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Crestone, Co. Medical Qigong Certification Program

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Full Certification is given with the entire program. Individual certifications for specific therapies such if you cannot attend the full course. Email with any questions.

SUMMER Session-introduction

Aug 19th-Sept 2nd

Qigong Teacher Certification Level one- Facilitator teaching certification

$600 includes on site lodging. Meals included. Test $125. Stay on site or at available area rentals (Not included)

Temple Scripture and 5 immortals Temple on Wudang Mountain teachings.

The 3 Powers Powers creates The 3 Treasures materials. The 3 treasures are not the source of Qigong or Chinese medicine. The 3 powers are-

Wu Ji, Tai Chi, Xin (Heart mind) and Yi (Intention/intellectual mind) Yin and Yang, Kan and Li (the bodies water and fire essences)

Learn how to influence your bodes Kan and Li (the bodyminds water and fire essence), Yi(Intention) and Chi(energy),

Innervation precedes action

Introducing the real masters: Video's, Audio's, Texts and Williams translation of Tao Te Ching and orginal Qigong scriptures.

Tracing the meridians

Zuang Gung

Smbh painting, Feet/toes weight distribution, grounding through earth connect points (In and down), body alignment, connectivity with sky, earth and your biological biography. Positional stepping precision.

Devloping X Ray Vision and Opening the 3rd eye (The Mudd palace and the mudd pill) Pre Reading The Field (s)/bodyminds, reading the field(s)/bodyminds in real time. Transparency is key. Making the map of self and client

Baby fat, jelly steeling, noodle body,

Natural Reunions, One Finger Zen, Five Animal Frolic Qigong, Five Element Qigong, Oringinal Temple Style Qigong, Push hands for healing

Qigong Meditation-Bone Marrowing- reach the bones to soak the bones, bone wrapping/squeeezing. Naturally longer inhale than exhale for calming down and internal repair/reconfiguration-developing inner immunity. Naturally longer exhale for fighting off predation and developing outer immunity.

FALL SESSION- teacher certification

sEPT 14Th-Nov 17th

Practitioner certification which includes the ability to certify students to level 1

$2600 includes on site lodging. Meals included. Test $275.00 Stay on site or at available area rentals (Not included)

Temple Scripture and 5 immortals Temple on Wudang Mountain teachings.

Introducing the real masters: Video's, Audio's, Texts and Williams translation of Tao Te Ching and orginal Qigong scriptures.

Living sensually for sexual vitality and transmutation

Herbal medicine for health and longevity

Zuang Gung

Reading The Field. Transparency is key. Making the map of self and client

Natural Reunions, One Finger Zen, Oringinal Temple Style Qigong, The 8 pieces of silk, Push hands for healing

-The teachings of the oldest recorded person who lived to 250 years old- Receive booklet of William's translation of his core teachings.

Martial Applications of Qigong. Why its so important to engage conflict.

Work in the field. Using Qigong Transmissions of energy to heal others.

Embodiement is healing

Transform ordinary stances, postures and movements into Qigong practice

Say 'Sky and Earth' and Expose Your Needs To Transform.

More specfic and vast 'natures nourishing' to reconfigure your disease/distortion/dissymetry

Taking off and putting your clothing on * Putting your shoes on one leg standing * Sitting in a car, getting out of the car * Cleaning up, doing the dishes * Picking up and moving groceries, boxes

Cleaning, in the shower * washing hands * Outstanding when going outside * 3x walking

Drop the qi and wash the organs * Natural reunions * Star gazing-Sunrise/Sunset

Ba dua Jing * The original Tai Chi form * Push hands (Sensing/adapting and responding) practice.

Qigong Meditation

"Long meditation is the greatest proof of God. Why don't you try." P.Y.

Underastanding Embrionice breathing from the point of view of temple scriptures and science. The deeper dive. Taoist Cosmology.

Qigong Meditation-Bone Marrowing-Naturally longer inhale than exhale for calming down and internal repair/reconfiguration-developing inner immunity. Naturally longer exhale for fighting off predation and developing outer immunity. Influencing the Kan and Li feelings in the body (Water and Fire.) Immortality scripts.

