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How Do We Heal Other and Ourselves?


CHAPTER 2: Guiding Lights of Meditation


The Duty Element of Life


The Twelve Prerequisite Points


The Stages of Properly Warming Up


Why Have a Routine?


Have Your Dreams Come True


The Breath of Consciousness 23


CHAPTER 3: Letting Go 29

Accessing Spirit Directly 29

Praying In the Spirit 30

Transcending 32

The Mystical Portal 34

CHAPTER 4: The Seven Phases of Experiencing

Enlightened Consciousness 37

Becoming Receptive


From Pain to Transcendence


Establishing True Awareness


Abandoning Technique


Sensing Spirit’s Presence


Falling In the Nectar of Love


Establishment of Enlightenment


CHAPTER 5: Moments of Spiritual Ecstasy 53

Pure Spirit Touching 53

Practice Meditation 54

CHAPTER 6: Integrating Enlightened Consciousness 59

Living Heaven on Earth 59

Psychic Integration 63

CHAPTER 7: The New Relational Paradigm 65

Congruency of Spirit


Being Happy


Physiological Healing


The Mind of Absolute Trust


Detailing The New You



CHAPTER 8: Ready for Action 71

Optimal Functioning on All Levels 71


BIO: William Martino 75

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Shades of silence are the true meaning of thoughts. Therefore, each individual has a plan to get to this silent awareness. Our plan is given according to our true loves as individuals.

Practice of course is an illusion. But sometimes, having a body/mind, we must play by the rules of the illusion we are bound by. For example:

If you have nightmares of unhappiness, maybe smelling a flower reminds you of what you have been all along.

If you can enjoy directly feeling your universal connection, then so be it. No flower smelling necessary.

If you consider yourself a spiritually awakened person or a healer, do you have insights that others may benefit from?

We all do! However, if you are not stabilized and healthy, how shall you help others?

I want you to find what you love and do it, whether you’re a healer or in housekeeping. What you love will lead you to your inherent immaculate nature.

We are on the journey, a game, which reminds us we are already unbounded, infinite and invincible.

During my own personal countless hours of meditation, internal power development and study, FLOW was developed to unlock the "secrets" of personal restoration. Each day we can affect a deep, full, far reaching transformation of consciousness that is

truly miraculous.


Take a leap of faith here, now, and in doing so there will manifest a paradigm shift in your entire life! In just one second of clear decision—this second.

Let us believe and proceed.



The Masteries in Meditation...a daunting task?

Not so says nature, this threshold we pass.

But why do? Why listen or accept? Because the larger life knows us best.

'In here, in here' our systems call. Come back from journeys far and small. Though eyes and mind have traveled far, in search, in hope, of distant stars.

The magic Source pulses inside awaiting our voice yet another time.

'Come back; come back from where you've been.' Here I Am...Within.

One projector, one white light-yet many scenes...

Have you become lost in the dream?

The One you've sought has always been...

In the portal to everywhere- Deep within.




The practices as outlined in SPIRIT TOUCH The Masteries In

Meditation are clear and specific.

The first half of this book is structural, the second half is juicy. Included in this course are teachings about “truth topics”. Practice these masteries and you will facilitate movement into the FLOW in all areas of your life.

Please keep a notebook to record the experiences you have during application of these principles. Record questions in a section of the same notebook to ask me during our session time online:

Is union with pure Spirit and nature effortless?

This is the greatest instruction of meditation, otherwise known as “entering the ultimate Zone.”

Should there be any struggle and training to “enter the zone?”

Effort and discipline are the great “secrets” that bring us to the states of consciousness most only dream of. Grace is the rule, and we utilize our intuition to guide us to wherever necessary. Simply accept the field of Grace offered to you in this moment and the spiritual adventure begins.

Can thinking about it help?

Cognition cannot attain the spiritual; words cannot reveal it. The highest dimension of reality is wordless.

Is it possible to quiet the mind and tenderize the emotions at will?

We all have natural, personalized catalysts to consciousness.


This program arranges your natural spirituality for you. The benefit multiplies through time and progressively ushers in enlightened consciousness for the practitioner.

Every Saint (the highest category of human evolution) quickly and frequently goes into the blissful atmosphere of heaven to restore him/herself. In this way we are making progress in creating heaven on earth. Where else could heaven exist except here, where we are? Here is all there ever is in space and form. What shall you build in your location?

In this course I am giving you a way to actively utilize what already works for you. Each of us is unique in our preference of spiritual catalysts. Some enjoy visualization, others scriptures, spiritual books, tapes, videos, a mantra, spiritual art, crocheting, nature walks. Whatever you like, the point is to do something to

restore and empower yourself. To do this we must give time an

individual, and often the greatest catalysts are given us from the

presence of living Saints (there are many). What you are learning in this course is how to multiply the effect of these types of catalysts to consciousness, empowering us on all levels. Here, you combine what works for you individually with a structure that addresses the major levels you exist at: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


The Value of Vitality

The masters of life clearly tell us that our degree of vitality directly springs from the personal restoration we receive. Somehow human

society has perpetuated a belief that we are not allowed to rest and


we should especially not be resting in the moment of activity.

However, the greatest activity can only be sustained if you know how to remain well rested even in the moment. The master accomplishes all things easily and naturally. Stabilizing yourself in this quality of being allows you to successfully navigate your actions in this world. Einstein said:

"I believe that which leads people to greatness in any endeavor of life is their capacity to experience flight from everyday life with its painful harshness and wretched dreariness. This can be compared to the city dweller that goes to the countryside for a weekend of rest and relaxation.”

Einstein made a direct correlation between our ability to rest and our capacity to experience masterful results in life. You see, learning how to rest is no small matter. In fact, the more you know

how to rest, truly rest, the more you can live in the atmosphere of

Shall you be involved in the study of the masters? Before

you begin the process we need to lay some groundwork.

As prerequisites for this course you are asked to adhere to a few simple guidelines. These guidelines are not meant to be restrictive; rather these are designed with our optimum well-being in mind. Restriction and regulation is the first appearance of freedom.

We all need to be re-shaped. Set certain limits and guidelines upon yourself and initiate your process of realization.

This program is meant to usher in the time in your life where your wildest dreams come true.



The Guiding Lights of Meditation


Guiding Light 1: The Agony and Ecstasy of Meditation

We hear so much about how easy meditation should be and that there should be no struggle. I agree, as long as we are able to directly access the Spirit. Are you able to do so on cue? If not, then what should we do with the nervous anxiety, addictions, compulsions, etc., that are keeping us bound in illusion?

All our examples of enlightened people demonstrate that meditation has some measure of struggle on its way to Divine establishment. There should be struggle and effort wherever needed until all efforts vanish. The extensions of personal effort can be far reaching; whatever the need, we may accomplish it fully.

It is not for nothing that the Saints endured such trials. We can learn from them; however, we must go the distance. When it is time for us to align with our greater nature, it is right and good for us to utilize strict self-discipline to rediscover the natural awareness latent within us.

Let the world go by for a time and concentrate on yourself. Forgive yourself and all others for any perceived negative behaviors. Now is always a good moment to actualize Divine Spirit.


This message is clear: whatever struggles we must go through to accomplish our daily duties, do them!

We discipline ourselves by adhering to a specific daily


outline of activities, especially when we do not feel like doing them.

People talk too much about letting go; we need to try and keep trying. We should let go as much as possible, but we should exhaust ourselves naturally.

From good efforts, good rest and restoration is naturally given. Having sleep problems? You won’t if you’re a hard worker on all levels! Sound purpose, hard work and good nutrition solves most sleeping problems. Sleep like a rock every single night for the rest of your life.

We do not need to pursue more learning to lead us into the temple of wisdom, rather refine the basics.


Guiding Light 2: Practice

The second guiding light of meditation includes 12 different kinds of practices and attitudes for one to be in the proper, receptive stage.

1. Being committed to living a life where the union with pure Spirit and coherent bio-magnetism is as vast as the current of the unified field itself. Enrich yourself by laying back and “being ministered unto” by a tape, video, significant daily reading, contemplation, and prayer and the experience the natural result of effortless meditation and selfless service projects for the benefit of all.

2. "Early to bed early to rise makes us healthy wealthy and wise." When it is time to sleep well we transcend the worrisome voice within that says, “You cannot sleep deeply and become sweetly rested—then we cannot help anyone.”

Get some rest! This is an obvious secret to effective living.


Make it happen with whatever time and circumstances are present. Bedtime is a sacred transition back to the place of pure awareness.

The enlightened ones say that we are all enlightened and when we sleep, we return to full awareness in enlightened consciousness without our formed psychology. The trick is to merge the deep sleep state with conscious awareness. This is conscious enlightenment.

3. Tantric Sexuality

For men, practice intimacy and honoring as the proper sexual path and internal orgasms without external ejaculation and watch your sexuality and personal magnetism skyrocket.

This grants increased health, spirituality and sexual pleasure. This may sound fanatical, yet it’s a practice found everywhere in the east and I promise you: you will double your powers in every way in one month’s time. This is not a denial of sexual energy; rather, this is the highest cultivation and transmutation of it.

