Crestone, Co. Medical Qigong Certification facility

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Full Certification is given with the entire program. Individual certifications for specific therapies such if you cannot attend the full course. Email with any questions.

SUMMER Session-introduction

Aug 19th-Sept 2nd

Qigong Teacher Certification Level one- Facilitator teaching certification

$600 includes on site lodging. Meals included. Test $125. Available area rentals (Not included)

Temple Scripture and 5 immortals Temple on Wudang Mountain teachings.

The 3 Powers Powers creates The 3 Treasures materials. The 3 treasures are not the source of Qigong or Chinese medicine. The 3 powers are: Sky, Earth and Body. Become more connected. Further Qigong scriptural lessons include:

Wu Ji, Tai Chi, Xin (Heart mind) and Yi (Intention/intellectual mind) Yin and Yang, Kan and Li (the bodies water and fire essences)

Learn how to influence your bodes Kan and Li (the bodyminds water and fire essence), Yi(Intention) and Chi(energy),

Innervation precedes action

Introducing the real masters: Video's, Audio's, Texts and Williams translation of Tao Te Ching and orginal Qigong scriptures.

Tracing the meridians

Zuang Gung

Smbh painting, Feet/toes weight distribution, grounding through earth connect points (In and down), body alignment, connectivity with sky, earth and your biological biography. Positional stepping precision.

Devloping X Ray Vision and Opening the 3rd eye (The Mudd palace and the mudd pill) Pre Reading The Field (s)/bodyminds, reading the field(s)/bodyminds in real time. Transparency is key. Making the map of self and client

Baby fat, jelly steeling, noodle body,

Natural Reunions, One Finger Zen, Five Animal Frolic Qigong, Five Element Qigong, Oringinal Temple Style Qigong, Push hands for healing

Qigong Meditation-Bone Marrowing- reach the bones to soak the bones, bone wrapping/squeeezing. Naturally longer inhale than exhale for calming down and internal repair/reconfiguration-developing inner immunity. Naturally longer exhale for fighting off predation and developing outer immunity.

FALL SESSION- teacher certification

SEPT 14Th-Nov 17th

Practitioner certification which includes the ability to certify students to level 1

$2600 includes on site lodging. Meals included. Test $275.00 Stay on site or at available area rentals (Not included)

Temple Scripture and 5 immortals Temple on Wudang Mountain teachings.

Introducing the real masters: Video's, Audio's, Texts and Williams translation of Tao Te Ching and orginal Qigong scriptures.

Living sensually for sexual vitality and transmutation

Herbal medicine for health and longevity

Zuang Gung

Reading The Field. Transparency is key. Making the map of self and client

Natural Reunions, One Finger Zen, Oringinal Temple Style Qigong, The 8 pieces of silk, Push hands for healing

-The teachings of the oldest recorded person who lived to 250 years old- Receive booklet of William's translation of his core teachings.

Martial Applications of Qigong. Why its so important to engage conflict.

Work in the field. Using Qigong Transmissions of energy to heal others.

Embodiement is healing

Transform ordinary stances, postures and movements into Qigong practice

Say 'Sky and Earth' and Expose Your Needs To Transform.

More specfic and vast 'natures nourishing' to reconfigure your disease/distortion/dissymetry

Taking off and putting your clothing on * Putting your shoes on one leg standing * Sitting in a car, getting out of the car * Cleaning up, doing the dishes * Picking up and moving groceries, boxes

Cleaning, in the shower * washing hands * Outstanding when going outside * 3x walking

Drop the qi and wash the organs * Natural reunions * Star gazing-Sunrise/Sunset

Ba dua Jing * The original Tai Chi form * Push hands (Sensing/adapting and responding) practice.

Qigong Meditation

"Long meditation is the greatest proof of God. Why don't you try." P.Y.

Underastanding Embrionice breathing from the point of view of temple scriptures and science. The deeper dive. Taoist Cosmology.

Qigong Meditation-Bone Marrowing-Naturally longer inhale than exhale for calming down and internal repair/reconfiguration-developing inner immunity. Naturally longer exhale for fighting off predation and developing outer immunity. Influencing the Kan and Li feelings in the body (Water and Fire.) Immortality scripts.

Apply HERE

The Knowledge

Developing medical Qigong ability is based on the inner teachings. The forms of movement are the application ground of the inner teachings. We base our course on the authentic teachings from Wudang mountain. Learn how the inner teachings are applied within your own body and mind and how to help others heal from your own foundation of health.

Qigong History&Science

Beginning 5,000 years ago learn the timeline of Qigong development and the key points of improving the training methodology. Discover how these training's are supported by scientific evidence. Learn how to measure your results with biofeedback equipment on site including an EEG to measure brain wave enhancement. Also measure HRV-Heart Rate Variability. This shows us our emotional stability. You will be measured at the beginning and at the conclusion of the course.

The second month...

Train the Classic forms

Allow improvements of emotional content and accentuation for each movement. To train the movements is necessary so we can become very familiar with body/mind relationship. The application ground is how we posture and move in daily life.

-The Form of Natural Reunion-If you are not aware of the sky, the tree, the bodies of water etc. How can they nourish you. In this core Qigong form get connected to the vast expanse of natures nourishing.

Zhuang Gung- 'Standing strong' is our proper foundation for all movements. It is not obvious to see why but if you look into your standing posture there are many refinements to make: Weight distribution, symmetry of the joints, spatial awareness, etc. 'If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.'

-Uniting heaven and earth in the body/mind- All of Qigong is based on The 3 Powers: Sky, Earth and Human Being/Body. In the sky there is positive electromagnetism in the earth there is negative. When we are aware of sky and earth in our bodies/person we become empowered.

-Shoong- (The combination of relaxing and energizing) for organ and bone health-Learn to feel more into your own inner systems and create benefits.

-Wash the Field-

Our intention either separates us or connects us. By having the selfless attitude given in this form we 'wash the field.' Thereby we become more connected and connectivity is power. Then, discernment's are easier to make in your daily life.

-One Finger Zen-

This form of Qigong was designed by the greatest contributor to Qigong methodology; the monk Ta Mo. This individual also created Zen and Kung Fu. A unique form offering multiplied results to your practice.

-The original Tai Chi form with martial applications-

When Tai Chi was created there was just 8 movements. Tai Chi is moving Qigong. We move biomagnetism in our bodies and in the field. These orginal 8 movements done on right and left sides is the foundation of all Tai Chi practice. Roll Back, Pull Down, Ward Off, Press, Push, Shoulder, Elbow, Split.

-Sensing practice-(Tuishou)

Here we learn to apply all that we have learned in the dynamic field of life. Ever changing, ever adapting, this two person form trains the brain to to dynamically engage life on life's terms.

-Regulating body temperature-

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong treaments to Improve your feeling of general well-being

Here we get to the roots of your problems. 'There are issues in your tissues.' In your biological biography there is a map for healing defined by your history and genetics. Find relief for a whole host of issues including: Sleep deprivation, toxic stress, memory and focus, digestion problems, eye strain, high blood pressure, weakness and fatigue.

Healing treatments

Receive a healing transmission from Grandmaster Wililiam Martino. A rare opportunity that includes a natural spring hot water soak at a Joyful Journeys Hot Springs. Experience needless acupuncture to address juncture points of need.

Qigong meditation

-Small Circulation

Download and digest the informational energy of your brain into your body. Then create a clear circulation of pure energy back up to your brain.

-Grand Heavenly Circulation and Cosmic Body Bellow Breathing

Receive Darshan and Cosmic Energy. Get a jump start to your level of energy.

Touch down, break ground and grow an extensive root structure right here where you are- Once breathing with the earth bring the earth essence up through your body into sky/cosmos and deity. Then begin again, this time with The Cosmic Download.

Embryonic Breathing- The pinnacle of Medical Qigong

The greatest benefit found in both meditation systems and brain science is 'coherence.' Experience the most profound accomplishment of Qigong training that merges energy and meditation into one technique. The value of deep relaxation, getting insight and energy is invaluable for dealing with today's high stress society.

For more information with class times, locations and adventures into nature email

info@theevolutionnow.com or call 303-709-1742 to speak with Grandmaster William Martino personally send an email to William@WilliamMartino.com

William Martino has studied with numberous Qigong masters including: Yang Ywing Ming, Taoist priest Master Chen who was raised on Wudang mountain and many more.

Offering custom designed Wellness programs William Martino has pioneered a unique methodology based on the needs of the individual and measurable results.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

William Martino is an author, speaker on human development, athletic trainer, Qigong and martial arts master. An Zen/Qigong monk for 4.5 years and former head of security to a major T.M. retreat center (Transcendental Meditation) led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, William studied Qigong and a variety of other disciplines from 8 years old. Teachers include: Yang Ywing Ming, Taoist master Chen who was raised on WuDang Mountain. William is the author of twelve 12 books in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality. A spiritual prodigy from a young age, William has dedicated his life to connecting the mind and body.

Two books related to Qigong William has authored which are considered seminal and pioneering include:

1. The Tao Te Ching- A new poetic translation from the original Chinese


2. Essence of Qi: The inner teachings from the ancient Qigong/Kung Fu Temples

Initially a love of Martial arts brought William to seek out the truths of 'chi power.' Beginning with Taoist Qigong, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vision Questing and practical self-defense a fire was lit.

William' ordinations and further experiences are: , A yogic monk and head of security for a T.M. retreat center created by the guru of The Beatles; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, receiving his Ohikari from Shumei (A Shinto based organization) and being the personal cook for legendary Taoist priest, Qigong and Kung Fu Master Wudang Chen who was raised on Mt. Wudang the birthplace of Qi Power..

William now leads retreats in the rocky mountains at The Evolution Retreat Center high in The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. People come from all over the world for retreat opportunities with Will and his team. Crestone was called by U.S. news and world report to be “The Spiritual Heart of America. There are over 20 major monasteries there and masters of every art all living together in harmony. If you need to refresh and reboot your system schedule a call. It's all about fun, and very practical solutions to help you in your specific need.

'The Evolution' helps people from all walks of life to feel, be and do better in life. It demonstrates the meeting point of Mind, Body and Soul techniques in one, life trans-formative presentation.

