The Essence of Chi

The original scriptures from the Qigong Temples Simply Explained with practices for daily life.

By: Shifu William Martino

“William has a beautiful heart that will enfold you in a liberating field of play.”

John Milton: Qigong legend and former bodyguard for The Dalai Lama

“William’s new book is a valuable resource for Qigong students.”

Wudang Chen Taoist priest raised on Wudang mountain and author of The Master Within

Summary of Qigong instruction:

“If you have your Yi (Intention) on chi (energy) then you’ll only be confused. If you have your Yi (Intention) on Spirit your energy is invincible and spontaneously adaptable to meet every circumstance.”

Having our attention on Spirit is the exact opposite of primarily strategizing to get all the energy. We are not supposed to get all the energy. In regard to The Tao and real masters, for example, we are supposed to give/invest our energy and yield. There are many people, places and things that we are supposed to loose our energy too- Once we discover pure relationship then the universe flows through us and we are a giver/conduit of energy for ‘all.’ We know when to give energy and when to absorb energy intuitively.

  • Trapped shock in our biological biography is keeping us in a nightmarish prison of our own creation. We are attempting separation from the vast expanse of nature’s nourishing and the field of psychic magnetism. It cannot work and unnecessarily drains our life force energy. Instead, perceive now each person is offering the free gift of healing and we are as well. This cannot be changed.

Instead of trying to keep everyone, environment and life out and under control just surrender, just trust. Reset and reconfigure the quantum experience of life by choice. Drop the defense mechanisms and let life back in and through. Instantly healings, protections and facilitations begin. One moment can change things, clear the air and make a way.

  • Pick up the magic herb. This is a phrase in Qigong meaning to touch the ground with our awareness. Why do phrases about touching the earth have to do so much with gaining? Touch down, land the deal, grounded, breaking ground, groundbreaking, earth shattering, trailblazing, touching base. All these have the element of touching down. ‘Touch down’ is synonymous with scoring. Landing the deal is synonymous with gaining. It is because we cannot sort through our biological biography and stay stuck in our heads. Once we do we can have a ‘touch down.’ Find the body to find the earth. In this moment of accepting/voidizing all projections of environment and touching down we seed. Seeding breaks open and grows roots then we grow up and out to participate in another way with nature’s vast and varied nourishments and guidance.

  • Reconnecting with more of natures nourishing asks of us to comply with spiritual principles. Endure the awkward discomfort of moving through your stuck spots. Realize the vigor of all people, insects, animals birds and mammals; appreciate them. Merge with nature and various nourishments and intelligence as they appear in your field.

Buddha touches the earth upon enlightenment

Shoong: Yang Cheng Fu: One of the greatest legends of Qigong Tai Chi said “ Be shoong, shoong, really shoong. If your not shoong your asking for a beating.” Shoong is the combination of relaxing and energizing. This begins when our biocircuit connect with the living earth.


Condensing breathing

Bone steaming

Bone marrowing

Bone coating

Bone wrapping

Bone Squeezing

Golden Pollen

Sticky substance at roof of mouth

Embryonic breathing

Naturally bated breath, suspended animation, time off, no energy…

When pure spirit touches energy spontansouly beomes more coherent and more powerful.

Filling up the body balloon. Keep receiving by keep removing the covering.

Body puffying. Skeletal breathing. Thicker/Quicker, Jelly steeling nano threading. Heavergizing empoweration. Embodied universal merging body bellow breathing.

Mortal rooting

Keep a little magic air in your center of gravity.

The enlightened persons breath reaches all the way down to their heels.

Thinking is now and then. Digestion of information is more.

Look for the signs:

An 'lit up, tingling, salivating mouth' like what happens with a beautiful kiss, a delectable bite of food, a breathtakingly beautiful scene in nature...etc.


Healing feelings: Tingles, sexual heat wave, heavy body yet energized,

-A change of atmosphere felt within and around the body. Air and magnetism.

-Feeling peace of mind rather than thinking thoughts

A heavily relaxing body mind

“There must first be a True person before there can be true knowledge. What do I mean by a True person? The True person of ancient times did not rebel against want, did not grow proud in plenty, and did not plan his affairs. A person like this could commit an error and not regret it, could meet with success and not make a show. A person like this could climb the high places and not be frightened, could enter the water and not get wet, could enter the fire and not get burned. His knowledge was able to climb all the way up to the Way like this.

The True person of ancient times slept without dreaming and woke without care; he ate without savoring and his breath came from deep inside. The True person breathes with his heels; the mass of men breathe with their throats. Crushed and bound down, they gasp out their words as though they were retching. Deep in their passions and desires, they are shallow in the workings of Heaven.

