The ability to 'center' or 'meditate' is your ultimate personal resource multiplying your resourcefullness.  In this session you and/or your group will receive expert stress management, mindfullness techniques and interpersonal skills.  This ups your quality and quantity of energy to another level entirely in one session.  

1 Private session 1 hr.

Group session 0-10 people live online 40 min.

Group session 11-50 people 1.5 hrs

    Reach the bones to soak the bones, reduce inflamation (the source of all illness),  refine hormonal balance, enhance hormonal nectar, Lower or raise blood pressure as needed, normalize bood sugar, enhance core vitality, improve brain fitness, resolve deep seated trauma.    

                      "just 8 weeks of meditation the grey matter of the brain imporves."  Harvard

 "There is zero chance we are over estimating the possiblities of meditation to create neuroplastic change." Nobel prize winner-Dr. Eric Kandel 

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