Treatments are based on the unique needs of individuals and groups resulting in personalized benefits. The use of cutting edge biofeedback measurements help people benefit their systems with doalbe, repeateable and measurable results.

William also heads up 'The Pearl' a philanthropical organization helping communities with issues of mental health and public safety.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

One experience with William can transform one’s life for the better.

Endorsed by: Hospitals, Universities, Businesses and by literally 1000's of people from all walks of life.

For his ongoing and pro bono work with a medical staff, William received The Lifetime Outstanding Service Reward from Boulder Community Hospital

The Official Trainers of The U.S. Olympic Ski Team

“An icon in the field. William is pioneering new, more effective methods to create wellness.”

Wendy Mclure

Sounds True Inc.

“William Martino is a gifted teacher with an unmatched ability to get to the heart of each person’s unique needs.”

Beverly Yates: Senior publicity manager

Sounds True Inc. is a world leader in holistic program publications

“It is such a privilege for me to share with you the secrets of Qigong for both health and self defense; psychically and physically.” W.F.M.

All of William Martino's books include:


1. Recognizing Depression: A guide for those suffering with depression.

2. Stress Less: Practical solutions for profound stress management and focus

3. Workplace Wellness: Transform ordinary routines into personal evolutions

4. The Masteries in Meditation-Neuroplastic transformation through meditation.

“Neuroplasticity It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science...Thinking actually turns on genes inside of neurons to form new connections between brain cells.” Dr. Kandel-Nobel prize-brain science.

5. Dragon Thunder: Protection for Mind, Body and Soul

6. The Natural Sentry: Real World self-defense beginner to advanced.

7. Emotional Hygiene: Support, Relief, Catharsis, Transmutation and Hygiene

8. Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth.

9. The Essence of Chi Power: The inner keys to super health and strength

10. The Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

11. Tai Chi Harmony: The inner teachings of Tai Chi Chuan

12. Natural Enlightenment: Full spectrum success from the inside/out.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412






Shian Tai

Building the Holy Embryo

Inflencing Kan and Li is one of the most advanced practices of Qigong.

Increasing Kan (Water) and decreasing diseased Li (Fire)



Let’s start with these-

The emotions are an off limits place to reveal for most human beings. Why? Because each of us are stuck on addiction to prove our superiority. We each wait to dismiss the other person and return to our delusion of superiority.

Only this revelation embraced does our ‘fire’ decrease and our ‘water’ increase. Here, one of the main principles of Qigong development is engaged.

There are genetic predispositions we have towards shock, fear, compulsion, mental anxiety…etc. These all raise our level of negative fire. By accepting the notion of ‘Pronoia’ Everyone and Everything is conspiring to heal me we find embodiment and embodiment is healing. The body is not different than you. You are the body. When we are ‘In Spirit’ then we gain access to our larger body as nature and the cosmos. However, when physically conscious then body and mind is the same thing. One thought influences biochemistry and every cell.

Kan and Li

Its all in the transmission.

Whenever the bubble is burst, ego deflated and we are again receptive to life then we will find the master and be receiving the transmission for karmic absolution.

Each person and circumstance is God/Love wearing a mask and we must honor the inherent dignity and learn from each person because they are all sign posts pointing the way. Realizing this we realize The Tao and calm down becoming the psychic magnetism ‘Water’ of life as the field of psychic magnetism flows through us freely changing our cells into super coherence. Special abilities and insights are then natural. You must meditate so deeply that you actually really ‘epigenetic influence’ and neuroplastic change.

When you build the ‘Water’ (Kan) of your body mind through sexual purifuacation, stimulation and condensation of power then the negative fire (Li) excessive thourhg and emotionality can com down from our head and chast and enter into the water of your fortified sexuality and digestive strength. This produces the pure quality of Chi that enters your spine and nerves creates a new you echoing out into your pasts, present ant futures. Let the entire universe breathe through you as a bellows and turbo process your life. Evolve yourself into greater coherence by acceptance, surrender, connectivity and conduition

The elements as well are related to our emotions; each having both a psychological and physical sensation: Metal, air, wind, earth, wood, fire, space, cosmos, sun, moon, stars…etc Each particular elemental experience has both psychological emotion and physical feeling. These are all the ingredients to the personal and collective miracle we seek to realize.

The Miracle Atmosphere is Created from The Miracle Ingredients. The miracle ingredients are first the people in your life and your life experience because if you cannot accept that then you will never see nature with is here and communicating with you right now. Are you listenting? Are you receptive? Are you a student?

Meditation in Qigong contains:

Feeling the nourishments coming from Nature, Small and Grand Heavenly Circulation, Influencing Kan and Li and Ultimately Embryonic Breathing then working out the kinks in the body mind through particular movments (moving through uncoordination and stuck spots.

Sinvial fluid, bone marrow, wiring (neurology), the glands (energy centers)

All this depends on the key factor of influencing Kan and Li.

From now on connect with water whenever you see it. Use each of your senses to embody more of its essence.



Reach the bones to soak the bones

Great Contact and Gallons

Universal Win/Win


Spirit, Energy, Nature

123ABC preceeds all training.

Deep, Slow, Flow Root Bloom Print

Becoming Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Metal, Cosmos, Spirit, Stars, Living planets, moons, Gods, Sages, Saints, Masters-

Doing ‘forms’ of any kind, rituals…is just a game we play to ‘Get the feeling.’ 10’s, 5’s, customized is the way to go. Do 10 seconds here and there, the 5 minute full cycle and the long custom designed program. Define the long one each time before you do it to adapt to present circumstances and needs.

Covered Constant dropping and popping.

What goes out tries to come back in and you have to endure the exposure and ambrosial attack of this-

Skeleton breathing, filling up the body balloon,

Divine Supernatural Miraculous Intervention

Be willing to physically quantumly transfigure

*The express purpose of training is to enhance your naturalness of being in daily life.

You can begin including some of these ideas and practices for just 10 seconds or 5 minutes now and then in your daily life. Keep things doable and repeatable. You don’t have too understand it all or do it all. In fact that is a false notion. Read through and if you want real training then you can learn, over time, to do these steps in one flow of training.

The most advanced practice of Qigong is called Embryonic Breathing (Advanced meditation.) This is the number 1 option we have to resolve personal issues and create success in our lives. Here’s a few quotes from the worlds top brain scientist relating to Embryonic Breathing.

  • Harvard Gazette: "Eight Weeks to a Better Brain" For the first time, MRI images captured measurable changes in human brain structures after only 8 weeks practicing meditation (Self balancing, centering, focusing, relaxing…etc.

Dr. Eric Kandel who is often considered the greatest brain scientist in the world said this in a documentary about meditation and neuroplasticity-

Bang out a steady beat creat the back beat rhythm.

It is without doubt the last frontier.”

Can you imagine that one of the worlds greatest brain scientists referreed to the changes that happen through meditation as being ‘without doubt the last frontier.’ That should make us stop and rethink what meditation really is. He was referring to the amazing abilities for brain change exhibited by advanced meditators.

He also said the forthcoming quotes in the same documentary-

To understand how you work. To understand how the inner parts of your psyche operate is fantastic.”

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its behavior as a result of experience.” Here, in this program we are experiencing wonderful moments that are independent of our current challenges and circumstances. This automatically fuels changing circumstances for the better.

Omg, another quote by one of the worlds greatest brain scientists that has tremendous implications.

The genes are the servants of experience.”

If the genes are the servants of experience lets have some great ones: Personally, socially and financially. Therefore we will benefit from the ripple effect influencing our bodies, minds and lives. The stronger the experience the more our neurology and tendrality is transformed.

Dan Rather Reports episode title: Mind Science episode 313





*Innervation comes from Zero balancing and natural absorption from this field by being receptive.

# 0 Zero Balancing- Our personal lives. Drop your defense mechanism and offer up your diseases and distortions to ambrosial attack. In our exposure the environment and all in it naturally rush in to attack the voids, diseases, distortions, incompetencies, recent and historical bad behaviors…etc. Do you have any of these? If so how are you addressing them? This first step gets the process of real healing and change in motion. The resultant agitation from ambrosial attack breaks up the dirt of our inner bad energy factories.


Come to your senses and get back to balance 0. Grounding continuously will bring you back and its vitally important because without the sense of spaciousness/timelessness/stillness nothing we do is accomplished well. Before your training; each time, check in with yourself and clear the air. Resolving our own personal lives is always the prerequisite to training. Otherwise we are too scattered and cannot extend the attention span. Remember we are seeking to welcome in game changer moments that shift our entire experience of life for the better.

Whatever is going on for your right now take a step back and get grounded; be in touch with the earth and nature as the proper container in which all your relationships and experiences are evolving.

What do you need to take care of right now? Is your tummy upset did you eat poorly and you could benefit from a large cup of water? Are your thoughts and strategies needing a break from ceaseless processing? Being stuck on go is not the way of the master. Breathe…relax for a while. This is by no means time wasted. Periodically we just need to let go of it all and stop trying. All around us nature is asking to come in and help. Are we receptive now and letting nature breathe through us?

Practice remembrance of the main principle of Qigong.

#1 Re-Contemplate ‘The Keys to Chi Healing and Empowerment’ 3 Powers are pouring into The 3 treausehouses.

  1. A change of atmosphere is realized within and around the body. Inner karmic fires are lit. DV Exposed agitations, disease, distortions attacked (willing to change your ways)

  2. Field unbounds and reunites iyfbbb

  3. Discharging toxins and death. Absorbing energy fuel (Willing to Quantumly Transfigure)

N.B.B.B. Natural Body Bellows Breathing

With all of your relationships in the field of your awareness unbound and connect with nature; stand there and breathe with all of nature’s nourishing; have the need to included more and more nourishing essences.

The most powerful teaching for Chi Healing and Power development is:


Keep working on your list of Great Contacts and the will cause you to unbound your fearful clinging and mental obsessing with what is- so that you unbound to contact more of The 3 Powers. Doing so the 3 powers will pour down in and up into the 3 treasures building up the quantities and quality of Jing (Core essence condensed and primarily expressed in our sex center, Chi (The biomagnetism that comes from being turned on in healthy ways) and Shen (Spirit coming from the energy we invest into psychological/behavioral refinement.)

*Be touching this field, these people (Who’s in touch and why) and unbound your awareness to breathe with nature beyond and inclusive of your relationships and circumstances.