The True person of ancient times knew nothing of loving life, knew nothing of hating death. Emerged without delight; going back in without a fuss. Came briskly, Went briskly, and that was all. Never forgetting beginnings and didn't try to find out where would end would be. When received something and taking pleasure in it; then forgot about it and handed it back again. This is what I call not using the mind to repel the Way, not using man to help out Heaven. This is what I call the True Person. …

This was the True person of old: the bearing was lofty and did not crumble; appearing to lack but accepting nothing; delighting in correctness but not insistent; vast in emptiness but not ostentatious. Mild and cheerful, seemed happy; reluctant, just had to do certain things; annoyed, he let it show in his face; relaxed, rested in virtue. Tolerant, seemed to be part of the world; towering alone, checked by nothing; withdrawn, seeming to prefer being cut off; bemused, never forgot the important things to say.

Therefore liking was one and not liking was one. Being one was one and not being one was one. In being one and acting as a companion of Heaven. In not being one and acting as a companion of people. When people and Heaven do not defeat each other, then we may be said to have the True Person.

The Zhuangzi (ca. 3rd-2nd centuries BCE)

 "Jade Emperor's Mind-Seal Classic," added to the Taoist Canon around 1200 CE, is often quoted by Daoists:      

"The sages awaken through self-cultivation;

Deep, profound, their practices require great effort.

Breathing nourishes youthfulness. 

The Shen depends on life form;

The Ching depends on sufficient Qi.

If these are neither depleted nor injured

The result will be youthfulness and longevity.

When the distant winds blend together,

In one hundred days of spiritual work

And morning recitation to the Shang Ti,

Then in one year you will soar as an immortal."

Connecting the cellular tendrals to the universal circuit. BBB

Are you willing to proceed?

Fearful clinging/being in shock keeps us separate from the vast expanse of natures nourishing and educating.

Our cells have tendrals that can be spacious and connected or constricted and separated.

Reconnecting is the practice of Qigong.

Stop knowing and start receiving. This will be scary so keep safe in the process.

All Qigong practice flows from the ancient scriptures as evidenced by Wudang mountain scripture’s research by Yang Ywing Ming and others coordinated and presented here. The source of Qi improvement comes primarily from:

  1. The Three Powers and

  1. The Three Treasures

The San cai tu hui 三才圖會encyclopedia is one of approximately 120,000 volumes of stitched-bound Chinese books. Most of the books were printed in the Ming (1368-1644) and early Qing (1644-1911) periods. \r\nSan cai tu hui literally means “Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Three Powers,” which are Heaven, Earth, and Man. The collection deals with all aspects of Chinese culture, but is particularly strong in medicine, Buddhism, history, and literature.\r\nDivided into 14 main subject divisions, sub-divided into many topics. Contains many illustrations, diagrams, and portraits. It is the source of most of the stylized portraits of such personages as the Yellow Emperor, Confucius, ad the ancient emperors that are found in many reference books, textbooks, and tourist manuals

Tian Dih Ren

Jing Chi Shen

Balancing Kan and Li emotionally

Shian Tai

Conceive, Birth and Raise the Holy Baby

Three flowers reach the top San Huea Jiuh Diing

Xin and Yi

Yi and Chi

Kan and Li (Being water adding fire) (Purify, Purpose, pure desire)

Balancing the Wisdom mind-Yi Rational-Logical-Thinking (Yi)

Intention (Yi)

Balancing the emotional mind/Xin-Intuitional-emotional-feeling

“Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul.

If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas.

For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.

Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing;

And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.

Kahlil Gibran-The Prophet

Closer to home, Ben Franklin, expressed similar views much more succinctly: “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

Cong Nei Zhu Ji (Build the foundation internally)

Dan Tien

6 layers Belly button breathing

Science of biomangitsim shuman coupling

Reach the bones to soak the bones. Bone marrowing. Sung heavergizing empoweration. Mass weight gravity dynamism atmosphere proper orbits spin.

Yuan Xin Zhi Wai Gong Yun Dong (Distant mind external exercises)

This means that exercise without embodied nature ultimately results in dissipation. What is embodiment? Find the body to find the underearth. Find the underearth to find nature. N+BBB

San Gong

Energy dispersion because of excess intellectualizing or externalizing

Xing Ming Shuang Xin (Character and body cultivation together.)

Build the character and the body together silmultaneously.