For women, teach your men the ways of love in sex and encourage your men to have mini-intimacy connection times throughout your relationship in addition to your

normal rhythms of lovemaking. Create your sexuality to be

an energizing, sacred experience. If you do not have a

partner, then be sure to care for your sexual essence. This is fuel for our lives no matter what the age or health.

4. Eat to live rather than living to eat.

Please lessen the poisonous substances you ingest. Just give it up. There’s no need to punish yourself further.

Eating and drinking can be fun, just please do not have so much fun with it that you tax your emotions and

mind in the process. Our food choices can be very


invigorating. Practice carefulness in your eating and drinking.

Habits are created through emotionalized repetition. What repetitions do you want to perpetuate in your life? Wherever you go, be the boss of yourself by Divine assistance. Let the wise ones of the earth and heavens teach you how to be and do.

5. Daily natural integration and absorption time.

Absorb deeper cosmos, sun, moon, wind, nature, and earth into your head, face and body space each day as a meditation. When we bring our awareness to some element of nature, there is a sense we get about what that element feels like. This is the essence of the element. Practice further union with the elements.

6. Daily utilization of secret, safe and sacred spaces.

Map out bathrooms and other (secret) places you can go to strategically restore, empower and plan. Each day should be flowing cycles of deep rest and great activity. Also intertwine the practice of “moments of rapture.” In one instant we can experience the “soulgasm” of ecstatic Divine union. Thread your day with these moments to realign your spiritual connection. Prepare each meeting and with ample communion, empowerment and preparation.

7. Become ever more familiar with our natural catalysts to spirituality. Include in your lifestyle receptivity to various resources to spiritualize you’re being, thinking and doing. Continue on the inner and outer adventure of spirituality for a lifetime and beyond.

8. Prepare and practice the art of sleeping well.

Notice that through relaxation techniques the body can


become heavier and heavier yet lighter and lighter. Let your entire body cleave to the mattress sucking up the earth’s nourishment. Drop all your energies. Touch the earth and allow her to tend to your wounds and needs, absorbing the gravitational pull of the earth.

9. Utilize the “Three Breath Breaks Daily Stress Management Technique” to come back to balance. During the day, simply take three spiritual communion breaths here and there as needed. Create affiliations of people and organizations that DE-stress and empower you. Diffuse negative energy appropriately; do not project your negative build-ups unto yourself or others. Simply take effective action to be released and transformed. Struggle as much as you have to whenever you have to. Face yourself and deal with your current circumstance.

10. Day’s end rest. Make sure that at the end of each day we give ourselves the divinely sanctioned gift of time of deep rest. During the evening hours be sure to stay on track. Many a life is frittered away due to the negative influence of nighttime habits of behavior.

11. Commit to not denying, stuffing or avoiding any relational issue. Process whomever or whatever is going on fully. Leave no negative issue unaddressed. Getting counsel in time of need is natural to the student of life.

12. Fulfill a daily minimum exercise program prior to meditation/spiritual communion; Tibetan Five Rites, The Six Healing Sounds, Yoga, or Dynamic Tension in preparation

for beginning The Breath of Consciousness as outlined later.



Guiding Light 3: Properly Warming Up


Much of the personal stabilization phase is geared toward slowing down and tuning in. This is preparation time for you to experience wonderful release and empowerment in The Spirit. In this first part of the program, you cultivate the presence of The Quiet Mind and self-sufficient contentment. We learn to practice equanimity and acceptance of all that is, whatever is. This is the beginning of a contentment that prepares us to enter the sanctuary of “the Kingdom of Heaven within.”

Spiritual Communion

The definition of Spirit, for the purposes of this course, is as

follows: Spirit is the essence that a human being feels within and around his/her body. A tangible substance perceived through the senses yet not limited to them. When receptive to Spirit, rapture multiplies throughout all we are and all that we do. The origin of the word Spirit means air and that sensation of “holy air” comes upon our skin and within our body as we accept Spirit's presence. This “holy air” becomes “The winds of Spirit,” blowing through all we are, creating the divine magnetic fire of purification and energetic reconfiguration. This is a type of experience often reflected in the scriptures. For example, in the New Testament of the Bible there is a passage about Spirit: “There came a sound as a rushing, mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.” The Tibetans speak of “raising the wind horse.”

Another manifestation often spoken of in scripture is the “fire” of Spirit. Spirit’s presence applied to personal weaknesses ignites the fire aspect of Spirit’s manifestation in our lives. The


positive aspects of wind, water, and fire are often associated with great spiritual communions.

To effect conscious awareness of Spirit we: Utilize some type of catalyst to bring about Spiritual awareness; for example, a vision, mantra, prayer, or scripture, and we catalyze our conscious awareness into its inherent and vast Spiritual perception.

Enjoy a peaceful quiet mind and a positive emotional feeling.

Actually sense Spirit’s air like presence.

Have our weaknesses and incongruities ignited by The

Fire of Purification.

Experience void and substance together.

Dualities, conflicts and loves are all enveloped.

Spiritual experience. Too often meditators are not clear on how to

Our own mind, emotions and behaviors provide the

application ground for Spirituality. By bringing the fuel we gain in our forms of meditation into conscious application, many problems

are solved.

Integrating Spiritual Consciousness

This is where the rubber meets the road. Please do not lose

the blessing of communion by not breathing it into your daily life. Our personal devotion times are only to “spark” our awareness and return to greater harmony with life in our daily activities. When the Spirit touches our minds and bodies, our systems are all enhanced and our presence extends further into the space around us. There is

an affinity with the substance of natural and cosmic elements and we


are brought into greater communion with these. This empowers our physical field with a greater quality and quantity of energy. Emotional and mental maturity now has the support it needs to evolve.


Guiding Light 4: The Significance of Rituals

Anyone good at anything has rituals they do to realign his or herself with “Spiritual congruency.” This helps us be more naturally attuned to the creative flow of the Spirit. The rituals of any art are only the outer husks.

Discovering the "inner content of meditation" begins with the outer husk of ritual. To maintain the ritualistic husk for personal empowerment, we have to struggle in some measure each day and night. As time passes, our devotions and daily life are experienced with greater ease and natural mastery.

night. As time passes, our devotions and daily life are experienced

All saints and sages advocate having a morning and evening

devotional time to help us in our life’s journey. The time and energy investment yields more time and more energy. Please bless yourself, all mankind, and me by taking the time and making the effort. Some people are confused about this because effort does not seem present in a fully enlightened person.

Let’s see what a famous Zen master has to say about this:

“Strictly speaking no effort is required, however, without effort you cannot make progress.”

~ Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind Beginners Mind

Clearly understand that there is no Spiritual transformation we can effect unless we give ourselves over to spiritual discipline.


A morning routine done well initiates the transformation of lives. This morning time becomes the paradigm shift for the whole day. Once our Spirit and energy are improved in quality and quantity then everything we touch will be influenced accordingly.

Only with the element of simple obedience can we have our dreams become realities. Discipline is knowing what you want. Please do not think or feel that disciplined obedience is negative in any way. The disciplined person is the free person. This kind of discipline is infused with Spirit and Love; therefore, it is not ultimately restrictive. Rather this discipline dispels illusions and bondage while freeing us completely. Remain vigilant and become enlightened, happy, secure, and lavish in your presence.

Have a time-friendly, doable routine. My job for you is to help you discover your own natural, inherent spirituality. This course gives you a landscape view of what works for you already while providing practical suggestions on how to get the most from those techniques. With a minimum of structural framework you can discover the Spirit who is beyond all forms and names.


Guiding Light 5: Waking Up Properly Each Morning

Waking up each morning, how do you feel? Is there a proper way to wake up each day? Yes, in fact, there is. If you rush about and do not give yourself ample wakeup time, then there will not be the Clear Light Consciousness necessary for high-quality meditation.

As soon as you awake in the morning, be kind to yourself. Keep your eyes closed and calm your mind from your dreams. Let

your worries and anxieties of the forthcoming day melt into a calm


acceptance of the fresh new life that comes with the morning. Too often I find people relaying how they wake up, and most have room for great improvement.

Gradually sense your body enlivening as you become more conscious, beginning with the heart. The transition from the sleep state to the waking state carries with it great importance. If we shock ourselves during this process, the whole day can go awry. Orientation is the focus during our waking up time. Enter the day smoothly, with clarity. Then the morning hours are given a boost in the right direction.

After you wake up properly, according to these important guidelines, sit up on the bed and bow your head on your pillow and spend a few minutes in meditation and prayer.

Begin your morning rituals of tea/coffee (only a little coffee please), elimination, brushing your teeth, etc.

If you have children, it is imperative that you get up

early enough to secure some peace and quiet time before engaging with your family to complete your morning flow.

(At least for me it is. If I do not undergo spiritual exercises, my life degenerates because I have not yet reached a high level of spiritual enlightenment.)