Merge back into silence, stillness, bliss. Be tended too, intervened for by someone else, something else. Be a student needing guidance, not a knower with a comment on everything. Be a follower of expert guidance. Be only a recipient of grace ever seeking to flesh it out with specifically improved behaviors in specific areas of exposed need. Be feasting on ‘gallons’ of the great vibes by permission and acceptance into wise peoples lives and nature…(Darshan is the best which is The energy of a real master or place/point in nature, a very specific: Sight, sound, song, place, memory, dream etc. ITS ALL IN THE TRANSMISSION. If you want extraordinary results now in your relationship and circumstances then only the vibe of Great Contact can do it.


#2. The Form of Natural Reunion open mouth gather in hug face swallow down, wipe down

Lip smacking, tongue swirling cultivating swallowing power. Swallowing power to ‘the invisible food’ of life is very important.

- Connecting with Sky, Earth and Body in improving ways. Standing with hands in prayer posture. Bow to Sky/Earth and Body and find more and more offering nourishments to open up too, connect with and then gather in from. Touch your forehead to calm your cortex with ever tries to keep life out. Begin the face shining inwards, inner listening, inner smelling, inner looking, brain stem convergence, nectar in the mouth, swallowing down (Swallowing power is a key to chi healing and empowerment) relax; initially relax the chest to begin the process of embodiment.

Let the nourishing feelings travel down into the nooks and crannies of your body by first relaxing your chest. Keep your bio energy flowing down like getting heavier as you go into deep sleep. Then, touch the earth. There are so many nourishing elements to include in your rooting: Sky levels/stars/galaxies/space, earth/trees/animals (Do 5 animal frolic-gowling, stalking, tiger clawing, Bear walking, bird flying, deer, (whatever you like) travel down into the under earth soil earth, teaming life, magma, metal ball in the middle and within your own amazing body. Keep making more contact to be embraced in and live more fully in and through Natural Support. While you do this form do ‘Grand Heavenly Circulations’ run energy down the front of your body into the earth then up from the earth up the back and into Sky/Heavenly feeling.

#3. ‘Stancing’ and Movement Refinement

The process of becoming outstanding in your field


Bounce, the cleansing breath looking up, ihasp, drop the chi periodically into the earth for energy body symbiosis grafting within earth

(Practice conscious walking to a specific destination and back or walk in a circle/line/box) Practice your stance, weight distribution, posture, each toe smells the earth underneath and around the earth. Standing practice (Zhuang Gung) is considered the single most important practice physically in Qigong. So much is influenced by how you stand. Discover it with endless refinements while waiting in lines when cleaning up give careful attention to 'Stancing', 'Carefully precise stepping,' and the way you move to integrate more of nature into your body and more of your whole body in each movement. 'Embodiment is healing.'

At the end of stancing do Ta Mo Palm Fist Set

#4. The Body Gym

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Star friend uncomfortably reconfiguring.


Hands on breathing, Bouncing, Turn, Circling the joints, Shake it out, shake and bounce (extending), slap and knock, bang the body, Dynamic Tension (Imitate the movements done by weight lifters but use your mind to contract your muscles and you will engage more muscle fibers. Just a little work with your muscles is wonderfully helpful to ground your brain.

5. Waving Qi and Pulling Silk

Start with your palms facing each other then wave your hands back and forth. Imagine cotton candy/toffee or silk connected (pulling silk) with each finger from your different hands. Start to get connected with your hand magnetism. It is scientifically proven that people who are accomplished qigong masters have much more magnetism than ordinary people and the heart and hands are primary places. This is 'fuel building' to then enter into your brain for psychological refinements of personality and character found later on in embryonic breathing meditation. Play catch/Sensing adaptation practice.

6. Wash the field

Palm out wash the field of energy all around you. What is in back of you is very important. Start there then wash all around to the back other side of your body. Like washing windows. This will help you clear your field and develop spherical intuition.

7. Feet Wiping/Toes squeezing/ and Fingers:

Squeezing and Hoses-

Water trickling out of each toe and finger, the garden hose flow then fire hoses, laser cutting. There is a word in Dutch called Fingerspitzenefuhl. It means that intuition is in the fingertips. These are primary antennas for us. The actual place for intuition is located in the brain.

3x Push the heavy object, Lift the heavy object, moving in thick mud, moving through condensed elements with reverse breathing

(Compress your lower midsection all around on the inhale reverse on the exhale. If you were to push a heavy object naturally your get into your feet/earth and squat. Then this kind of reverse breathing/push breathing naturally happens. Push breathing is considered one of the key methods for chi power development.


9. One Finger Zen and The Tai Chi form

Before doing the form go back to stancing.

Sinking the chi in your bones cellularly.

Sung the bones. Skeleton breathing: Sung is the key word in Qigong meaning to relax yet energize…learn ‘bone sensation’ to ‘get the feeling’ in the bones. And here are a few imainings to help: Wrap/spiral the bones, sqeeze the bones, bend the bones, bone bellows breathing, strike the bones. Bone sensation.

See video link below.



This link is the best example of expert Tai Chi flowing that you could ever see. We will learn the original 8 Tai Chi moves included in the beginning of this form. The form demonstrated is Cheng Man Chings 37 movement form.

10. Qigong Meditation

Cellestial Communication and The Cosmic Download

We need to feel the essence of ‘stargazing’ 360 around the planet in our inner perception and feel the instreaming of cosmic energy. Filling our body with this tangible substance is the basic key for advanced qigong in meditation for healing, empowerment and for the new neurology/tendrality (living with a more vast connection ingrafted with nature overriding, grounding and animating all relationships.

Reverse Rooting and Blooming

- Breathing with Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing form for meditation-(Two palms facing out imagining sun moon stars and the spiraling galaxy feeling gathering into our palms then turn the palms and absorb what you have gained. Our faces are now shining inwards. There is inner listening, looking, smelling from 360 and we experience brainstem convergence which ‘lights up the root of our brains and we enjoy the release of a super sweet saliva in our mouths and and electric like feeling (quivering lips) In our mouths there is: Amrita/golden pollen swallowing down.

Wind Path evolutions

Water Path convergence and going down and up

The Wind Path cycles of running energy up from the earth up the front of the body and down from the sky (heavenly feeling) down the back of the body)), and Regulating Kan and Li (Accept your life so much within that you have awareness of your spine and brain … then do Embryonic Breathing Cycles (Natural pauses of breathtaking beatify bated breath (soulgasms) because of such profound intervention and nourishment being accepted then sigh relief.

To apply what we have gained so The 3 step prep 1. Remove the covering to your own bullshit 2. Let life back in and be mentored/intervened for specifically. 3. Make Great Contact and just be receiving unto starting the rolling soulgasms of embryonic breathing. (Sighs of relief felt and audible leading to natural pauses of the breath and thought. Suspended animation. Gone beyond, transcendence, time off, separated from everyone, everything, everywhere.

We come back to bodily awareness periodically in proper meditation and bringing what we have gained into our flesh and bones initiates bone marrowing. Bone marrowing is the ability to reach the bones with good vibes so as to activate the metabolism of the bones creating a healthier quality bone marrow. Bone steaming/nickle plating. Washing, squeezing, bending, wrapping the bones in qigong is said to be the key in qigong to health and longevity.

Smbh feet painting. Smbh spine painting

11. Pre application through relationships accepting:

Who’s in touch with your and what is their intention?

*If its only to absorb your energy and dump on you then you realize you must protect yourself from predation through mirror misting. Exposing all in the field to their own karma.

Then, ge ready to be engaged by whatever is pressing upon you in your relationships and your circumstances with with pre oceanic consciousness flash processing dynamic engagements.

Utillizing nature as the natural container for communication and dynamic interaction to improve on the quality of silence.

If what you say doesn’t improve on the quality of silcence; don’t say it.

Building internal speed wave response paradigm pre personalities, energies and forms.

Pre Printing the full cycle by accepting in your future engagements and to and from travels.

After embryonic breathing cycles meditation be specific to interrupt your desire to just pop up and get beck to it ...rather apply what you have gained for creating coherence. You must remember to pre-nter and establsh the necessary dynamism before you return to body, mind, environment and cirucmstances after embryonic breathing. There is a touching down after meditation and the fight to establish your union with natural support in the field prior to engaging personalities, forms and circumstannces. This is where the oceanic presesnce you realized in meditation becomes physical and naturally you generate great internal power and speed. Pre realize the winds of cirucmstance creating your 'waves' of response...then engage from internal dynamism and precise timing and action.

Zen and Taoism are considered partners in enlightenment. Bodhidharma, the creator of Zen is also the greatest synthesizer of Qigong theory and practice. Qigong is unique because around Bodhidharmas time all the inner practices of Yoga and Tibetan Budhhism were included in the development of Qigong.

The Heart Sutra is the main scripture of Zen chanted every day in Zen monasteries worldwide.

The Heart Sutra

Maha Prajna Paramita Hridya Sutra

Commentary by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva when practicing deeply the Prajna Paramita perceives that all five skandhas are empty and is saved from all suffering and distress.

Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form. That which is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

Shariputra, all dharmas are marked with emptiness; they do not appear or disappear, are not tainted or pure, do not increase or decrease. Therefore, in emptiness no form, no feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no object of mind; no realm of eyes and so forth until no realm of mind consciousness.

No ignorance and also no extinction of it, and so forth until no old age and death and also no extinction of them.

No suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path, no cognition, also no attainment with nothing to attain.

The Bodhisattva depends on Prajna Paramita and the mind is no hindrance; without any hindrance no fears exist. Far apart from every perverted view one dwells in Nirvana.

In the three worlds all Buddhas depend on Prajna Paramita and attain Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi.

Therefore know that Prajna Paramita is the great transcendent mantra, is the great bright mantra, is the utmost mantra, is the supreme mantra which is able to relieve all suffering and is true, not false.

So proclaim the Prajna Paramita mantra, proclaim the mantra which says:

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.

gate means gone, gone. Paragate means gone all the way to the other shore.

