before you can begin.

Nutrition, therapy, the gym, new age and the church all have their place but are you getting the results you expected?

Your foundation is made by understanding all that works for you as an indivual and we create a map of your stuck stuff: Psychologically, behaviorally and physically. Then...the next few sessions begin to

Explore your options in 5 minutes modules: Yoga on your Bed, Zen at your Deak, Qigong outside, The Body Gym and The Cellular Psyche, Energy Chess, The Inner Net, The Difference between Spirit and Energy, Psychic Magnetism , The Coherence Factor, The Mystic Portal and Response-Ability. Find what works for you and begin designing your own full program. This leads you to Engaged Dynamism in you own Life to make things better for yourself and your loved ones. That's the real test of a wellness/enlightenment program.

Make a break for it Today and sign up to receive your own custom designed program drawn from what we discover works for your as an individual in real time.

Sliding scale and scholarship available for those who in need. Apply. Bio Endorsements