After waking up properly, take some time to coordinate your morning. Please go for a short walk every day in preparation for meditating. In Zen there is a particular kind of walking called Kinhin. Kinhin means meditation walking. As you go for a morning walk, take notice of nature’s elements and nature’s interplay. Walk slowly, calmly while you absorb nature into

yourself. Somewhere in the morning preparations feel free to enjoy


some wonderful music and other options. After the morning preparations for a total of 10-30 minutes, you may smoothly enter into…

Breathing Well

When the meditation master sits down for Divine Communion, at first there is always some type of deep breathing. Next the breathing slows, deepens and expands. After a while, the breathing is naturally alternating between deep, calm cathartic breaths and the periodic release of breath during moments of rapture.

These are the natural transformations of breathing for the advanced practitioner. By gently duplicating these breathing pattern changes we help influence mind, emotion and body to slow down and tune into the moment. This leads us into the dimension of

Loving Spirit where we can bring healing to others and ourselves.


Guiding Light 6: Harmonizing Mind & Body

The progressive transformation of your state of mind and emotions influences the breathing pattern, pulse, blood pressure, posture etc.

The “breath of consciousness” is a breathing technique based

on harmonizing science and spirituality. As the enlightened master ventures forth into spiritual consciousness, specific changes happen. The program is designed to affect these very same changes in us. Give it a try and see what happens.

Have a few deep breaths to relax and center the way you naturally would, at least two or three. Then begin to stabilize your

attention as you lengthen the breath. Yet this lengthening is


occurring because of a profound stability and peace of mind; a sort of hibernation mode of nourishing feelings. Actually the feelings of inner nourishment become so great that we have a nourishing soulgasm moment where natural transcendence, suspended animation occurs.

Can you become so attentive in stillness that your breath stops, extraneous thoughts stop?

Practice now for the next 10 seconds. No breath, no thought, no worries. Each and every human being has this capacity, but we must develop the necessary concentration base. Can you become still, absolutely still on cue?

Of course you can. Utilize this “10 seconds of stillness” technique as a catalyst to discover greater concentration potential. After 10 seconds of application then we take one full breath in and out. We alternate the 10-second experience between holding at the top of the lungs and the bottom.

During the "10 seconds of reintegration," focus on the following:

Naturally gather awareness in the belly while you place your hands on your belly. Become receptive to the miracle streams of nature’s elements around you that are longing to enter within you.

A-B-C Progression During Breathing

Let’s examine how this progression occurs in more detail. Have you ever noticed that when you are relaxed that awareness moves to the belly? Our awareness itself is movable; sometimes the

awareness is in the head space, sometimes it is in the emotion.


In our society, the awareness is incorrectly placed excessively in the head space. Our awareness can be within our bodies as well. How about when the awareness is contemplating the past, present or future? Once we are calmly observant we can see that our awareness is the core entity of ourselves.

When the awareness is moving about anxiously, no power can be gathered. When the awareness is relaxed and resting, so is the body, and power naturally cultivates deep in the belly. Virtually all religions and enlightenment meditation systems speak of power in the belly.

“Believe on me and from your belly will flow rivers of living water,” says Jesus Christ.

“Raise the Kundalini from the belly to illuminate the entire body culminating above the head,” says Kundalini Yoga, “Build the chi from the Dan Tien (Belly) and life will course through you” etc.

Virtually all the paths to enlightenment speak of power

gathering in the belly, then overflowing to purge us of all blockages, transmuting all negativity, and creating illumination for us. This is a returning to our true self.

One of the things we do during the 10 seconds of reintegration is bring our awareness within the belly space. As we relax we notice that the awareness naturally descends from the head to the belly. Once we are tuned in we will not need to mechanically place our awareness within the belly; it will happen automatically.

Transcendence is a simple word. It means going beyond all dualities, wants, needs, circumstances, and fears.

Ponder this for a few moments before we move to the next section together. Also, please turn the page for the first of three gifts


I have for you.

To receive your first Gift from SPIRIT TOUCH, please

join William live online as he reviews the Guiding Lights of Meditation and 12 Prerequisites Points. Visit www.WilliamMartino.com.



The Cosmic Fire, where all returns, has touched my soul. Impurities burn.

Living fire, inspiration’s best.


Who are you?

Just a mortal body confined?

A worried mind?

Within is boundless truth, miraculous fruit.

Ambrosial taste that does not cease.

Contented bliss, Eternal peace.

A gentle nod, admit it's true,

Pure Spirit is You.

Find This first, then feel the peace,

The spiritual bloom of our human seeds.- The solution has always been

In a secret kingdom deep within. From dark to light, disease to health Clear your mind now listen well.

There's more to us than this bag of bones,



You've always known. Happy endings do come true...

When you’re ready, go on to Part Two.


Letting Go


This is the practice of letting go into Spirit.

To start this study we must clearly understand that ACCESSING SPIRIT DIRECTLY CAUSES US TO TRANSCEND ALL OF THESE PHASES INSTANTLY. This causes us to be transported into boundless unfolding, love, space, healing, and acceptance. Only if we reread and study these principles and gain a working understanding can they guide our meditations.

Our focus on the path of spiritual evolution is to be “enlightened consciousness” in the moment.

By taking the time and making the effort to realign ourselves with enlightened consciousness through meditation, we can then access a more intimate relationship with enlightened consciousness in the moment.

Being easily transferred into enlightened consciousness on a moment’s notice is attributed to the masters of life. The primary practice of spirituality is also known as devotion in the moment,

trust in this moment.

This type of orientation in life rightly prepares

the framework for greater devotional increased power for living.

which brings

One sustained touch of Spiritual Inspiration is enough to

instantly transport you through all these phases. However often there’s a need to enter the spiritual dimension by way of processing the truth.

As we face problems, we are given the opportunity to meet them with the power of Spirit. Because we are caught up in the

illusions of negativity and fear, we must struggle in some measure


every day to become realigned with our inherent Divinity.

All of us are too often caught up in anxieties, grandiosities, delusions, and ego trips. We are confused in one measure or another when we feel, think, or believe that love's power is not accessible to us. However, love does exist in this moment. It is found as the actual core message of every feeling, sound, sight, and circumstance. When there is calmness and trust, the great symphony of the moment speaks clearly to us as the emanations of God, and we are directly healed of our ills.

First, there are the preparations that are explained in The Breath of Consciousness technique. Once these preparations are made, we may more easily be initiated into love, light and the consciousness of supernatural Spirit/God/Tao.

At this point in our meditation (after The Breath of Consciousness is completed) a spiritual catalyst will have the effect of ushering us into the Spirit. Become intimate with your personalized spiritual catalysts.


Communication Enveloped in Spirit

In the Spirit means that our communication with God/Guru/Life/Self is to be enveloped in Spirit.

What do we pray to? However we term it, these are the qualities required of someone or something we are praying to: Love, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Holy, Omnipotent! Knowing that these are the character traits of the person/essence we are talking with sets the communicative paradigm between us.

Proper praying requires us to continue developing our clarity


as to whom or what we are praying to. Most of the eastern way of looking at God is to believe that God is within us. Connected to us is God, therefore we have the possibility of union with God. However you view God, know that God is Love. Know that Love is actually the fuel of the universe. This Love does not have an opposite.

Once we begin a prayer journey, our intention must be the clear exposure of all our inner faults (confession) and the acceptance of an infinite grace that gives us ample space to process. The formed memories we have of how we’ve interpreted our past are either helpful or injurious to our daily living. Routing out each vestige of all that is not congruous with Spirit is only for the courageous. Our courage is born of the boundless grace we receive from the heart of the life process itself (God).

Praying is the dialogue (not just talking) between you and your conception of God. If you do not believe in God, then please be humble to the idea that there is more knowledge and power in life, and you are an infant in your own capacities.

This humility will give you a life that interweaves prayers, a time- tested catalyst.

All mantras are forms of prayers. This mantra has great meaning, and it is the meaning that is concentrated upon over and over again. As you proceed with the mantra, slow it down and add the emotion of a magical incantation. Feel as though you are doing an incantation that is bringing about tremendous magical power.

Pretend at first then you will discover the positive effect of emotional content. At the highest level it is the spiritual and emotional quality we have with our mantras that determine the

results we will experience with them.



Transcending the Physical

Transcending is the proper effect of mantra meditation. What is transcending? Transcending is what happens when there is such a peaceful repose that all words and worries vanish. This is when we simply step off the roller coaster of life to regain perspective.

Transcend means to go beyond. We go beyond our own lives. It’s a moment of truth…extending the experience of stillness beyond the urgent fears and concerns that once swam in our psyches. The gap between the thoughts expands until there is the stabilization of peace of mind beyond thought as the atmosphere of the mind.







Conscious Awareness of Divine Union

All of us have a multitude of spiritual catalysts. The function of the catalyst is to return us to conscious awareness of our Divine Union. Do you have God, Love, the way to Heaven, etc., on the inside of you?

Yes, you and I both have this union. No matter what, this union is elemental to who we are. Our job is to retrain our being to remain consciously with this. The catalysts are our training partners.

It is the influence of being touched by the Great Spirit God- Love-Life that brings us more personal power than any other


source available to us as human beings. Our personal catalysts provide that touch.