Another translation-

The Buddha of compassion once said to a student of 'The Way'. The body with brain and nerve does not really have substance; even though it appears as substance. The body is mostly empty space. Science tells us that all matter is 99.999 empty space. Contemplate this for a few moments at least. The matter that you see around you is actually not solid. This is science fact not science fiction. This body that we can touch and feel is exactly spacious. The same is true for our feelings, our consciousness, our thoughts and each sensation. Everything is spacious and not polarized against other things and are not static, solid things as we once perceived in ignorance.

In true spacious being the Nose, ears and eyes all comfortably abide in spacious timelessness. Indeed every perception is more spacious than polarized. People places and things only appear polarized against each other; perceiving more deeply we discover the inherent spaciousness supporting and cushioning all appearances. Every scent, sight, sound and touch is all much more spacious then 'solid' or 'polarized'.

In this spacious timelessness there cannot be a defined separate perception; something existing independent of something else. Non lo In this true quality of awareness we can see something constant in the midst of all changes. there is no disease nor death, no non death, no suffering, no non suffering, no path nor wisdom. Indeed all is in flux but there is a constant reality that never changes. Pure Aweress, just observiation, the current animating all living and dying.

Being only, contented. Allowing time to pass without notice nor concern. Worlds come into existence and disappear yet I am unmoved; just enjoying like a grandparent watching children play, learn and evolve. The only success in life is enjoying the passage of time and all events.

Simply put, enlightened people are beyond myopic duality. These people are in direct contact with the Big Picture of life thereby granting them many special priveledges. The truth existing behind the scenes of environment is wonderful to make contact with and embrace. This truth itself is beyond commentary as we are established in 'Spacious Timeless Awareness.'

Living here the enlightened onjes have no fear and experience profound insight into all matters.

This is the greatest truth in life because from it is birthed all.

This Matra 'Spacious Timelessness Awareness' is the greatest way to enlightenments power and ability transforming all suffering. Say it to yourself again and again; become it.

Buddha once said something to point us in this direction.

Gone, gone, gone over above it all, completely transcended throughout.


And So It Is


“To know the self is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand teachers.” Dogen Zenji

“Do not invite thoughts to tea”


Time flowing without any notice nor concern.

Sitting quietly the grass grows by itself. Eons pass and I hardly notice.

Jǐngdé Records of the Transmission of the Lamp, presented to the emperor in 1004, records that Bodhidharma wished to return to India and called together his disciples:

Bodhidharma asked, "Can each of you say something to demonstrate your understanding?"Dao Fu stepped forward and said, "It is not bound by words and phrases, nor is it separate from words and phrases. This is the function of the Tao."Bodhidharma: "You have attained my skin."The nun Zong Chi HYPERLINK "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodhidharma" \l "cite_note-46" [note 6] HYPERLINK "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodhidharma" \l "cite_note-48" [note 7] stepped up and said, "It is like a glorious glimpse of the realm of Akshobhya Buddha. Seen once, it need not be seen again."Bodhidharma; "You have attained my flesh."Dao Yu said, "The four elements are all empty. The five skandhas are without actual existence. Not a single dharma can be grasped."Bodhidharma: "You have attained my bones."Finally, Huike came forth, bowed deeply in silence and stood up straight.


Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my marrow."

One of the fundamental Chán texts attributed to Bodhidharma is a four-line stanza whose first two verses echo the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra's disdain for words and whose second two verses stress the importance of the insight into reality achieved through "self-realization":

A special transmission outside the scripturesNot founded upon words and letters;By pointing directly to [one's] mindIt lets one see into [one's own true] nature and [thus] attain Buddhahood. whose basic thrust is to emphasize "the inner HYPERLINK "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodhi" \o "Bodhi" enlightenment that does away with all duality and is raised above all distinctions".

One of the recurrent emphases in the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra is a lack of reliance on words to effectively express reality:

If, Mahamati, you say that because of the reality of words the objects are, this talk lacks in sense. Words are not known in all the Buddha-lands; words, Mahamati, are an artificial creation. In some Buddha-lands ideas are indicated by looking steadily, in others by gestures, in still others by a frown, by the movement of the eyes, by laughing, by yawning, or by the clearing of the throat, or by recollection, or by trembling.

The Lankavatara Sutra addressed these questions: If there is no self, how can an individual accumulate karma, and where is that karma stored?

"storehouse consciousness" (alaya vijnana), which contains the karmic seeds of all past experience. When engaged, these karmic seeds provoke deep memories, and stimulate the process by which sentient beings are reborn. If one can break through at the root of consciousness, at this storehouse level, to grasp the emptiness of all categories and things, then the cycles of rebirth and dependent origination can be broken. This idea of a breakthrough realization of the true nature of mind was appealing to Chan thinkers.

Note: These are the actual Qigong scriptures venerated on Wudang Mountain the home of the greatest living historical and current Qigong masters.

Jade Emperors Embryonic Breathing Classic

The embryo comes from hiding the breath and congeals in the center of the body, the breath comes from the center of the living embryo, breath enters the body and is the reason for life, when the spirit separates from shape, this is the reason for death. knowing how to breathe with the spirit, one may life forever, know how to protect quiet and emptiness and you will nurture the spirit’s energy. when the spirit moves, so does the breath, when the spirit rests, so does the breath. If you want to live for many years, the spirit and breath need to reside in each other. the heart does not stir the emotions. nothing comes and nothing goes, nothing exits and nothing enters, rest in nature as long as possible. persistence and progress are the true road of the Dao!

Methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath During the Sui and Tang Dynasties

During the Sui and Tang dynasties, Daoist concepts of Ingesting Vital Breath ( 服氣 Fuqi ) placed a strong emphasis on the Ingestion of Original Vital Breath ( 服元氣 Fu Yuanqi ), Internal Vital Breath ( 內氣 Neiqi ) and Internal Original Vital Breath ( 內元氣 Nei Yuanqi ). They stressed that, in order to live a long life, people should not dissipate their body's Original Vital Breath and should retain their Vital Essence. Original Vital Breath was considered to be the root of life; only by guarding this root carefully could Dao be attained. The method for preserving that root was Ingesting Original Vital Breath and Internal Vital Breath. According to Perfect Man Yin's Art of Ingesting Original Vital Breath ( 尹真人服元氣術 Yin Zhenren Fu Yuanqi Shu ), "the body's Original Vital Breath is released through the mouth and nose. If exhalation of Original Vital Breath is stopped, the Elixir Field ( 丹田 Dantian ) will be filled. If the Elixir Field is full, you will not feel hunger or thirst, and you will become a Divine Man ( 神人 Shenren ). This is why people begin their life as embryos, without eating, nor drinking, nor breathing, and have Original Vital Breath in abundance. To have an abundance of Original Vital Breath is the way of longevity". If, just like an embryo, you can prevent your Original Vital Breath from leaking outside the body, you have attained the means of attaining longevity. In short, the basic principle of Ingesting Original Vital Breath is to preserve one's Original Vital Breath and prevent its dissipation outside the body.

Concretely speaking, the methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath are the following:

The methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath

-The first requirements-

The first requirements for Ingesting Original Vital Breath are to purify one's heart, eliminate thoughts and action, and to remain in a state of simple tranquility.

Exhale naturally. After half the breath, gently continue exhaling with the nose closed. As Vital Breath rises upward, raise your head and swallow forcefully. Raise the head to the left and lower it to the right. Mentally direct the Vital Breath to the abdomen, until it flows into the Elixir Field, and then recommence the cycle by swallowing. The swallowed breath joins the Elixir Field, and from there penetrates the four limbs. This form of mental dirigation of Vital Breath is called "Dissemination of Vital Breath" ( 流布 Liubu ). Take caution not to allow the Vital Breath to leak out of the Obscure Orifice (perineum) ( 玄牝 Xuanpin ), but to make it circulate evenly through the body. You should not gasp or breathe irregularly. If the Vital Breath does not reach the Elixir Field, it is difficult to force it to do so, no matter how much you try. Thus it is difficult for beginners, and they must eat less and make a strenuous effort. With persistent effort, Vital Breath will circulate naturally and ability will accrue. This is called to drink from Spontaneity ( 自然 Ziran ) in order to resist this world, and to approach Divinity in order to enter subtlety. It begins as Three-Five ( 三五 Sanwu ) and ends as Seven-Nine ( 七九 Qijiu ). Lie down on your back, with your head on a low pillow. Contract both knees and shoulders, and stretch both arms. Lie down on your stomach, with a folded quilt under the chest, and stretch out the arms and legs. Inhale with the head raised, making the breath descend on the left, then inhale with the head lowered, making the breath descend on the right. When swallowing Vital Breath make a sound, but do not swallow saliva, and exhale. Beware of allowing wind to enter as you inhale breath. While swallowing Vital Breath, do not rest at will. Wait until the heart is completely tranquil before starting again. When beginning the exercise, you should have a clear mind, without any worries; this will allow the Vital Breath to circulate freely. If the heart is burdened with worry, Vital Breath will not flow. Beginners may feel fullness in their abdomen. If they eat less, they will feel Vital Breath flowing through their organs and into the Elixir Field, and then they will feel it flowing smoothly and freely throughout the body, leading to the spontaneous awakening of the spirit.

The second requirements

Ingesting Original Vital Breath into the Sea of Vital Breath ( 氣海 Qihai )

The Sea of Vital Breath forms when the spermatozoon and the ovum first combine. It lies three inches under the umbilicus. When the baby is born, only the umbilical cord is connected with the mother. Hollow as a pipe, it permits the flowing of the Vital Breath to form the embryo. He who wants longevity must cultivate this root; otherwise, pursuing outer cultivation, he can achieve nothing. The Sea of Vital Breath is connected with the kidneys and thus belongs to the water of Ren and Gui ( 壬癸水 Rengui Shui ). It is named "Sea" for water flows into the sea. Vital Breath has water, which is Yin, as its mother. Yin must combine with Yang for it can't exist alone. The Mind, belonging to the Fire of Bing and Ding ( 丙丁火 Bingding Huo ) in the South, is the lord of Yang. Concentrate the mind in the Sea of Vital Breath, and Yang will come down into Yin and Yin up into Yang. It evaporates into clouds which steam the bones and holes all over the body. He whose Vital Breath doesn't flow well will have diseases in his body. Those whose diseases are incurable by medicine must concentrate, without any other thoughts, on the Sea of Vital Breath. Put one hand under the umbilicus and wait for the Vital Breath. When the Vital Breath comes, it moves under the palm, giving a feeling of breathing, touching, aching, sounding, and pulling. One must wait quietly and concentrate on it with the eyes. Thus, Yang shines on Yin and yin rushes upward and transforms into a vital liquid. After a long time, the breath through the nostrils minimizes under the throat and one only feels one's breath moving in the Sea of Vital Breath. Every time one exercises Vital Breath, one must regulate it slowly to disperse it; otherwise it will become a tumor or a gall.