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The Knowledge

Developing medical Qigong ability is based on the inner teachings. The forms of movement are the application ground of the inner teachings. We base our course on the authentic teachings from Wudang mountain. Learn how the inner teachings are applied within your own body and mind and how to help others heal from your own foundation of health.

Qigong History&Science

Beginning 5,000 years ago learn the timeline of Qigong development and the key points of improving the training methodology. Discover how these training's are supported by scientific evidence. Learn how to measure your results with biofeedback equipment on site including an EEG to measure brain wave enhancement. Also measure HRV-Heart Rate Variability. This shows us our emotional stability. You will be measured at the beginning and at the conclusion of the course.

The second month...

Train the Classic forms

Allow improvements of emotional content and accentuation for each movement. To train the movements is necessary so we can become very familiar with body/mind relationship. The application ground is how we posture and move in daily life.

-The Form of Natural Reunion-If you are not aware of the sky, the tree, the bodies of water etc. How can they nourish you. In this core Qigong form get connected to the vast expanse of natures nourishing.

Zhuang Gung- 'Standing strong' is our proper foundation for all movements. It is not obvious to see why but if you look into your standing posture there are many refinements to make: Weight distribution, symmetry of the joints, spatial awareness, etc. 'If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.'

-Uniting heaven and earth in the body/mind- All of Qigong is based on The 3 Powers: Sky, Earth and Human Being/Body. In the sky there is positive electromagnetism in the earth there is negative. When we are aware of sky and earth in our bodies/person we become empowered.

-Shoong- (The combination of relaxing and energizing) for organ and bone health-Learn to feel more into your own inner systems and create benefits.

-Wash the Field-

Our intention either separates us or connects us. By having the selfless attitude given in this form we 'wash the field.' Thereby we become more connected and connectivity is power. Then, discernment's are easier to make in your daily life.

-One Finger Zen-

This form of Qigong was designed by the greatest contributor to Qigong methodology; the monk Ta Mo. This individual also created Zen and Kung Fu. A unique form offering multiplied results to your practice.

-The original Tai Chi form with martial applications-

When Tai Chi was created there was just 8 movements. Tai Chi is moving Qigong. We move biomagnetism in our bodies and in the field. These orginal 8 movements done on right and left sides is the foundation of all Tai Chi practice. Roll Back, Pull Down, Ward Off, Press, Push, Shoulder, Elbow, Split.

-Sensing practice-(Tuishou)

Here we learn to apply all that we have learned in the dynamic field of life. Ever changing, ever adapting, this two person form trains the brain to to dynamically engage life on life's terms.

-Regulating body temperature-

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong treaments to Improve your feeling of general well-being

Here we get to the roots of your problems. 'There are issues in your tissues.' In your biological biography there is a map for healing defined by your history and genetics. Find relief for a whole host of issues including: Sleep deprivation, toxic stress, memory and focus, digestion problems, eye strain, high blood pressure, weakness and fatigue.

Healing treatments

Receive a healing transmission from Grandmaster Wililiam Martino. A rare opportunity that includes a natural spring hot water soak at a Joyful Journeys Hot Springs. Experience needless acupuncture to address juncture points of need.

Qigong meditation

-Small Circulation

Download and digest the informational energy of your brain into your body. Then create a clear circulation of pure energy back up to your brain.

-Grand Heavenly Circulation and Cosmic Body Bellow Breathing

Receive Darshan and Cosmic Energy. Get a jump start to your level of energy.

Touch down, break ground and grow an extensive root structure right here where you are- Once breathing with the earth bring the earth essence up through your body into sky/cosmos and deity. Then begin again, this time with The Cosmic Download.

Embryonic Breathing- The pinnacle of Medical Qigong

The greatest benefit found in both meditation systems and brain science is 'coherence.' Experience the most profound accomplishment of Qigong training that merges energy and meditation into one technique. The value of deep relaxation, getting insight and energy is invaluable for dealing with today's high stress society.

For more information with class times, locations and adventures into nature email

info@theevolutionnow.com or call 303-709-1742 to speak with Grandmaster William Martino personally send an email to William@WilliamMartino.com

William Martino has studied with numberous Qigong masters including: Yang Ywing Ming, Taoist priest Master Chen who was raised on Wudang mountain and many more.