Shen Jya Buh Ching

Spirit and will (generated from Yi) are not clear

It is very important to train wisdom/intention/clarity of thought (Yi)

Small heavenly circulation, Large heavenly circulation from the given primarilty by the transmission of the teaching unbounding greanting natural support producing the healing field.

3 sevens fire, wind, water.

Tongue posisions

Embryonic breathing.

Process into invisibility-

San Cai

The 3 Powers of Qigong


Darshan is accessed and fearful clinging unbounds then we are reunited with natures nourishing.

Three Realms (三界) of reality, with the middle realm occupied by Humanity (, Rén),[2] and the lower world occupied by Demons (, ) and Ghosts (, Guǐ).

  1. Heaven-Tian

Tian Ming=A mandate from Heaven

Supercoherence and eternal happiness, health and wealth. The idea here is grounding heaven through earth on this spot.


Synonymous with Sky (Blue Sky) and God.

Tian is one of the first Chinese terms for heaven in the most ancient writings.

Tian became synonymous with the word for God Shangdi.

‘Look up’-Things are looking up. Please merge with/breathe with The Sky/Cosmos.

Celestial Empire or Tianchao a name used to refer to China. It was a literary and poetic translation of a Chinese word-Chinese: 天朝; pinyin: Tiāncháo, a name for China.[1] Accordingly, the name "Celestial" was used to refer to Chineseemigrants to the United States, Canada, and Australia during the 19th century

In the sky there is predominately Positive Electromagentism

Ionization increases with altitude

Once you make contact the sky drops down its dew.

(Excuse me while I kiss the sky.)

The weather is called Tian chi as it indicates the weather of the heavens (Sky)

Atmospheric electricity involves both thunderstorms, which create lightning bolts to rapidly discharge huge amounts of atmospheric charge stored in storm clouds, and the continual electrification of the air due to ionization from cosmic rays and natural radioactivity, which ensure that the atmosphere is never quite neutral.

The electric potential gradient of the atmosphere

On an ordinary day over flat desert country, or over the sea, as one goes upward from the surface of the ground the electric potential increases by about 100 volts per meter. Thus there is a vertical electric field EE of 100 volts/m in the air. The sign of the field corresponds to a negative charge on the earth’s surface. This means that outdoors the potential at the height of your nose is 200 volts higher than the potential at your feet! You might ask: “Why don’t we just stick a pair of electrodes out in the air one meter apart and use the 100 volts to power our electric lights?” Or you might wonder: “If there is really a potential difference of 200 volts between my nose and my feet, why is it I don’t get a shock when I go out into the street?”

We will answer the second question first. Your body is a relatively good conductor. If you are in contact with the ground, you and the ground will tend to make one equipotential surface. Ordinarily, the equipotentials are parallel to the surface, as shown in Fig. 9–1(a), but when you are there, the equipotentials are distorted, and the field looks somewhat as shown in Fig. 9–1(b). So you still have very nearly zero potential difference between your head and your feet. There are charges that come from the earth to your head, changing the field. Some of them may be discharged by ions collected from the air, but the current of these is very small because air is a poor conductor.

There are about 40,00040,000 thunderstorms per day all over the earth, and we can think of them as batteries pumping the electricity to the upper layer and maintaining the voltage difference


The current—caused by the electric field we have just been describing—passes from the sky down to the earth ionization increases with altitude

Heaven/God/Sky worship was the orthodox state religion of China.

Heaven (Tian) confers upon the son of heaven (tianzi) the power and skill to rule.

This mandate depends upon the personality and behavior of the one in charge. Yi (righteousness) and ren benevolence were the requirements. If the ruler becomes immoral or tyrannical they are to be removed by a revolution from the people and the mandate moves into and through another person.

Therefore we should fear sin (immorality)

As we welcome the Sky(Heaven), Earth, Nature into own bodies nooks and crannies we are suffused with good feeling.

Get so thorough that you reach genetic influence.

Small ions are formed by cosmic rays. Cosmic energy is a great secret to profound Qigong cultivation.

  1. Earth


Negative electromagnetism in the soil

Smell of Soul

Get mudd on you

Teaming life underneath and all around

The golden midst coming up from the earth for O’Sensei. Pick up the magic herb. Touching earth.

I was walking into the living room and looking directly out of the window when lightening struck. That was an amazing instant transformation of the atmosphere. Our bodies are like lightening rods.

A giant crash happened I thought something fell…like a chandelere…big glass of some sort..There was an explosion of white light right in front of me. It blew out the 400 internet router I bought-wew….very fun but forever changed my experiencing of lightening.