The third requirements

The Wise Man of Mt. Mao's formula for Ingesting Inner Vital Breath (

內氣 Fu Neiqi ).

Lie on your right side, draw both legs slightly, face the east with the head turned south, and hold both fists by the chin. Shut the breath in, swallow it seven times, and then exhale once. The sick first exhales once after inhaling one or two times, and then exhales once after inhaling seven times. Then regulate the breath evenly, inhale 40 times, and sit up to practice. Embrace both erect knees with both hands crossed, hold your breath and bloat your belly fourteen or twenty-one times, and puff when your breath is full. Regulate the breath to keep it from being coarse. Then hold your breath and bloat your belly again until the belly is regulated. When you sweat or feel hot, it means that your breath is full all over your body and all your joints have become comfortable. The old scriptures all prescribe visualization, which is too troublesome for the mind to practice. Ingesting Vital Breath originates from Embryonic Breathing and accords with the function of mysterious creation only if one doesn't have any other thoughts. The law goes as follows: treasure your Essence, hold your breath and swallow your vital water (saliva) : your Vital Breath will transform into blood, your blood into Essence, Essence into liquid, and your liquid into bones. Practice it often without sluggishness, and you will become extremely vigorous.

The fourth requirements

Gentleman Huanzhen's formula for Ingesting Inner original Vital Breath ( 元氣 Yuanqi ).

The essence of ingesting Vital Breath lies in swallowing breath. Ordinary people swallow their Outer and Inner breath in confusion, while true practitioners distinguish them without fault. Man is born with Original Vital Breath forming his body, and his body with full Original Vital Breath is healthy. Every time one swallows and exhales breath, the Inner Breath corresponds with the Outer Breath. It naturally comes up from the Sea of Vital Breath to the throat. When one exhales completely at the throat, one immediately closes one's mouth and swallows down with a sound. The breath goes down, along the left for man and along the right for woman, just like water through the backbone's 24 joints. The Outer Breath and Inner Breath are thus differentiated clearly while closely related. Send it with the mind and massage it with the hand to make it quickly enter the Sea of Vital Breath.

As for Ingesting Breath and cultivating the body, one enters a quiet room in leisure and undresses, lies facing upward, and stretches one's arms with one's hands open, combs one's hair and spreads it on the bedsheet, and then regulates the breath and ingests it. After ingesting, hold the breath to full capacity and extinguish any thought. Let go of the breath and exhale when one stifles, and regulate it when one pants. Practice again when the breath is even and stop after ten times. A beginner's breath cannot pass through for some time; he can practice holding his breath gradually for one to ten seconds. When it is through, he can gradually add 20 to 50 seconds. Sweating all over is the effect. Pacify the mind and harmonize the Vital Breath, lie and don't rise in wind. This is a good way for the aged to prolong their lives.

The way to let go of Vital Breath ( 委氣 Weiqi ): pacify the body and the breath as well as the mind, then one can practice whenever one walks, stands, sits or lies. Leaning against the door, stretching on the bed, sitting alone, one just makes one's mind thoughtless, quiet and empty as the sky. Then hold and regulate the Vital Breath ( 調息 Tiaoxi ) ten to twenty times, letting go of the Vital Breath without any deliberate struggle with the breath. After a long while, breath will come out from the pores in one's body instead of one's mouth.

While emphasizing Ingesting Vital Breath, Sui and Tang Daoism stressed Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息 Taixi ), which is closely related to Ingesting Breath. Vol. 58 of The Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel ( 雲笈七籤 Yunji Qiqian ) contains the texts On the Essential Subtlety of Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息精微論 Taixi Jingwei Lun ), Essential Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息根旨要訣 Taixi Genzhi Yaojue ),Sundry Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息雜訣 Taixi ZaJue ), and Oral Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息口訣 Taixi KouJue ). Vol. 60 contains the Formulas for Embryonic Breathing by Ingesting Vital Breath ( 服氣胎息訣 Fuqi Taixi Jue ) and the Book of Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息經 Taixi Jing ), which are especially about Embryonic Breathing. In addition, the arts of Vital Breath scattered in many books contain skills of Embryonic Breathing. This is an important feature of Daoist Ingesting Vital Breath.

Embryonic Breathing

What is Embryonic Breathing? The Yanling Sovereign's General Treatise on Cultivation and Nourishment ( 延陵君修養大略 Yanling Jun Xiuyang Dalue ) says, " Guarding the One and holding fast to one's own Inner Vital Breath, just as an infant in the mother's embryo, is thus called Embryonic Breathing ". The Oral Formulas on Embryonic Breathing says, "After long practice, the breath, instead of flowing through the mouth and nostrils, flows through the umbilicus just as in an infant. So it is called Embryonic Breathing." Sundry Formulas on Embryonic Breathing says, "Not confusing the Inner Breath with the Outer Breath is called Embryonic Breathing." The Essential Formula on Embryonic Breathing points out, "The ancients' books about Embryonic Breathing seldom reach the Gate of Mystery. Their statements all contain some mistakes or shortcomings. Some say no breath is the embryo; others say holding one's breath is Inner Breath. All, clinging to a single way far from the ultimate truth, confuse later learners." "Embryonic Breathing is the Vital Breath formed when Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth first combined. This Vital Breath concentrated into form. Then the light of this Essential Breath concentrated as two eyes, which are the essential breath of the father. As pure Yang breath, it is able to reflect all things. The Mysterious Female formed with the mother's Yin breath becoming the mouth and nostrils. Thus we can know that form is the basis for receiving Vital Breath and Vital Breath is the root of form, and two kinds of Vital Breath are the root of forms. Since there is the root of form, it can grow with the mother's breath into an embryo and body in ten months. Thus, practitioners imitate it. Recovering one's root is the essence of Embryonic Breathing." So, we know that Daoism has different explanations of Embryonic Breathing with the same metaphor of infant's breath in the embryo.

There are various concrete methods of Embryonic Breathing. On the Essential Subtlety of Embryonic Breathing says, "Embryonic Breathing and Ingesting Vital Breath should be conducted by swallowing seven times in the later half of the night. After each swallowing, regulate the breath seven times and swallow it again like water with a sound of "kan" indicating the flow of breath. Curdle the Vital Breath in the Sea of Vital Breath and make the belly full as a pregnant woman's. Achieve Embryonic Breathing through having an embryo (the Sea of Vital Breath is filled with breath and then it is the way of Embryonic Breathing). The Vital Breath completed, the pure breath condenses as an embryo and impure breath disperses out (through the limbs and hair). The embryo completed, all diseases are naturally cured and one can communicate with Immortals and spirits. Only when the joints are smooth and the sea of the stomach open, can one inhale the Original Vital Breath through Ingesting Breath. After Ingesting the Breath, one must close the joints and exhale slowly through the nostrils. Ingest this way, and the Inner Breath and Outer Breath will not be separate, and embryonic breath will not escape. Count silently from 10 to 100, 200 or 300. After this little achievement, one's senses will become very acute and all diseases will be cured. It is very unreasonable to learn Embryonic Breathing through restraining one's breath. Holding one's breath harms the organs. The secret of great effect and little effort in Ingesting Vital Breath lies only in pacifying the mind. With worries and thoughts extinguished, the Vital Breath channels become fluent, the joints open, and harmonious breath gathers inside all the day. After swallowing seven times at midnight, keep the Inner Breath from flowing out, inhale and exhale slowly through the nostrils, and do not confuse the Inner Breath with the Outer Breath. Ingest seven times at 4 o'clock and again in the early morning. Stop after ingesting 21 times in total. He who restrains from grains is not limited to this number. Swallow the Inner Vital Breath whenever the stomach is empty, and you will not feel hungry. He who finds it a little difficult at first will get used to it after long practice. The Inner Breath and the Outer Breath will not be confused and gradually the joints and pores will open. The Vital Breath comes and goes by itself, and one needn't exhale and inhale slowly through the nostrils. This is all the subtlety of Embryonic Breathing."

Sundry Formulas for Embryonic Breathing introduces two methods

Inhale and exhale slowly and the Original Vital Breath will not leak out. After closing the Inner Breath, exhale and inhale through the nostrils slightly. Make the Inner Breath return at the throat. The Inner Breath, after filling up, will rush upward. Let go of it slowly without any restraint. After the breath is regulated, close it again and breathe through the nostrils slowly, and keep it from the throat. After some great efforts, breathing will suddenly become easy and the body comfortable all over. Then even thousands of breaths will not make one tired.

The essence of Embryonic Breathing is to extinguish thoughts.

The mind is like ashes, the body like wood, one will conform to nature with all his Vital Breath channels and joints open.

If worries and thoughts succeed themselves, one's efforts to pursue Dao will be in vain. Only those who renounce the world can conduct this subtle method; otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

After inhaling fully, visualize flowing water with successive waves. The opening of joints and pores depends on this visualization. Inhale slightly through the nostrils and let the breath out through all the limbs, channels and pores. When the later breath comes, hold it from exhaling. Do this slowly; hold the breath from exhaling while keeping from swallowing it. It will disperse slightly and slowly, and the Inner Breath will not disperse.