By participating in The Masteries of Meditation, you’ve given yourself a wonderful gift through the test of APPLICATION. Please do not think that you can experience this only by reading about it. You cannot; neither can I. Only through direct spiritual communion can we experience the spiritual dimension of life consciously.

I invite you to put the information in this book to the test and launch your way into the only dimension that truly changes people: The dimension of Holy Spirit.

To help us along the way of transformation, life has given us the ability to gain assistance from visions, passages of words, prayer, techniques of meditation and other catalysts.

What are your God-given catalysts to Spiritual communion? What visions are special to you? These visions can come to us spontaneously or be drawn from our memory banks. What passages of scripture?

Please make a list of visions, scriptures (words), spiritual tapes, video programs and prayers. Choose the ones that are special to you and have great power to affect you positively. Our individualized sparks sent from the Divine should be remembered and utilized every day.

Please take your time now, search your memories and be creative. List your top ten catalysts.

Let’s review thus far what has been disclosed. Certainly we know that breathing and posture go about making very specific

changes for the advanced meditator and we can duplicate those


changes. This greatly influences the quality of our meditation/communion.

We've learned that a healthy lifestyle is conducive to spiritual communion.

We've learned that concentration and transcendence are necessary preparations for successful spiritual communion.

We've learned that "direct access" is the purest and quickest way to commune with Spirit, Love and Consciousness.

We've learned that The Breath of Consciousness does produce concentration and Unified Awareness.

Now, all that has proceeded leads to this section, which is where the mediation lifts off into true Spiritual Communion. After studying these phases, apply them into practice. That is the only way to actualize the resultant blessings.

After utilizing the catalyst, we are ready to "lift off" into Spiritual communion. The kind of breathing that happens for the rest of our meditation is Naturally Alternating Breathing. This means that we are breathing full 3 stages (lower belly, ribcage and chest, chest and upper chest) with a slow, deep, relaxing rhythm.

Now we are ready for…



Progress through Experience


As we progress in our ability to accomplish The Breath of Consciousness and The Cosmic Download, we simultaneously experience progress in actually experiencing the seven phases of experiencing enlightened consciousness.

These changes of experience in meditation should occur as a


natural flow of feeling. In the beginning, we must study and specifically apply the principles during our meditation. Once we have memorized the parts of the flow, we go on to simply experience one transforming flow of healing. Right through our pains and fears into “the kingdom of heaven within,” as Jesus Christ called it.

These phases are all psychological decisions that are made by simply feeling the transformations occur and referring to them mentally/emotionally. With each day of practice we more fully open up to the unlimited wealth of spiritual inspiration. In the beginning we must repeatedly reference these phases internally and try to adjust ourselves in line with the explanations. With legitimate effort, our knowledge becomes transformed into a simple flow of feeling. We are transferred into enlightened consciousness. Have faith; get instruction. Spiritually ignite your life into an ever-expanding field of blessings.

At this point we leave off the utilization of techniques and go to be…being in love, being happy, being in Spirit, being satisfied with these alone and leaving off caring about personal circumstances. By following this program we quickly advance to the place where techniques (catalysts) are no longer needed.

As you meditate and spiritually commune, you’ll find it’s helpful to pause now and then and bring the fruits of your meditation to your mind and body through a few moments of self- healing massage. Simply pause here and there if you like and reflect through your mind and body all that has been gained in communion thus far. On our way up to the greatest, most natural way of being (enlightened consciousness), we may pause now and then to share what we have gained to influence and transform who we are in

mind, emotion and body.


The purpose is to focus on the combination of sensing Spirit and the natural processing through of these phases directly unto the

7th and final phase of mediation. We are to experience each of these phases quickly and effectively for 5-10 minutes and become surrendered to The Spirit Wind of life, dissolving the small, fearing self and becoming unbound in the consciousness of our own

inherent unlimited Divinity.


The Seven Phases of Experiencing

Enlightened Consciousness

You are now entering the experiential feeling of “Flow”. There should be little or no thinking about these transformations during the application of our personal devotions.

We may, however refer to them briefly during our meditative journey to gain direction. As we practice, we naturally become more familiar with the flow of these phases. Less and less will the phases be represented by words. We come to understand them in their



Becoming receptive to the elements of this moment--the energies of

this moment of experience are the raw material for miracles!

Please repeat this phrase to yourself for a lifetime and watch the good results:


“Becoming receptive to the elements of the moment,” is a phrase that refers to all the elements of the moment. These offer all the messages necessary to enter enlightened consciousness. The

message given to us by the saints and sages is that there is never


anything out of order. By directly facing the moment, we can discover the supernatural spirit existing behind the scenes of environment and circumstance. The more subtle our quality of perception, the more we can perceive. The psyche and senses take on the quality of Divine objectivity.

We have within us the capacity to transform curses to blessings! Each of us can make a difference for the better in our own lives and the lives of others. How fortunate we are to have this human birth! Can you see there is something to be grateful for in simply being alive?

If there is something in the moment that exposes a weakness/inner disturbance we should not (yes, friends, there are should and should nots) have the attitude of, “Why is this circumstance creating imbalance in me?” rather “Why am I weak here?” There are many places of psychology and physiology each of

us could give tender attention to. We are the only ones who can choose to interpret each element in the moment as something that is either an obvious blessing or something that causes internal agitation to our weak spots. The effect of anything agitating is just the cleansing of some area of our consciousness, just the same way the central unit on a washing machine agitates the clothes (and is called an agitator). As soon as we relax and accept each element in our lives, we can go beyond the current projections that are bothering us! We are calm because we trust beyond appearances. This is practice.

As we become receptive to the elements of the moment we pick up on the spiritual signals in the moment. Behind the scenes of environment there is always a way of blessing—NO MATTER THE APPEARANCE OF CIRCUMSTANCES.

There is a Divine capacity in the moment, and as we apply


this first principle in meditation we are challenged. Viewing areas of our own selves that are fearful, clinging, erratic, diseased, or weak stretches our capacities. To unveil us unto our barest elements and view ourselves unprotected by defense mechanisms is difficult to endure. This is what naturally begins as we fully accept the entirety of ourselves and our circumstances. It is revealed that there are areas of pain that we are in struggle with. The release of our “fearful clinging” in these areas is often responsible for dramatic and profound healing.


Phase 2: Breaking the Shell

Feel your way into and through your “pain” to transcendence. On pain:

"And a woman spoke, saying, Tell us of Pain. And he said: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain... The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals." ~ Kahlil Gibran

As we expose our inner diseases, we are challenged to find a way to continue letting go. All sorts of tricks will come to stop this process. The more we let go , the more we can see our inconguency of beliefs and behaviors’.

Psychologically and energetically we have negative dynamics going on between us and some of the people in our lives. Who comes to mind? The personal, created self with its addictions,


compulsions, and fears is in rebellion to Spirit. Therefore this is the time where all the in congruent elements of our personality and the personality of those in our lives are rejected. We travel on beyond our small selves with all its problems. Firmly and completely we take the initiative to make a clear distinction between the small “selves” with all their problems and the larger Self that flows in the midst of us all. As we deny the small self—existence, we may conjure the pain catharsis in the area of personality—not only for us but also for those psychically and energetically connected to us.

If the touch of Spirit is profound enough we go on to the next phase quickly and transcend all our pains. If we are under great pressures it is more difficult to continue letting go. For the beginner there will be struggle. And we are always beginners.

After the storm is

braved the new daydawns.

Take the initiative to admit all the areas in which you are afraid, weak, unsure, angry, depressed, confused, negative, etc. This confession leads us to God. Who wants to see the truth of their being? Inside of us there is a belief that we cannot release our fearful clinging hold. Somewhere we have all been taught not to trust. We can trust. Every spiritual authority tells us that we can trust and let go—of all lack. The masters tell us that we can become the living expression of infinite Spirit, which can manifest in every form of abundance. To affect this we are required to “sober up” and face the truths of our lives. The truth of who we are and how we live.

I know, I know you and I are without flaw and enlightened already so why should we really look at who we are? Actually, who we are is what it is all about.

Admit it—you’re imperfect! Me too! Or at least we believe that we are and that is the cause of our imperfections. Shall we create some illusion of personality and behavior pretending that we


have no errors of consciousness, faults, sins, disfigurements, dis- eases, or weaknesses? Do you know why it’s difficult for us to remain in this confession of truth?

Because our exposure causes us discomfort…suffering. It’s this very suffering, however, that is the catharsis to our continued purification and empowerment. Therefore, make your confession openly before Love/Spirit/God/Life/Self/Tao and man, who is the expression of life itself. Be anointed in the Spirit of repentance and be inspired by a renewed sense of purpose. Remaining on the path of repentance keeps us grounded and insightful to the mysteries of life. Repentance is elemental to each footstep as we are guided into “heaven on Earth.” The experience of enlightenment has us live out “heaven on Earth.”