Allow your awareness to move down from your head space and touch the earth. Contact made allows the earth strength to stream up awakening our systems into connectivity with environment wherein more contacts are made.

What is physical chi power?

Electromagnetic force, gravitation force, weak force and strong force

The behavior of the electromagnetic field can be divided into four different parts of a loop:[ HYPERLINK "" \o "Wikipedia:Citation needed" citation needed]

the electric and magnetic fields are generated by electric charges,

the electric and magnetic fields interact with each other,

the electric and magnetic fields produce forces on electric charges,

the electric charges move in space.

- The Earth is negatively charged - The sky is positively charged - There is a weak electric current (fair weather current) that flows from the sky to the Earth - The atmosphere is weakly conducting because of ions, which is why we get the current - The fair weather circuit is disturbed during thunderstorms - The charge separation sets up a potential (like a battery) with a value of about 100V/m. - The strength of the potential decreases with altitude. - At an altitude of 50,000m the voltage across the expanse from the point and the ground is about 400,000 V - When a 2-m (6 ft) human is standing on the ground, you can expect a potential difference of 200V from head to toe, but locally the human is distorting the field, because he/she is a good conductor

  1. Body


Spine and brain is alter of nature, the universe and God(s)

The body is the Fuse between the negative current of the earth and the positive current of the sky…into The Cosmic download rootings and bloomings…

  • Untangle nerve knots

  • Thicken nerve chords to accept more current.

  • Physically transform your body into greater measurable coherence again and again.

The body is the ground wire of the brain. The body downloads and digests the energy and information of the mind. Pay attention to the body and include nature’s vast nourishments into every nook and cranny. Continue finding and revealing shut off areas. Keep potential predators grounded at an ever safer distance.

By connecting our awareness with the 3 power we add too our storehouse of The Three Treasures.

San Bao

The 3 Treasurings of Qigong

Forms of creating treasure

These 3 qualites build up in the bodymind as long as connectedness with the 3 powers remains and is enhanced. The result in the body is the main physical principle of Qigong:


Shoong means 'Emoweration heavergizes' Empoweration is the combination of relaxation and empowerment. Heavergizes means that as you realize more levels of relaxation and empowerment your bodymind gains gravity and coherence. It becomes Heavier yet with the lightness of being energized. You must return to these contemplations again and again to realize their meaning in a practical way. Your field of energy become thicker and more dense yet quicker in vibration.

Empoweration and heavergizes


Thicker and quicker

  1. Jing

Essence, Sperm, Egg-

Get sensual and sexy now. An entirely new level of stimulation through connectivity transmuting


This is the creative fuel of all creation. Loving Mutual Orgasm feeling is the essence of power. Remember it and re access. Get the feeling.

Gu Jingathon (Firm your foundation)

‘The sweet smell of transformative, pure sex.’ (Super-Squiggling/Lubricating)


Conception power is the greatest physical power there is.

Know well this secret formula wondrous and true: Spare and nurse the vital forces, this and nothing else. All power resides in the semen/egg (Even if the glands are not present) [jing], the breath [qi], and the spirit [shen]; Guard these with care, securely, lest there be a leak. Lest there be a leak!

Keep it within the body! (tr. Yu 1977:88)

Faan jieng guu nao

Return the jing to nourish the brain

  1. Chi

Animal magnetism

Magnetic union, Natural and Cosmic

The feeling we get from various animals, birds, mamals takin deep within feeds the magnetism of our bodies.

Two catagories: Managing Chi and Guardian Chi

“We discovered the so far largest ordered magnetic fields in the universe, extending over 5-6 million light years”

The former star, which has the catchy name SGR 0418+5729, is 6,500 light years from Earth and was initially thought to have an unusually low magnetic field.

Astronomers estimate that it produces a magnetic field around 20 trillion times stronger than a standard refrigerator door magnet.

The dead star is a kind of neutron star called a magnetar – the dead core of a once massive star that has collapsed in on itself.

These produce extremely dense objects that sporadically throw out X-rays and gamma rays as they rotate.

Heart, Guts, Balls/Ovaries, Backbone, Roots that go deep. Where are roots located? Be 'In touch' with the earth/nature/cosmos.

This means that each of these areas has strong and healthy bio-magnetism and physical material. There is a correlate emotional/wisdom quality resulting.

  1. Shen

Spirit, Soul, Supernatural

Shen Gu=Spirit Valley

The valley in the brain in front of pineal gland in front of which..where magnetite bearing tissue is found in its highest concentration in the body.

The purpose of Chi (electromagnetism/energy) is to refine your insides and mature psychologically/behaviorally.