The Oral Formulas of Embryonic Breathing says, "He who wants to learn Embryonic Breathing should first sit alone in a quiet room. Sit upright with the left foot crossing the right. Loosen your clothes and belt and then massage your limbs slowly. Hold your hands on your legs, then inhale and exhale three or five times to regulate the breath evenly. Clarify the mind leisurely and then swing the body slowly to spread the organs. Then, beat the Heavenly Drum ( 鳴天鼓 Ming Taingu ) 36 times and visualize the Bright Hall ( 明堂 Mingtang ) one inch deep between the two eyebrows, the Pervasive Chamber ( 洞房 Dongfang ) two inches deep, and the Upper Elixir Field ( 丹田 Dantian ) (also named the Mud Ball Palace ( 泥丸宮 Niwan Gong )) three inches deep. Then visualize in turn the Middle Elixir Field, the Lower Elixir Field, and the Five Organs starting with the heart. Visualize each of the Five organs giving out the Vital Breath of its direction to combine with the white Vital Breath of the three Elixir Fields into one breath. The unified breath comes out from the back of the head, shining with nine colored rays of about 10 meters' length. While visualizing the body in this Vital Breath, shut the mouth and nostrils and visualize Embryonic Breathing only in the umbilicus. Feeling out of breath, exhale slowly and slightly through the nostrils. When the breath recovers its evenness, visualize it as before. Sweating indicates one has finished and there is no limit to the times of practice. Feeling hot, visualize Vital Breath all over the body like steam in a rice pot. This is called Full Breath. Ingest again and visualize all the organs and bowels in the body. Practice slowly without hearing the sound of your breath. After 30 years' practice, one can breathe in the umbilicus and thus easily bear a rope tight around one's neck. Also, one can sit under water for 15 days.

The Book of Embryonic Breathing says,

The embryo forms through taming the breath; breath is tamed through forming the embryo. Vital Breath coming into the body is life; and the spirit's leaving the body is death. Grasping the spirit and Vital Breath, one can achieve longevity; holding to emptiness, one can nourish the spirit and Vital Breath. The Spirit moving, the Vital Breath moves; the Spirit staying still, the Vital Breath stays still. If one desires longevity, one must concentrate the Spirit and Vital Breath on each other. The mind not arousing any thought, it will stay naturally without coming or going. Practicing this diligently is the true way." This method is different from all those cited above in its emphasis on holding to emptiness and the non-moving of the mind. So, there are different ideas about Embryonic Breathing and consequently different methods of practice. Also, Embryonic Breathing is the same as Ingesting Original Vital Breath in its fundamental method, and so it was natural for Sui and Tang Daoism to stress Embryonic Breathing while emphasizing Ingesting Original Vital Breath.

The Daoist Art of Vital Breath is one of the finest flowers of Chinese Life-Nourishing culture. With a deposit of fine heritage from Chinese traditional culture and in spite of some unscientific contents, its main part may as well be the crystal of primeval life science. This great contribution of Daoism to Chinese ancient science still has great value to contemporary human life science and medicine. It deserves our deep study and development. Sui and Tang Daoism, emphasizing Ingesting Original Vital Breath and summarizing a system of methods, became an important period in the history of Daoist cultivating arts. Absorbing Daoist achievements in Breathing Arts of the Han, Wei and Northern and Southern Dynasties and developing to a higher stage, it prepared a basis for the rise of the Inner Alchemy of the end of the Tang, Five Dynasties and Song dynasties. This was an important transitional period in which External Alchemy became Inner Alchemy. Sui and Tang Daoist ways of Ingesting Original Vital Breath are an invaluable treasure in the treasury of the Chinese culture of Nourishing Life.

*Remember the popular teachings that augment your ego telling you that you do not need to be accountable cannot bring you to self mastery. Most teachings in the world are dissociative and try to deal with real problems by pretending they are not there- it won't work..Such teachings pretend mastery deny the reality of real and accountable training. The world of personalities and forms is the other side of the mirror, the matrix of duality if you will. To become super coherent you will have to train and change. But, with the graceful gift of the energy of the master it is the most wonderful experience of life. 10's, 5's Cutomized. In 10 seconds you can 'Tap in'

In 5 minutes you can practice the 3 steps to embryonic breathing.

Remove the covering. Bubble bursted suckiness sucking

The Super slow down, extending the attention span and receiving intervening help.

Going beyond with natural no breath and no thought then pre applying what you have gained to the people in your life.










Smiles...See you next week. Warmth, William Martino

Eight Silk Weaving, the name of the form generally refers to how the eight individual movements of the form characterize and impart a silken quality (like that of a piece of brocade) to the body and its energy. The Baduanjin is primarily designated as a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health

This exercise is mentioned in several encyclopedias originating from the Song Dynasty. The Pivot of the Way (Dao Shi, c. 1150) describes an archaic form of this qigong.[3] The Ten Compilations on Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen shi-shu, c. 1300) features illustrations of all eight movements. The same work assigns the creation of this exercise to two of the Eight Immortals, namely Zhongli Quan and Lü Dongbin.[3]


Two Hands Hold up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian)

This move is said to stimulate the "Triple Burner" aka "Triple Warmer" or "Triple Heater" meridian (Sanjiao). It consists of an upward movement of the hands, which are loosely joined and travel up the center of the body.

Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Eagle / Hawk / Vulture

While in a lower horse stance, the practitioner imitates the action of drawing a bow to either side. It is said to exercise the waist area, focusing on the kidneys and spleen.

Separate Heaven and Earth

This resembles a version of the first piece with the hands pressing in opposite directions, one up and one down. A smooth motion in which the hands switch positions is the main action, and it is said to especially stimulate the stomach.

Wise Owl Gazes Backwards or Look Back

This is a stretch of the neck to the left and the right in an alternating fashion.

Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

This is said to regulate the function of the heart and lungs. Its primary aim is to remove excess heat (or fire) (xin huo) from the heart. Xin huo is also associated with heart fire in traditional Chinese medicine. In performing this piece, the practitioner squats in a low horse stance, places the hands on thighs with the elbows facing out and twists to glance backwards on each side.

Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist

This involves a stretch upwards followed by a forward bend and a holding of the toes.

Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely (or Angrily)

This resembles the second piece, and is largely a punching movement either to the sides or forward while in horse stance. This, which is the most external of the pieces, is aimed at increasing general vitality and muscular strength.

Bouncing on the Toes

This is a push upward from the toes with a small rocking motion on landing. The gentle shaking vibrations of this piece is said to "smooth out" the qi after practice of the preceding seven pieces or, in some systems, this is more specifically to follow Sway the Head and Shake the Tail.

Qigong Power Methods

Creating the internal elixer



Everyone knows this for learning a job, getting a degree etc. How about for the healing and fulfillment of your personal life; namely your relationship with yourself and then with those in your life.

Can you allow the other person to be in process and work with them; including yourself;

Remember completion delusion. That gives rise to objectified perception.

Do the 3 steps: What are they?

Why are the time structure 10’s and 5’s important.

Create your personal list of 10’s and 5’s.

For the 5’s you can explore various traditional teachings of your choosing: Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, Yoga, Taoism, Qigong etc. Keep it interesting. Life is joyous when your connected and connectivity is power.

3 10 seconds per day

1 Take 5 per day.

Here’s how it works:

Only if you are trusted with the field and put that into physical work to enhance personal coherence can you really work with energy. It the physical world its all energy. But we need to go beyond by way of Darshan to get some insight.

Feasting on the invisable food: Jesus said these things: I have food to eat you know not of, believe on me and from your belly will flow rivers of living water, if you drink this water I have to give you it will well up into eternal life.

Each of us are stuck in objectified awareness that you are so afraid of others you cannot let them in and can only analyze who they are and what they are doing that is when you cannot, more fully receive the field of life. If your mind only comments on others then you don’t even have a self to ‘know.’

TRY AGAIN. Right now might be a type of miracle moment for you by establishing the principles and practices that work for you and include the intercessory guidance of real mentors and science.

What is measured is managed. All process, school, work etc depends on measurable results. What about for yourself. Let’s get started.

Once the cortex is satiated by ‘Great Contact’ you can receive from life and enjoy the constant flow of support coming from the field for repair, maintenance and upgrade.

This GROUNDING causes our energy fields to mix with the earth: Recite these slowly:

PALMING, SCRATCHING, SMELLING, MUDDING- In Qigong the brain is called the mud palance and the spirit valley is where the two halves of the brain pour their energy into the brain stem. Brain stem convergence causes ‘The Mud Pill’ It is the same in Yoga called…Amrita. You may know the result: A sweet taste in the mouth from a wonderful, kiss, drink or food.

6 layers

The real inner Yi Gin Ching has its major componets physically: as slapping, wiping, kneading

The salivary, throid, thymus glands and heart glands produce nectar

For the glands near the throat growling, saying mmm, Yoga Ujiyee

For the pituitary gland snoring, sucking the roof of the mouth balance help balance this one.

In advanced practice of Tibetan Tummo (the heat generating science) Qigong and Yoga is was found by advanced meditators these sounds have been naturally discovered as helpful ways to gain the necessary power needed for ‘the new neurology and tendrality.’

Mmm belly

Shhh head

Wew kidneys

Ahhh Heart

Ohh third eye



Reverse growling


Chia Qigong method

Sacral pump cranial pump

9 fists up and back…roll eyes

Ba dua Jin

Discharge into earth

Jump for joy



Lip smacking sucking



The mind gets better at imagining pushing a heavy object. The lower belly expands on the exhale. Think about pushing a heavy shopping cart. We root down first, getting a firm stance and exhale while the entire lower midsection expands.

Snort like a bull, snoring, growling, reverse growling.

Feel the vibes of animals, birds, mamals, insects

Sensorizing Nature: The form of natural reunion

‘Running energy’ the 3 paths of inner energy circulation

Defragging the data banks (the nerve plexus)

Finger squeezing

Soles touching

Tongue relaxing

Lip smacking


Earth Magma connectivity +\

Sky connectivity

Cosmos connectivity

Nature connectivity







8 Pieces of silk

The 8 pieces of silk

  1. Two Hands Hold up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian)

This move is said to stimulate the "Triple Burner" aka "Triple Warmer" or "Triple Heater" meridian (Sanjiao). It consists of an upward movement of the hands, which are loosely joined and travel up the center of the body.

  1. Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Eagle / Hawk / Vulture

While in a lower horse stance, the practitioner imitates the action of drawing a bow to either side. It is said to exercise the waist area, focusing on the kidneys and spleen.

  1. Separate Heaven and Earth

This resembles a version of the first piece with the hands pressing in opposite directions, one up and one down. A smooth motion in which the hands switch positions is the main action, and it is said to especially stimulate the stomach.

  1. Wise Owl Gazes Backwards or Look Back

This is a stretch of the neck to the left and the right in an alternating fashion.