Conceive God as God is, beyond our intellectual interpretations. How could words ever define God? I believe you and I have a feeling connection to God-Love-Spirit-Tao. That feeling is present in our psyches, in our physiologies. We can make the choice any time we want to be fully embraced in life’s all- sufficient Spirit Presence. Naturally the moment we make this decision, our imperfections are exposed, revealed for all to see. Do we deny the world the vision of our imperfection? Do we deny the truth? Should we hide behind masks of self-created delusions? No!

Unmask, strip away all the non-essential defense mechanisms and trust life. This is our holy directive. The promise of God echoed through scripture from numerous spiritual traditions is that if we live authentically, with weaknesses revealed, we’re thereby given the opportunity to be healed. As life progresses we can live in such a way that greater peace and power is our continued experience. How can we be aware of what needs to be submitted to

holy influence if we are hiding all the time? Let’s vow life


authenticity. Let’s be in confession and repentance. However it is worded, this is the path leading to greater life experience.

Please make a list of things you need to have changed by allowing Spirit to touch and transform.

This helps us become familiar with what our areas of core pain are. It is absolutely necessary and imperative that the person who desires healing become ever more familiar with what it is they are trying to heal in themselves!

Before going on to disclose the third phase naturally occurring to the enlightening consciousness, I'd like to take a moment to assure you that this is no small study. Therefore, please study this document carefully. Then you'll get a clear understanding of how these all fit together in one flow of feeling. Each one of these

phases flows smoothly into the next during meditation.


Phase 3: A Quiet, Loving Atmosphere in Mind, Emotion and Body

As true awareness of the moment is maintained (Phase 1) and the pain catharsis is allowed to occur naturally (Phase 2), there are naturally moments of absolute stillness. Becoming receptive to Spirit, which is found in any and all moments, causes stillness and self-satisfaction. These fleeting moments of absolute stillness are flashes of transcendence—complete absorption into the moment.

We are all artists who have inborn skill to shape the parameters of our own consciousness. In this phase we learn to become the shaper of our own destinies. We can see clearly our potentials for creating once we are quiet and observing.

“I can’t reach you unless you keep your mind still.” ~ S.S.B.


We have Divine objectivity of the landscape of our lives in just one moment of stillness. The arts of meditation and spiritual communion must be mainly practiced in the moment. The solitary training times are just to spark our practice. In The Breath of Consciousness we are taught to surrender our lives to the Divine. This resignation greatly helps us traverse the initial stages of enlightened consciousness.

As we transcend, there is a distinct separation that occurs between our awareness and the people in our lives. We no longer perceive just the individual personality. We experience psychic transcendence and separation through an intimate acceptance and integration.

Allowing this to occur can sometimes be the hardest thing to accomplish on our communion journey. In each and every relationship we have there is some measure of illusory, negative dynamics going on. In meditation this is all submitted to a wall of fire inside of us, purifying all illusions of negative dynamics.

The Tao Te Ching, "The master sees the small self of everyone as straw good only to fuel the temple fire.”

We must place ourselves and all our relationships into this fire of purification, enveloping any opposite effects in ample spaciousness. We endure whatever suffering comes up as a result of this. The resultant suffering of the process is accepted graciously as "The Pain Catharsis" of karmic purification.

To actualize psychic transcendence, we have to have the courage and take the initiative to put all negative dynamics into the embrace of Spirit's Fire of Purification. If this makes anyone uncomfortable in our immediate environment or in our lives, then so

be it.


As we meditate, there are energetic pulls between others and ourselves in psychic/energetic space that are causing us to be bound in duality. Even if our removal from participating in duality will cause those in our lives to be uncomfortable, our conscious choice will allow the Fire of Purification to continue.

A stabilized, transcendent consciousness is able to receive conscious awareness of the Divine Supernatural. Each and every day this is a long journey affected in a short amount of time. There is enough time in this one moment if we just trust, let go and go into


Exacting The Breath of Consciousness affects our transcendent beginning. This simple technique should not be discounted nor exchanged for the usual ways of meditation.

Unless you are directly under the guidance of an enlightened master, then I recommend you thoroughly try this process before just discarding the techniques and information found in this writing.

Thus far we have learned that the psychological transformations naturally occurring lead us to experience flashes of transcendence. Beginning with The Breath of Consciousness we specifically attend to these first three phases. Then we may let go of our booster rockets of disciplined structural adherence and begin to...


Phase 4: Conceive the Divine Spiritual

If we are able to instantly fall into the nectar, then the quiet, serene mind is naturally created and we do not need a technique. Understand that these phases demonstrate what we should do at

different levels of consciousness.


We can enter into any one of these phases immediately. However, since we are bound with our illusions and negativity we must use techniques and catalysts to remind us of our Divine inheritance.

As time and practice continue, we are made more capable to simply sense Spirit’s presence and directly enter into the 7th phase without having to go through the others. Since our consciousness as human beings fluctuates between many levels of awareness, we should first check where we are on the scale of Enlightening Consciousness and go from there into "The Kingdom of Heaven Within."

For example, maybe we are already accomplishing phases 1 and 2. Well then we can go right into phase 3. Where we are in consciousness determines where we enter into The Phases of

Enlightened Consciousness. Wherever we enter according to what we need can best help us achieve the 7th phases

Self-disciplined actions take us through these first four

stages. The first four stages are more mechanical and less spiritual. Of course, all is Spiritual; however, the clouds upon us are more predominant in the first four stages. Therefore, the need for self- disciplined actions to continue traveling our way into the more "spiritual" phases is an absolute necessity. Duty and discipline guide our way.

Once we have done this through The Breath of Consciousness, we become wondrously prepared for the atmosphere of Spirit’s Presence.

This fourth phase initiates the process of "Sensing Spirit’s

Presence" (the next phase) and is the essence connection necessary to spiritualize our awareness.


Once absolute stillness flashes are expanded and established, we can become spiritually conscious. We can find the entrance into the establishment of transcendent consciousness through the gap between the thoughts.

This doesn’t mean that we should never think, rather this is pointing us to an atmosphere of consciousness that envelopes the mind first in absolute, contented stillness.

Practice being the observer of self, others and circumstance. Please do not try to figure it all out. Practice specifically letting go of all that excessive thinking and worrying; discard them, they are no longer needed for us.

Just PRACTICE letting go. Letting go into The Divine in our own bodies, minds and lives. Thoughts are symbols that our psychologies have to interpret. Go beyond thought and be only feeling your restoration, recreation. It iss perfectly natural. When a glorious moment of love comes to us we become spascious and dynamic yet our cores are still.

psychology has to interpret. Go beyond the tho

There is only rapture, happiness...love. This causes the stabilizing of transcendent consciousness and unveils our natural ability to...


Phase 5: Experiencing Love

Beginning with the skin, then throughout the physiology and consciousness, we feel, yes, FEEL LOVE'S SPIRIT. Somehow, inexperienced meditators misinterpret some doctrines to think the love is not to be desired.

We are told by every miraculous example that there is one acceptable desire. It is the longing to feel love and to love. This

makes us happy. This Love and Happiness are invincible and are


God. In this stage, we continue feeling the release of our core weaknesses as we sense the Breathing of Spirit within and around the body. If you are passing over these statements too quickly, I must ask you, "Do you believe what the masters tell us?"

If you do, then Love and Spirit are your closest friends and healers and they are beckoning you right now!

To help us reawaken ourselves to the conscious awareness of Love's Presence, we employ our Essence Memory. Within us is the Spirit Presence of Love. Awakening ourselves to this is an act of remembering Love's essence.

Everyone has had the experience of feeling a sudden change of atmosphere within and around the body. This is a similar sensation to someone opening a window nearby with fresh air coming through. The Latin origin of “Spirit” is air. No mistake.

We learn that we can sense this Spirit on a moment’s notice. This is God, this is Love, and this is Consciousness and prure hepppiness, pure bliss. It’s our illutionj to thing that this support is not avaialbe to us. Indeed, eternity is our reality, and when this body goes, where will our fears and worries about circumstances be? They will surely vanish---why not let them go now!

Enveloped in Spirit, virtually all religions and meditative

systems refer to a wind of Spirit that comes with significant anointing. In some form it must be, if you would like kinship with the Spirit. Life is here, available right now. Let us embrace together Spirit’s Presence of life that transcends all explanations.

Sensing Spirit causes the inflowing of Spirit “wind,” a tangible, subtle sensation of air. Work with this wind through

surrendering to it and breathing it with your entire mind, body and


soul, like a bellows. Deeper and deeper purifications continue happening for us as long as we follow the Spiritual path.

As we increase in our Spiritual union, happiness begins to flood our core. Emotional ecstasy stimulates every level of our being. Physiological ecstasy gets us higher and more satisfied then any substance or ego trip ever could. Where deep physical or psychological weaknesses are, this Spirit touches and ignites fires of purification.

There may be a warming, healing feeling where weakness is being exponentially healed under the influence of Spirit's Touch. The fire of purification knows nothing that cannot be purified. As we surrender more and more to Spirit's Wind we discover The Fire of Purification.

By accepting the conscious Spirit Fire Presence of God–Tao– Love into us, our negative bondage and debts are dispelled from the inside out. There is an absolute separation between every negative perception and who we really are. These Winds and Fires of Spirit are naturally driven to transform us into healthy, happy and Holy people.