Offering custom designed Wellness programs William Martino has pioneered a unique methodology based on the needs of the individual and measurable results.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

William Martino is an author, speaker on human development, athletic trainer, Qigong and martial arts master. An Zen/Qigong monk for 4.5 years and former head of security to a major T.M. retreat center (Transcendental Meditation) led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, William studied Qigong and a variety of other disciplines from 8 years old. Teachers include: Yang Ywing Ming, Taoist master Chen who was raised on WuDang Mountain. William is the author of twelve 12 books in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality. A spiritual prodigy from a young age, William has dedicated his life to connecting the mind and body.

Two books related to Qigong William has authored which are considered seminal and pioneering include:

1. The Tao Te Ching- A new poetic translation from the original Chinese


2. Essence of Qi: The inner teachings from the ancient Qigong/Kung Fu Temples

Initially a love of Martial arts brought William to seek out the truths of 'chi power.' Beginning with Taoist Qigong, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vision Questing and practical self-defense a fire was lit.

William' ordinations and further experiences are: , A yogic monk and head of security for a T.M. retreat center created by the guru of The Beatles; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, receiving his Ohikari from Shumei (A Shinto based organization) and being the personal cook for legendary Taoist priest, Qigong and Kung Fu Master Wudang Chen who was raised on Mt. Wudang the birthplace of Qi Power..

William now leads retreats in the rocky mountains at The Evolution Retreat Center high in The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. People come from all over the world for retreat opportunities with Will and his team. Crestone was called by U.S. news and world report to be “The Spiritual Heart of America. There are over 20 major monasteries there and masters of every art all living together in harmony. If you need to refresh and reboot your system schedule a call. It's all about fun, and very practical solutions to help you in your specific need.

'The Evolution' helps people from all walks of life to feel, be and do better in life. It demonstrates the meeting point of Mind, Body and Soul techniques in one, life trans-formative presentation.

Treatments are based on the unique needs of individuals and groups resulting in personalized benefits. The use of cutting edge biofeedback measurements help people benefit their systems with doalbe, repeateable and measurable results.

William also heads up 'The Pearl' a philanthropical organization helping communities with issues of mental health and public safety.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412

One experience with William can transform one’s life for the better.

Endorsed by: Hospitals, Universities, Businesses and by literally 1000's of people from all walks of life.

For his ongoing and pro bono work with a medical staff, William received The Lifetime Outstanding Service Reward from Boulder Community Hospital

The Official Trainers of The U.S. Olympic Ski Team

“An icon in the field. William is pioneering new, more effective methods to create wellness.”

Wendy Mclure

Sounds True Inc.

“William Martino is a gifted teacher with an unmatched ability to get to the heart of each person’s unique needs.”

Beverly Yates: Senior publicity manager

Sounds True Inc. is a world leader in holistic program publications

“It is such a privilege for me to share with you the secrets of Qigong for both health and self defense; psychically and physically.” W.F.M.

All of William Martino's books include:


1. Recognizing Depression: A guide for those suffering with depression.

2. Stress Less: Practical solutions for profound stress management and focus

3. Workplace Wellness: Transform ordinary routines into personal evolutions

4. The Masteries in Meditation-Neuroplastic transformation through meditation.

“Neuroplasticity It is without doubt the last frontier of medical science...Thinking actually turns on genes inside of neurons to form new connections between brain cells.” Dr. Kandel-Nobel prize-brain science.

5. Dragon Thunder: Protection for Mind, Body and Soul

6. The Natural Sentry: Real World self-defense beginner to advanced.

7. Emotional Hygiene: Support, Relief, Catharsis, Transmutation and Hygiene

8. Love and Sex: A match made in heaven played out on earth.

9. The Essence of Chi Power: The inner keys to super health and strength

10. The Tao Te Ching: A new poetic translation from the original Chinese

11. Tai Chi Harmony: The inner teachings of Tai Chi Chuan

12. Natural Enlightenment: Full spectrum success from the inside/out.

Contact info: info@theevolutionnow.com theevolutionnow.com 1855-Morph-12 1855-667-7412