  1. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

This is said to regulate the function of the heart and lungs. Its primary aim is to remove excess heat (or fire) (xin huo) from the heart. Xin huo is also associated with heart fire in traditional Chinese medicine. In performing this piece, the practitioner squats in a low horse stance, places the hands on thighs with the elbows facing out and twists to glance backwards on each side.

  1. Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist

This involves a stretch upwards followed by a forward bend and a holding of the toes.

  1. Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely (or Angrily)

This resembles the second piece, and is largely a punching movement either to the sides or forward while in horse stance. This, which is the most external of the pieces, is aimed at increasing general vitality and muscular strength.

  1. Bouncing on the Toes

This is a push upward from the toes with a small rocking motion on landing. The gentle shaking vibrations of this piece is said to "smooth out" the qi after practice of the preceding seven pieces or, in some systems, this is more specifically to follow Sway the Head and Shake the Tail.

The Wind, Water and Fire resevoirs

These reservoir meridians are only practices by advanced practitioners. The main resevoirs of Qi are the conception and governing vessels along the fire path. One these are adequetly filled from your external qigong practices culminating in fire path circulating/filling. Now you can go more inward with the wind then water path

To fill these up there is tangible sensu ality with the nourishing elements of nature and some exposure to difficult elements as well. If you are basically healthy just 5 minutes walking to your car you do not need a coat for example. By not reasonable enjoying some challenge with natures elements we need to much air conditioning and heat which damages health.

The Fire Path

Cellestial Communicatino and The Cosmic Download animating rooting and blooming.

We are on a planet that is spinning around at 1,000 miles per hour and zipping around the sun 90 miles a second orbiting the sun.

The sun is moving through space within our galaxy at 514,495 mph

Sun, you and me, all the stars we can see Moving at a million miles per day through space

The milky way galaxy as a whole is spinning around at 540,000 mph

We are 30,000 light years from galactic central point and we go around it every 100,000,000 years.

Connectivity is power. Begin opening up to the vast expanse of nature’s nourishing and information. Include all people in your spacious connectivity.

Rooting and Blooming is accentuating by first being trusted with the temporary transfer of power as an investment from the people in your life which are in the field of psychic magnetism in the air in this environment.

Once you, in humility have accepted the healing field now its time to clean your karma and fill up/condense power into your bodymind for repairs and upgrades.


Find the person Earth and merge, the body sticks and sucks from the earth as in deep sleep this further augments your healing field which you condense into a tangible ball, this ball travels down: soil life, moving floating tectonic plats, magnetized magma which is half the size of the earth, magnetized metal ball at the center. Spinning and rolling this ball back up merging with earths nourishing elements, the outside comes in as well fueling the ball, tree’s inward movement of sap, animal vigor’s, birds, whales, etc.…People and most importantly on this earth sages, we have the humility to accept the offerings from all these expressions of life and continue up the front of the legs (fire path after external practices) across perineum stimulating sexuality, up and over each vertebra, back of the neck, over the head and up into the air above the head, the clouds, blue sky, sky winds and boundary layer into space, our solar system, the sun pulling the planets through space experiencing our spaceship ride we are on.

back up into the cosmos

Finger tracing this route now and then helps with tangibility

Getting ready for meditation do the water path and return to enjoying the sensation of the airflow in your nostrils and the light you can see through the other side of your eyelids. Begin the inner journey to your deepest more inner parts where your biological biography exists and the field of psychic magnetism is knocking on the doors of your cellular psyche to nourish, repair and upgrade who you are and how you live. Go into a conscious coma this deep inwardly renewing requires profound relaxation but do not yet ‘transcend’ but stay with Sage, Nature and your current relationships a while surrendering only. Use the key points of Great Contact very specifically to help you…The List: The Person, The Place, The Object, The Scent, The Sound, The Sight, The Memory, The Song, The Movie Clip, Flirt with all these until you GET THE FEELING then do the water path. The List requires accepting the art of boring. Endless returning to this and finding better references. Churning to Enchantment. First you just bang out the beat of methodically going through the list. Then, you slow it down and add emotional content (Enchantment) finally you are immersed in the Good Vibes and applying them to your own personal issues. Once you have transferrend from thinking to feeling then do The Water Path of Qi-

The Water Path is simply going Down the front of your torso from the roof of your mouth/mouth/ in saliva and up your spine. Only go up and down your spinal chord for at least a few repetitions as well now and then. The healing field is now produced from the left and right polarities on the sides of your spinal chord. Your inner Tesla coil.

Next Forget: Everyone, Everywhere, Everything and experience rolling soulgasms producing alternating breathing: Natural Pauses and Sighs of Relief. According to both science and sages this is the ultimate wellness producing experience. Since the hormones have changed from your experiences that have gone before this moment now a welling up good feeling naturally occurs producing a soulgasm of inner happiness creating bated breath. Next sighing relief you apply what you have gained by giving it away to deep seated inner repair needs and for others. Continue with natural pauses and sighs of relief for some time. Do not force it. This must be the natural occurrence of tapping into the wellspring of life, surrendering to it and letting the help in and through.


Natures nourishing:

Become outstanding in your field.


Now and then in your daily life find a spot and become, once again, outstanding in your field.

Utilize each sense to touch, taste, scent, and see the nourishing outlying points of contact in the nature around you. Making specific contact and just merging with that allows us to become more spacious and all inclusive overall.

This is where you become more free and spacious in your presence. Right here where you are be more spacious and connect with whoever and whatever is in the air of your life.

Animal Vigor: For each human being it is given from life to benefit from the unique invigoration coming from connecting with the powers of: Insects, Animals, Birds, Mammals. To watch an eagle soaring, pet an animal, contemplate the increaible 40 mile smell ability of a bear, Bat sonar (ecolocation) etc. Are all ingrediats to developing real and measurable personal enhancement of perception and insight into the field of life.

An entirely new level of stimulation is gained through connectivity. Connectivity is power. Peek into environment and join with the natural resources. Let nature breathe through you. NBBB Nature Body Bellows Breathing

Rooting and Blooming together produce bone marrowing. Reach the bones to soak the bones. You become ‘thick’ with power yet such power should be invisable underneath the earth. Begin having a new relationship with your bones. Particually your bone marrow. There is the sap of life in there…enrich it by ‘soaking up the great atmosphere.” Which atmosphere is that? The one right here you are in- The people, places and things of environment are all offering nourishment if you learn to live transparently with discernment.

Up and Out be invisable, undectable. Get what you come for and get out safely.

Soaking up the atmosphere’ is experienced because of rooting and blooming has granted us connection with the supportive elements of nature. Therefore, the body begins to fill up with a tangible energy. Congealing around the belly button.

Thicker/Quicker energy. More natural psychic entrainment priveledges.

If you cannot face the people in the environment you cannot bloom and connect with nature thereby enjoying Its support.

That super luscious energy that makes you more attractive comes from rooting and blooming symbiosis.

Squeezing the bones

Spiraling around the bones

Bending the bones pizio

Lead work pizio

Nickle plating

The labor of ‘getting through it’ actual practice

“Knowing is just horrible. It is the delusion of the human being.”


Seated standing movments super slow

8 extraordinary vessels


Be trusted with The Healing Field

A combination of Graceful support streaming in from certain people and nature along with a suffering catharsis for exposure of personal issues

#1 key is exposing personal issues because once you remove the covering Life streams in to change you. This is a lot different than absolutely never following directions and ever seeking attention for oneself.

The gaining idea is another way of looking at the main problem we are facing. We endlessly do things to get things.

Re surrendered, Submitted too, obedient, grounded and conduiting life is the receptivity quality of enlightened people

You cannot be submitted to masterful people and accept guidance. That is your primary problem which brings you unnecessary sufferings. Become totally concentrated, totally absorbed and imperturbably in your conduiting of masters and nature. Allow yourself to change in the ways suggested.

How it works models and science

Pure Power

Coherence is more important than amplitude

#1 Principle for training is Endlessly repeat the same wise contemplations and practices. ‘How it Works’ My Fav’s, Scribbles

A good moment happens. Boundlessless, inner chemistry transformation, the power to change, grounded in the process, out of power, Take it from the top

*Models of how healing happens:

*The everlasting honeymoon effect

Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth

This the name of a book I wrote and also a wonderful model for the internal alchemy of feeling better and becoming super-empowered.

Reflect on this idea:

You meet the love of your life and there is a spark. Getting to know each other finally there is much quiet time and communicative bonding about everything together. Finally, there is tender long cuddling, foreplay, long exhaustive sex, mutual orgasm and then you both sleep deeper than you have in years. Waking up, it’s a new world and everyone apparently is in a better mood; there is magic in the air.

  • Witnessing an amazingly nourishing scene in nature. Time seems to suspend and we come back to ourselves refreshed.

  • Embraced in a great hug causes us profound stress relief. We feel protected away from the world. Then the breath and thought pauses followed by sighs of relief.

  • A debt forgiven, unexpected money

  • Realizing a bad habit was transmuted

  • The epiphany moment of a job well done.

We cut off from being receptive at every turn. Change this habit, reverse this wrong direction of externalizing power without connectivity.

Hammer and Anvil structure. Just get it done once per day. We are subjecting ourselves to the blows of change like the readied piece of hot metal to the hammer. There are hardwired misconfigurations in our psyche/neurology and only such discipline can begin reshaping them into coherence.

The science of How it Works

Heart, Cells, Shuman Resonance,

Amrita Battery Mouth

The Catalyst

The List, The Catalyst, The Dip

Innervation, Outervation (Soaking in the atmosphere, reaching the bones to soak the bones, Printing: Pre: eeppe

Deep, sweet, heavy sleep

Honoring that person




Getting angry? Being agitated? Stress? Oh yes.


The key inner power techniques of Qigong, Aikido, Tibetan Tummo, Yoga

Tibetan Tummo

Tummo, which literally means 'inner fire', is an ancient meditation technique practiced by monks in Tibetan Buddhism. Tummo exists of a combination of breathing and visualization techniques, used to enter a deep state of meditation that is used to increase a person's 'inner heat'.


Push Breathing

Models and Science

‘Profound Relief’ ‘Practice support and guidance’


‘Getting in touch with earth’

*O sensie’s ground enlightenment, Buddha touching earth

The pizio effect imagination sqeeze spiral lead

The upward and expanding action of energy conduition/merging

Lip smacking…

Long sensual nourishing: The scent, The sound, The image, The place in nature, The taste, The texture.