As we progress in our Spiritual communion, we are challenged to continue allowing the healing of our small selves. We are made more capable to see patterns of energy, belief and behaviors that are incongruent with Spirit’s will.

Make note of these behaviors that are causing you suffering. Talk about these behaviors openly in your session time with an experienced spiritual person and you will receive initiation into "The winds and Fires of Spirit."

To remain "in the Spirit," we must accept our Holy

Transformation through letting go of what is not congruent with this


blessing of Spirit. It's a fine trade and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Through getting high on Spirit, Happiness, Pure Bliss and Love, we no longer need poor patterns of coping and they vanish away.

This Spirit Sensing (Winds and Fires) naturally causes...


Phase 6: Reuniting with Conscious Awareness

“Look for everything within yourself. Everything is inside you. Increase and enhance this awareness; learn how to become ecstatic inside yourself. The one you are looking for is you. The one you want to attain is you.” ~ Yogi Ramsuratkumar

There is an inner smiling that occurs as we become reunited in conscious awareness with our true Self. To help facilitate this soul smiling we can literally feel ourselves smiling in our hearts radiantly, our senses, organs, and bones. The wonderful Spirit of Life–God–Love is touching us; our emotional being is caressed into Loving embrace.

The Spirit now takes over our communion time; therefore, we may choose Love and Happiness. We have the space, we have the time and we have the feeling. Only the quality of Love can produce healing for ourselves and for others. Being happy is a choice. Happiness is Love.

Can we practice being in Love and being Happy? Of course we can. Rise up in your sovereignty of choice and feel Happiness and Love. After moving through the above phases we can literally feel Love's Presence flowing within us.

Would you like to be reawakened to transcendent happiness and Love each day? This day? You really can. Our power of


choice is incredibly powerful. The only thing asked of us is to practice and apply the gift of spiritual principles to guide our way into enlightened consciousness. This is not grandiosity or fantasy. Shall we accept? Smile. Do accept, and learn the establishment of Happiness that cannot be influenced by any circumstance. Herein is the fountainhead of mental and physical healing.

You and I are on the same path in life and we want the same things. Though much of the world is lost fretting about in anxieties, we have known that through spiritual living not only do we give up the anxiety addiction, but also we become more effective in the most menial of tasks.

There are people you may know who seem to be supplied with an unending supply of Love, Happiness and Energy. We have the opportunity to be one of these people. Take heart–the journey

toward self-mastery is a realizable goal.


Phase 7: Bathing in the Healing

Once we are in this quality of consciousness we spend time bathing in the healing atmosphere.


This is the Final Phase of meditation that words could never

describe. Look to these words as fingers pointing to the stars. Don’t look at the finger or you will miss the heavenly glory. Everything in the world of form can at best be a “finger pointing to the stars,” and at the worst can only show us where we are weak.

There is not a problem. Problems in life are purely self- created. Everything is speaking the voice of Truth if we would


simply listen. Even in the worst of life’s events, a blessing can encourage us. This keeps our minds and emotions balanced. The catalyst of all forms, including thinking, brings us to direct spiritual perception, which is wordless. Once there, we must release the catalyst (technique) and commune in Spirit and Truth in the Source. Please follow this instruction to the letter.


Once you cross the river, leave the boat on the shore and venture into the land of Pure Spirit. This is all quite real and quite accessible.


Truly, the list of benefits is endless. If Jesus, Buddha, Lao

Tzu and all the Saints and Sages were standing here, do you think they would assure us that taking the Spiritual Path is a good decision to make?

This is where our dream of Heaven becomes reality. Heaven on Earth. To realize this, our bad karma must be burnt up in The Fire Spirit of Purification. The phrase “avicki karma” means all our built up negative karma. This will be totally, instantly dissolved the moment we fully surrender into Spirit’s embrace.

Sheer Loving Ecstasy

The Saints and Masters tell us that ecstasy is the power of manifestation. We must ask ourselves, “Do we use the infinite


supply of Loving Spiritual Ecstasy to create good changes in all manner of physical reality?” How well do we consciously realize that it is the powers of happiness, Love, Bliss and Ecstasy that are the fuels to transform our physical realities?

With a pure stream of Loving Ecstasy we can touch the aspects of others and ourselves. Our lives become living monuments of example. This transcendent power is freely offered us right now. As we accept, we experience an orgasm of the soul that is purely divine. This is the fuel of all life. The Source of all Consciousness. Clear recognition is the first step to realizing this Holy Truth.


Moments of Spiritual Ecstasy

We all want it. We all know we need it. This feeling of Loving Ecstasy courses through our veins in equal proportion to our devotion. All the saints, who are the highest category of enlightened people, tell us that Love is “The Nectar of Spiritual Life.” The question is: do you and I realize the importance of bathing in Love? Do we fully realize our opportunity?

Only those with courage accept the progressive stages of ecstasy. We each are born with the full measure of this courage. Use this courage in miraculous proportions today. In this moment, make your decision to realize Spirit, Love, God, Tao, Way...never turn away from this. Today we become family.




Pure Spirit is Touching Through and Through

Whn we fall in love and have a beautiful kiss, receive the touches of a blessed hand on our head, enjoy a Divine embrace, with each of these experiences, beautiful nectar descends through our bodies. We begin to invert the senses, noticing our nose tip, the light through our eyelids; sweet saliva gathers and the senses begin an inner journey.

Our awareness begins turning inward. We begin tuning into our own rhythms...inner looking, listening and feeling. The throat

opens and our hearts are strangely warmed, like eating a good meal


or getting a divine embrace/kiss. A kiss on the top of our heads. We absorb some special, invisible nourishment.

In Tibet, China and India’s inner energy systems, they all talk about this special nectar flowing down and into us like a Divine meal.

Practice Meditation

Even just visualizing your meditation while you read the following words, you will feel a measurable change in your physiology.

Our heart magnetism is our body’s center of bio-energy. As we enter deeply within our own hearts, this magnetism (measurable as a 40-foot field around our bodies and carried through our blood in the salt–this is why an electro cardiogram can be picked up at any point on the body) is actually directed in and down to build “intestinal fortitude.”

The science of bio-magnetization is clear and the role of the heart is central. As the Divine Nectar flows into our organs, it begins condensing into our lower belly. It condenses further into our sexual organs, which “turns us on,” and a superfine hormonal combination is created in our blood stream, which is improved with practice.

The energy continues flowing down into our legs, feet and touches the earth. When it begins traveling into the earth it grows an extensive root structure throughout the earth and finds its way into the earth star–that molten, densely magnetized lava at the center of the earth, the heart of our mother earth.

Next begin drawing from the earth star and all the “hidden”

nourishments found in Mother Nature. All the way up through the


rocks and teaming life in the soil, imagine smelling the soil and drawing up the nourishment to grow your energy body far and wide, blooming outwardly to embrace the vast expanse of nature... joining with rocks, mountains, trees, vegetation, flowers, sky, solar system, our galactic disc and into infinite space, transcendence and the substance of pure Spirit. Descend down again into the earth star.

By carefully following this series of activities we are prepared to "lift off". This is the impulse source for all creation, all living beings. This Spirit is the source of the atoms of energy.

We are instructed that Love/Life/Tao/God is actually omnipresent; in every face, in every circumstance. Love is the animating presence of all life and can be felt completely.

Once our perception is congruent with Love’s omnipresence, enlightenment is the gift to our entire subconscious and conscious selves. We are awakened by a true Holy Moment, and our environments become sacred spaces


This moment is the only opportunity we will ever be given to accept being IN Love. What other moment could ever be given? What is your decision? Are you here, in love, together in the spiritual Presence of all the Angels and Saints?

This is the Presence of pure Spirit. Our truest friend is beyond all forms. By gaining greater perception of Spirit through sensing, we are instantly initiated into The Kingdom of Heaven within. Jesus tells us in scripture, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

That’s quite a nice thing to know, wouldn’t you say? The smiling of our soul naturally awakens with this "inner" communion.


Every one of us has a place within us of indomitable Happiness, Love and Power.

First we discover a flash of this truth, and then it comes and goes. We are distracted into illusion and anxiety in the midst of meditation. This is the natural DE-stressing of our nervous system.

Once we relax, our frenetic energy is exposed. After a moment of patiently recognizing that this is occurring, we return to a catalyst to once again reawaken us. By following this technique of the saints to re-catalyze our Divine union, whenever we fall back into anxious thinking, worrying or feeling, we discover a firm foundation of transcendence.

Profound transcendence means “not two, but one.” There is a sense of oneness, with everyone and everything, that douses all fear and cravings.

Self-fulfilling happiness is the result of transcendent perception because we become enjoined with the clear reality that happiness and fulfillment are an internal matter that has nothing whatsoever to do with our lives in this world. This is the main principle of spiritual mastery

We are “in the world but not of it.” Transcendence means to simply go beyond the apparent dualities and lack. It may happen temporarily at first, but then this Divine Observation becomes more and more ingrained into our conscious being, thinking and doing.