Atmic relational compliance/conduition/surgery

*Ramayana chapter 3

Mudding, Digging, Sensorizing for stimulation,

The Energy Medicine Synthesis

Meditation Technique Sampler

How it works art and science

10’s Why Why Why

The Take 5 series Why Why Why

The Long Custom Designed Flow Why Why Why

Furitama- reading of

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) was certainly one of history's greatest martial artist. Even as an old man of eighty, he could disarm any foe, down any number of attackers, and pin an opponent with a single finger. Although invincible as a warrior, he was above all a man of peace who detested fighting, war, and any kind of violence. His way was Aikido, which can be translated as "The Art of Peace." Morihei Ueshiba is referred to by the practitioners of Aikido as O Sensei, "The Great Teacher".

The Art of Peace is an ideal, but it developed in real life on many fronts. Morihei in his youth served as an infantryman in the Russo-Japanese War, later battled pirates and bandits during an adventure in Mongolia, and then, after mastering a number of martial arts, served as an instructor at japan's elite military acadamies. Throughout his life, however, Morihei was sorely troubled by the contention and strife that plagued his world: his father's battles with corrupt politicans and their hired goons, the devastation of war, and the brutality of his country's military leaders.

Morihei was on a spiritual quest and was transformed by three visions. The first occurred in 1925, when Morihei was forty-two years old. After defeating a high-ranking swordsman by avoiding all his cuts and thrusts (Morihei was unarmed), Morihei went into his garden. "Suddenly the earth trembled. Golden vapor welled up from the ground and engulfed me. I felt transformed into a golden image, and my body seemed as light as a feather. All at once I understood the nature of creation: the Way of a Warrior is to manifest Divine Love, a spirit that embraces and nurtures all things. Tears of gratitude and joy streamed down my cheeks. I saw the entire earth as my home, and the sun, moon, and stars as my intimate friends. All attachment to material things vanished."

The second vision took place in December of 1940. "Around two o'clock in the morning as I was performing ritual purification, I suddenly forgot every martial art technique I ever learned. All of the techniques handed down from my teachers appeared completely anew.



What is our best skill in life to develop that has the best chance to improve our quality of life?


Here’s some proof-

  • Harvard Gazette: "Eight Weeks to a Better Brain" For the first time, MRI images captured measurable changes in human brain structures after only 8 weeks practicing meditation (Self balancing, centering, focusing, relaxing…etc.

Dr. Eric Kandel who is often considered the greatest brain scientist in the world said this in a documentary about meditation and neuroplasticity-

“…It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science.”

Can you imagine that one of the worlds greatest brain scientists referred to the neuroplastic changes that happen through meditation as being ‘without doubt the last frontier of medical science.’ That is quite the statement from whom many consider the smartest person in the world to do with brain science.

This should make us stop and rethink what meditation really is. Obviously, we don’t have a clue. Let’s start over and try again to realize what this could mean for us-

He also said the forthcoming quotes in the same documentary-

To understand how you work. To understand how the inner parts of your psyche operate is fantastic.”

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its behavior as a result of experience.”

Here, in this program we are experiencing wonderful moments that are independent of circumstances. This automatically motivates our ability to change our lives. The need to self reinvent is natural to all life; be embraced by it.

The genes are the servants of experience.”

Now, I want you to keep learning about the possibility you have today. I realize this can be boring and repetitious. That is the whole point.


Refine it. Make it your own. Return to it for refreshment for a lifetime. Did I say endless, boring repetition of the same contemplations and new strategy for skill is the only evolution?

Keep going-

Epigenetics is the influence we can have to our genes. Now that’s real change on the deepest levels. Can it be done? Science says yes.

Dan Rather Reports episode title: Mind Science episode 313 with Dr. Eric Kandel winner of the Nobel prize in brain science.

Here is an interesting aricle for you to read. This may spark your interest as to the available powers you have to create real change towards personal coherence.

Personal Coherence is the luck factor in life.


Probing the Enigma of Multiple Personality

By Daniel Goleman


WHEN Timmy drinks orange juice he has no problem. But Timmy is just one of close to a dozen personalities who alternate control over a patient with multiple personality disorder. And if those other personalities drink orange juice, the result is a case of hives.

The hives will occur even if Timmy drinks orange juice and another personality appears while the juice is still being digested. What's more, if Timmy comes back while the allergic reaction is present, the itching of the hives will cease immediately, and the water-filled blisters will begin to subside.

Another article for your review-

PubMed A leading medical journal

Optical differences in cases of multiple personality disorder

The results of these analyses showed that MPD subjects had significantly more variability across alter personalities than did their control counterparts on measures of visual acuity with correction, visual acuity without correction, visual fields, manifest refraction, and eye muscle balance…

Overprinting entraining

Dr. Francine Howland, a Yale psychiatrist

who specializes in treating multiples, relates an even more striking incident involving a patient and a wasp sting. At one appointment, the man showed up with his eye completely swollen and shut from a wasp sting. Howland called an ophthalmologist, wanting to get the patient treatment for the sting. Unfortunately, the ophthalmologist could not see the man for an hour, and because the man was in severe pain, Howland decided to try an alternate personality. As it turned out, another personality was anesthetic, feeling absolutely no pain. The pain ended, but something else happened...by the time the man got to his eye appointment, the swelling was gone and his eye had returned to normal. Seeing no need to treat him, the ophthalmologist sent him home. After a while, however, the man's original personality took control back, and the pain and swelling returned with a vengeance. The next day, he went back to the ophthalmologist and was treated. The eye doctor phoned Howland because "he thought time was playing tricks on him." He wanted to make sure that it was the day before when Dr. Howland had phoned him about treatment for the man. Howland laughed, told him that the man had multiple personality disorder and explained what had happened. "Allergies are not the only things multiples can switch on and off. With a change of personalities in multiples, scars appear and disappear, burn marks do the same, as well as cysts! The multiple can change from being right-handed to being left-handed with ease and agility. Visual acuity can differ, so that some multiples have to carry two or three different pairs of glasses. One personality can be color blind and the other not. Even EYE COLOR can change!

Speech pathologist, "Christy Ludlow

has found that the voice pattern for each of a multiple's personalities is different, a feat that required such a deep physiological change that even the most accomplished actor can not alter his voice enough to disguise his voice pattern." One multiple, admitted to the hospital for diabetes complications, baffled her doctors by showing no symptoms when, without warning, one of her nondiabetic personalities took control,. The patient instantly showed no signs of being diabetic. There are also accounts of epilepsy coming and going with personality changes. Robert A. Phillips, Jr., a psychologist, reports that he has even seen tumors appear and disappear, although he doesn't specify what type of tumors. Multiples tend to heal faster. For example, there are several cases on record of third-degree burns healing with extraordinary rapidity. Most eerie of all, at least one researcher, Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, the therapist whose pioneering treatment of Sybil Dorsett (of the book and movie "Sybil") is convinced that multiples do not age as fast as other people. How could such things be? We are deeply attached to the inevitability and "reality" of things. If we have bad vision, we have it for life; and, if we suffer from diabetes, we do not for a moment think our condition might vanish with a change in mood or thought. But the phenomenon of multiple personalities challenges this belief and offers further evidence of just how much our psychological states can affect the biology of the body. This suggests that somewhere in our psyches, we all have the ability to control these things. Some scientists believe that this is possible because our universe is holographic in nature.

This is the most stupid way to go through life that we are all being pushed on too. Then, I decided to just stop. Why don’t I just cash it all in and start a a whole new life? Be another person. Re invent myself.

I remembered that old guy that said ‘Do what you want to’”

Do you really know who you want to be and what you want to do in life? Think about it – again…again-again. Start fresh today. “Once we see the light we know that there will be no satisfaction until we experience a kind of divinity. Something that is as close to divinity as (a person) can experience. Frankly, at this point I’m just trying to get to the end of my life without becoming an asshole again.”

The immortal jellyfish

To date, there’s only one species that has been called ‘biologically immortal’: the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii. These small, transparent animals hang out in oceans around the world and can turn back time by reverting to an earlier stage of their life cycle.

As nourishment wells up on many levels: (Senses, Psyche and Centers), we experience suspended animation in bated breath then, coming back to ourselves we sigh relief and naturally externalize awareness engaging the dynamism of environment.

Raise to uproot. The two person saw. The back and forth of conflict. Straight entrainment.

Suffering pain, personal exposure, feeling unccordinated, dangers and abuses,

These are the 3 steps to Flow. Do them once per day within five minutes flat.

  1. Natural Deep Breathing

Removing the covering to your stuff naturally causes deep breathing. Choose a certain number of breaths (10) OR amount of time (2 minutes) BBSS Bubble bursting suckiness sucking.

-Expose your dis-eases and breathe into it.

Significantly expose your own psychological and physical issues. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  1. Natural Long Breathing

Choose a certain number of breaths (5 really long ones naturally because your relaxing so much.

Drop your head into your hands and just feel the breath flowing in and out of your nose. Also, notice the light you can see through your closed eyelids. Just rest for a few minutes.

Magnetic bones in the nose- air is the link to Spirit.

Receive calming nourishment just for you so much that all your systems slow way down. Choose something: Sense-ual (touch base with nourishing each sense, Psyche (a thought and supportive emotional feeling, Centers (feel nourishment into your centers).

Grind down to a complete stop train rollar coaster

  1. Naturally Alternating Breathing

Breathtaking beauty and Sighs of relief

Profound relief again and again while the bodymind goes into heavier relaxation. By accepting profound nourishing in step two bring yourself all the way to the effortless experience of bated breath followed by sighs of relief. Release the muscular body becoming heavier yet energizing the body as in deep sleep.

Then, awakening connect with environment and establish your person presence.

The speed of need. Admit the physical environment, relationships and circumstances that are on you and let ‘internal speed for wave response’ be created. Apply what you have gained to enhance your own: Personal gravity, levity, magnetism, and dynamism (spin) motivate precise action automatically. Finally, launch out to get engaged with the people, places and things in your life. Do your part. Remember: Selfless service is the only work for others and circumstances which will truly evolve you.