Through this practice of deep spiritual communion in meditation, we finally merge with a moment of rapture and our souls “orgasm” in Divine Bliss. This orgasm is the constant state of the enlightened ones. Orgasm, rapture, unbound joy...these are all sustained experiences of the enlightened consciousness.

If and when, during our practice, we are distracted away from


unity In Love, then we simply take a few moments for coming back down to earth, enjoy a little self-healing on the head, face and wherever needed on the body. We re-adjust our posture and set out to once again establish transcendence. We let Spirit take us over completely.

These cycles of enlightened consciousness and then being pulled into worries, etc., are normal. Extend and stretch while going back and forth between them; this practice of spiritual communion requires us to utilize this “back and forth” reality.

As we give ourselves to this "back and forth process," we find that we spend more and more time in The Spirit. While following the intuitive Spirit Sense within, practice and use the help of qualified meditation instructor (Saint, Guru, teacher).

This is the wind horse of Shambala (Tibetan Buddhism), the Heaven filled with The Holy Spirit of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Nirvana, Full Enlightenment, Wu Ji, etc. This is our experiential gift. It is available right now.

All these forthcoming phrases relate to our proper experiencing of this Phase:

Holy hypnotism is when we have fallen directly into a deep spiritual trance-mesmerized, awestruck, completely absorbed in being Loved and Loving, oblivious to all else. Do you realize what you are reading here? Our self-imposed negative obsessions obscure the clarity of this gift offered by God, Tao, Love to mankind. Please give yourself 100% to this program and be a benefactor for humanity. Be a benefactor for yourself.

This completes the explanation of The Seven Phases of the

Enlightening Consciousness. This is not a quick study no matter


what your capacities. As you re-read the material, you will gain a working understanding of the process. Take your time; be thorough.

I want to take a moment to commend you if you’ve read this far. That could mean that wonderful Divine Support has come into your life. This first part of meditation contains all the necessary ingredients for experiencing enlightened consciousness. Simply ask questions and practice and you, too, are traveling into Heaven on Earth and after earth.

Meditation now must integrate what we have gained.

Please prepare a space where you will be comfortable to meditate. This is your sacred time for communion with Spirit. Without concern for exact procedure, please begin to ground into Beingness, softening your mind and opening your heart as

you begin a meditation.

To receive your second Gift from SPIRIT TOUCH, please

join William live online in a guided meditation. Visit www.WilliamMartino.com


Integrating Enlightened Consciousness

Living Heaven on Earth

“In Love of God the lover of life finds expression of the inexpressible. Cosmic life gains expression in his activity. The thought of cosmic life is materialized in his process of thinking. His eyes behold the purpose of creation. His ears hear the music of cosmic life. His hands hold on to cosmic intentions. His feet set the cosmic life in motion. He walks on earth, yet walks in the destiny of heaven. Angels enjoy his being on earth. This is the glory of unity born of love. Let us be in Love with all that is around us. Let us in Love resolve to be in Love, for Love is life, and certainly we do not want to step out of life.” ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

After being established in consciousness through spiritual communion, create the atmosphere to activate mind, emotion, body and behavior. Remain one with the sense of Spirit.

This all-encompassing inoculation can come to us through the simple choice to activate our Spiritual lifestyles. Just a few

simple commitments and we are on our way. Just a few simple refinements and presto, our quality of life is enhanced. It absolutely is that easy. Not always simple because we are terribly distracted. Practice being better at splitting time and changing the quantum universe.

Of course this requires acts of self-discipline, the kind of

self-discipline that frees, not restricts. Ultimately discipline is a matter of knowing what you want. What do you want in life? What road shall you choose? Will it be the path of Love?

The second half of meditation is a time to apply the serenity gained into our lives. While still “high” in Spirit, slowly engage mind, emotion and body. Face the elements that must be faced and

inspire your determination to make “miracles” realities.


The progressive lifestyle can only be rightly fueled by Spirit and that is what this program delivers…Spirit! By learning how to sense and implement the Spirit of Life–Love–God–Tao into our ways of being, our “external” lives become meditations as well.

As we awaken in meditation, there will be awkwardness in coordinating ourselves with the various dualities we are currently facing. We must remember that these are only appearances of dualities. At the core of each challenging us we can choose to discover something we need to work on in ourselves.

In this way we can are healing ourselves in all the things that we do. Each person in our lives is connected to us in some fashion. When we are done with morning devotions, it’s then time to integrate ourselves with them and all elements in such a way that a progressive direction ensues.

With each relationship there is our intent to Love. But is intent enough? For starters, yes; however, our intent seeks to actualize itself for good results. Good results mean that the most constructive actions possible are created and followed through.

Having a plan of action does not mean being without spontaneity. The Spirit designs the plans, we just carry them out. This is the way of spectacular healing in a multitude of our life facets. Relationships are our most powerful application ground for Spirit’s will. How can we Love? How can we adapt? How can we have proper humility, respect and power?

Born in the mind of Spirit are an infinite number of matrix possibilities for any given problem. Finding the solution is promised as the seal of integrity Spirit wears. There is a solution. There is always a way. Making miracles realities is the devotee’s

occupation in life.


The greatest miracle is the transformation of people’s hearts. There is so much pain in the hearts of mankind that that alone should be enough to evoke the compassion of souls into servant- hood. What a wonderful badge to wear.

This is the occupation of the greatest people in human history. The fruits of happiness and fulfillment cannot be enjoyed without it. As you begin the integration journey from the absolute into the relative, gain a harmony of purpose and direction in your personal relations. This frees your psychic space.

In each relationship there are dualities, even if they are very subtle. We can either be identified with the dualities or broaden our awareness beyond them. With the right poise of consciousness, we can embrace any given duality and discover the clear Divine purpose. This is an education and effort. We can always be better at

this but not without practice.


From spiritual communion in deep meditation, we face all conflicts with the

omnipotence of Spirit. Do not be shaken by your life’s circumstances. Stay on track through the gift of Spiritually directed evolution. As long as we repeatedly reference ourselves to spiritual principles and make changes in who we are and how we live, then we can continue making spiritual progress. True Spiritual progress is a rare devotion of man.

Are we joined in the fires of devotion? Will we create the conscious experience of Heaven on Earth in our lives? Practical reality displays that this is a choice of inner processing. Our conscious minds only need to be enlightened to realize that in negativity there is positivity; in dualism there is oneness.

As hard as solid, as soft as space. Equipoise in gain and loss, danger and safety. Allow yourself to be taken from and given to,


praised and blamed, wrong and right, loved and hated, rescued and destroyed. The play of our life’s circumstances is a play whereby we should learn.

How much of the message behind the scenes do we pay attention to? How much do we include in the scope of our awareness?

With Love as our stability, In Spirit we shall not be shaken. This is not unfeeling; rather, it is the courage to Love despite appearances, odds, attitudes, and problems. Bringing the Love of Spirit into our psychologies illuminates our relationships and grants a bedrock reference point for maintaining stability.

After some time of integrating Spirit’s Presence with our psychology, it is time to awaken the body from its deep rest.

Beginning with the eyes half open, we slowly awaken the body. Become conscious of all your body space for at least a few minutes. Gently attune your senses to the immediate environment. There may be increased light. An increased harmony and acceptance of all sound occurs as well. (These are phenomena experienced by the advanced mediators.)

Light and sound and all forms Dance together in The Divine Play of evolution. When we are really relaxed, settled and subtle, our perception of our lives and the entire world gains a sense of Divine Objectivity. With the expansion of perception comes the awakening to nature’s vast expanse.

The depth of the earth is where we first touch down and absorb mother earth’s healing essence. We are stabilized and rooted energetically through our integration first with the entirety of the planet Earth.

Notice that the more conscious you are of the elements


around and within you, the more expansive your consciousness is. Connection with the elements brings the essences of the elements to infuse our very awareness. It’s no mistake that the great masters often speak about being absorbed into and one with the elements of Nature and Cosmos.

Spiritual perception naturally awakens our senses to more of the space within us and externally. We discover that all is simply one space and our awareness is threaded through it all. Let us be rooted and grounded in transcendent God-conscious perception before engaging the elements of space within our physical bodies and around us in the material universe.

Psychic Integration

The core of every person in our lives has its reality in Divine purpose. Granted, it requires a choice to perceive it that way. We can endlessly choose to be sensitive to The Divine Purpose within all moments.

Righteousness is certainly the path of the enlightening individual; therefore, there is a positive purpose we have with every person connected to us psychically.

Realizing this on a feeling level banishes all illusions of negative conflict between us and others. As we return to the dimension of our daily lives, psychic integration progresses along naturally, and we can immerse all relationships in The Spiritual Atmosphere gained in communion.

It's not easy for any of us to maintain spiritual progression in the midst of so many atrocities in our world’s society. The great news is that all of our teachers tell us that we can do it. We can live lives where we and those in our lives are progressively blessed.

Times can be tough, yet as long as Love is our close


companion we are guided through. Do we have enough Faith in

Love to trust its power? We must; there are no other viable options.

Some people turn to medications for help. If you need an antidepressant, try Love. If you need a muscle relaxer, try Love. If you need a stimulant, try Love. Heroin? Cocaine? Sexual addiction? Speed? Marijuana?

Instead of these, try the extended soulgasm of Union with the core... and be In Love, Happy, and Blissful beyond circumstance. This is Spiritual Pharmacology. This is the solvent to blocked

areas of being, the freeing of our lives.


The New Relational Paradigm

“All the creatures of this cosmos are nothing but vibrations of Love. They are sustained by Love and in the end they merge into the same cosmic Being. That is why it is essential to Love.” ~ Muktananda

Our relationships with others are of paramount importance. No other area of our lives offers us more opportunity than in the realm of relationships. Today’s society beacons the messages of boundary settings and asking for what we want. Should we be overly concerned with being offended? Are we to be always ready to punish those who wrong us?

The practice of forgiveness has an embrace wider than any evil action. Our attitudes and actions must be fixed on Love if we are to make progress. Rather than being so concerned about what we approve of or disapprove of in others, we should be concerned with how to Love the people life has placed before us.

In some cosmic, supernatural way, these people in our lives are offering the true reflection of ourselves. Can we rise to this occasion of championing life in the truest sense?

Our promise from the master is that we can do this. We can each continue revolutionizing who we are and how we live. Spiritual Congruency is the privilege of developing such a union; sensing Spirit’s Presence we ourselves are able to merge with that


In one moment of accepting the Holy-Spirit Sense of God– Love–Tao, our entire paradigm shifts. At once we become receptive and welcoming of others. We clearly see that hurting others in any

way is hurting ourselves. The opposite is true as well. Everything


we are, think, say and do must flow through us. Therefore the essence we give to others is the essence we give to ourselves.

Congruency of Spirit, Thought, Word and Deed

Congruency of thought, word and deed is no small matter to create. With time and application, more and more of our own psychological ills vanish and we become clear in mind, positive in emotion and purposed in action. This inner glow manifests in increased outward radiance.

Being Happy

When shall you be happy? Shall it be after the acquisition of

? Or maybe you will accept happiness once your personality is straightened out? After we retire?

Each time we look to anything other than the moment for happiness, we enter delusion. This is the moment of happiness; there can be no other. Accepting self-sufficient happiness creates cosmic booms of enlightenment for us. This is the entrance ticket to enlightenment.

As we are established in Happiness beyond all occurrences, so we integrate with the infinity of space itself and the dawning of full enlightenment appears on the horizon of our conscious awareness. Such a simple secret. Can we rise to practice it?

From self-sufficient happiness comes the flowering of service to mankind. We long to share our secret discovery. So simple, so simple. Also, we naturally long to listen to people deeply and fully. We are less and less concerned with our egoistic speaking

needs and simply give ourselves easily to presence.


Physiological Healing - Cosmic and Natural Integration

There is energy in space, psychic activity in space, Light, Sound, forms... Accepting of all these “realms” with expanded perception helps produce a harmony of awareness with the infinity of creations.

Fear, evil and negativity are distortions of the truth, yet the truth still remains within anyone who does unspiritual acts. Our insight is born of Divine blessing. It is true perception, evolved perception.

"Do not fear little child," is the admonition of the masters in dealing with our daily lives—no matter the size of the challenge. Can we trust? Can we move forward in Spiritual evolution for the sake of ourselves and all that we Love?

Yes, we can! Let there be no doubt. Just relax; take your time in Spiritual evolution. Make each day a Spiritual adventure.

The Mind of Absolute Trust

“The Great Way isn’t difficult for those who are unattached to their preferences. Let go of longing and aversion, and

everything will be perfectly clear.” ~ the Tao

Once the psyche, senses and body are awakened, you'll notice an improved quality of spaciousness to your awareness. Power is gathered to ourselves when The Spirit we have gained touches us and expands our presence.

You'll notice that the environment appears cleaner, crisper and more defined. The senses are awakened. Any time we are

touched by Love, the energy field within and around the body


expands. We are less afraid and therefore more open to the elements of environment. Connectedness to simple natural elements such as the sky, earth and nature are maintained within us.

As we awaken from our meditation there is an integration effect of mind, emotion, body and the elements. Be conscious of affecting this process. Engage all your senses into Nature and Cosmos.

Though this is not easy to understand for the beginning students, connectedness with the elements causes our raw power to increase. This is the energizing of the aura. The raw electromagnetic energy that keeps the planets in rotation actually integrates with our field of presence and gives us more of that "magnetic Presence" necessary to ward off evil and support blessings.

Cosmic and Natural elements are spoken of by all the enlightened masters as being powers of Presence available for our integration, absorption, and utilization.

After some time of integrating Spirit with psyche, space and body, we can then look to the specific duties, meetings and events of the forthcoming day with some fresh power and create successful preparations. At this point, we scan through our day for a few minutes and ground ourselves with bedrock stability, more clearly seeing the dynamics we must face—per transcending them for the creation of blessed results.

All things actually exist in consciousness; all is interwoven. By perceiving the spiritual purposes of the moment, we transcend all the negative dynamics therein. The enlightened person creates blessed circumstances for him/herself and for others! The more we

are imbued with Spirit, the greater our powers of positive creation.


Detailing the New You Living New Life Circumstances

Please Purchase a 3-section notebook.

First Section: Meditation/Spiritual Reflections

Second Section: Journaling

Third Section: The New Me Living My New Life

Communion Journaling

The first two sections are self-explanatory.

In the third section, begin to detail the blessed circumstances you rightly desire to experience as you are becoming further transformed by The Spirit’s influence. Detail enriched sensory experiences that you will be experiencing as a result of living In Spirit.



Ready for Action

Our personal field is now empowered with bio-electric and spiritualized magnetic energy. This is the physical result of Spiritual Communion. All the elements by and IN Spirit meet and mix within the body, creating the stirrings of spiritualized physical power.

There is enough energy within the hydrogen atoms of one average-sized body to supply the electrical needs for a large industrial city for an entire week. This is a scientific fact. The touch of Spirit evokes some of this very real energy into our physiological and psychological functions. Doing so, our bodies may sweat and steam in transformation.

Those going through enlightenment experiences often speak of how their bones are changing shape. The bones of an enlightenment initiate actually begin to steam with the infusion of great amounts of fresh Spirit. “I could feel it in my bones!” How about feeling the Spirit Presence of life in our bones!

Optimal Functioning on All Levels

Now is the time to activate us for optimum functioning—on ALL LEVELS. The patterns of who we are and how we live must be continuously submitted to Divine influence. Spirit’s Touch will actually change the forms of who we are in every sphere.

“Did you ever hear what happened to the person who suddenly got all they ever wanted? They lived happily ever after.” ~ Willy Wonka

Abundance begins with Spirit, and once that is gained the world is our oyster.


Do we need more evidence to convince us to adopt a lifestyle where rest and inspiration are received in great quantities?

By contacting Spirit, and/or being contacted by Spirit, we experience many wonderful and unexplainable things. Include whoever is in your awareness in this second half of meditation. Now it is time to put it into action.

Congratulations for entering the FLOW.

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Meditation is not something we learn, it’s something we become. Really, it is something we are already. The becoming part is just a dance.

When nightmares dispel we are made well.

It was only a dream...symbolic scenes. A majestic spell has come this way. Revealing life in every play.

Why think this... Why think that...

Thought is long after the fact.

The shades of silence are the meaning of words.

At the Source is the Surge.

In here. In here.

May this, this moment, be the quantum configuration of healing, grace and nourishment in each person as far as space and beyond into the mystical—as one who exists behind the scenes of environment.

If just for a flash... and the quantum universe converges in us, in just a moment of such supportedness that relief begins of its own accord. Thanks for this time of sharing.







William was born and raised between suburbia Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which meant a commute each winter. Two homes, two sets of friends and two school systems.

Unease with “the status quo” drove William into a search that lead him into many studies, beginning with Kung Fu, meditation and virtually every manner of energy medicine/enlightenment system on the planet.

After college and troubled years of wandering, William became an ordained Zen monk for four and a half years. Intense martial arts trainings culminated with William becoming the head of security for a retreat center lead by the Guru of The Beatles, founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement, which achieved


worldwide scientific acclaim for producing measurable results in

“systems management” (Meditation).

Still, these adventures didn't provide William with the answers he sought. Further trainings included Meditation retreats with The Dalai Lama and numerous certifications, including:

Barbara Brennon's “Hands of Light” series, Qigong with Yang Yang Ywing Ming who holds two Ph.D 's, owns 50+ schools of Kung fu and is a Qigong legend (Qigong is the inner teachings of acupuncture and Chinese medicine), Thich Nhat Hahn retreats with Peme Chodron and too many more to mention.

Finally, the epiphany moment happened; a Mind/Body synthesis took place and the creation of the pioneering wellness program FLOW was born.

Endorsements from William's clients include:

The Official Trainers of The Olympic Ski Team

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Military personnel and best of all by people from virtually every walk of life.

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