If you do not have a need to change then you cannot consciously change.

Psychological/behavioral refinement. Actually changing your habit is becoming a different personality.

San Cai and San Bao

are the foundational keys to chi power development

As the 3 powers and the 3 treasures are cultivated your inner and outer magnetic field developes more coherence and resilience.

The most important consideration in Qigong empowerment is Shen.

Contacting Shen then allowing our bodies, minds and environments to be touched by it causes the greatest quality of energy in our lives.

Shen Ming

Enlightened Spirit Person

The supernatural level of Shen is called Ling.

Jing for shen-We need to create a greater sensual relationship with nature to create more jing. Do so by unbounding breathing and naturally you will soak up the nourishments in the environment.

Sensual nourishment breakthrough

Shen Shian

God immortal

Shen resides in third eye and forehead.

A natural spiritual awakening.

Inner smelling, listening, looking, feeling, strategizing (creation and destruction) Brainstem convergence amrita rooting and blooming into the cosmic download more nourishing is what feeds the spirit

Would you like to ride the winds of heaven?

How about light and sensitive energy at the headtop.

Things are looking up.

Lighten up

When we are scattered and confused it is called

Shen buh shoou sheh

The spirit is not kept at its residence

Form and merge with the Holy Embryo-

Conceive and grow the Holy Baby

Birth and Raise the Holy Baby

Shian Tai

Three flowers reach the top

San Huea Jiuh Diing

Bring all the yin energy and all the yang energy into a tiny spot…the center of physical gravity.

‘A little air’ is the advanced meditation

Omentum bursa

Xin Yi Kan Li


“Keep a little air underneath and inside


The Heart Mind

Balancing the Wisdom mind-Yi Rational-Logical-Thinking (Yi)

Intention (Yi)

Balancing the emotional mind/Xin-Intuitional-emotional-feeling

“Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul.

If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas.

For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.

Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing;

And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.

Kahlil Gibran-The Prophet

Closer to home, Ben Franklin, expressed similar views much more succinctly: “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”


The intention mind

“If you have your attention on energy you cannot win. If you have your attention in Spirit and allow it to touch energy all trust is yours.”

If you have you yi on your chi you will only be confused if you have your Yi on Spirit Embodied then your chi will be invincible and adapt to each circumstance.

Yi is the wisdom mind and Xin is the Heart (Emotional) Mind. These two regulators of chi can be improved.

Chi’s Yin and Yang

Water and Fire (Kan and Li)

The two attitudes that influence our attitude:

Naturally slower breathing brings more ‘water’

Naturally faster breathing brings more ‘fire’

Naturally longer exhale increases fire

Naturally longer inhale increases water

Water and Fire. It is considered in Qigong priniciples that we are all too ‘hot’ with disordered, scattered activity.

In The ancient scriptures of The Wudang Temple these quotes are common:

Cong Nei Zhu Ji (Build the foundation internally)

Yuan Xin Zhi Wai Gong Yun Dong (Distant mind external exercises)

This means that exercise without embodied nature ultimately results in dissipation. What is embodiment? Find the body to find the underearth. Find the underearth to find nature. N+BBB

San Gong

Energy dispersion because of excess intellectualizing or externalizing

Xing Ming Shuang Xin (Character and body cultivation together.)

Build the character and the body together silmultaneously.

Shen Jya Buh Ching

Spirit and will (generated from Yi) are not clear

It is very important to train wisdom/intention/clarity of thought (Yi)

Large heavenly circulation

(Rooting and Blooming)

The energy of the head transfers down through the roof of the mouth into the tongue relaxing it and moving into the body down to the feel then into the earth. Touching into the earth and making more contact with the whle living hearth. Breathing with the earht. The entire body getting heavier cleaving to the earth and sucking up the life offering of the earth into the body. Animating the body causing the sense/senses to open up/peak out/sprout into awareness of the immediate environment. As the body draws in more of the earth there is more exaplansive uniion and absorption of the elements in the vast expanse of nature. Finally touching the cosmos and allowing the cosmic download to break further ground into the earth and create greater rooting and blooming circulation.

Xing and Ming




Why do people die, if they have no diseases? Old age is the  reason, you may say. But why does this old age come, what is the  mechanism of it? A man grows old and dies because he is spending his vital energy. It's like a battery in a toy, when the battery is new – the toy car runs, but when the battery has run out – the toy car stops...And what kind of "battery" is it? It is something that is located in the area of the abdomen in the human body (compare stomach and stamina).

In Chinese tradition “the battery”  is called MING , translated as life or destiny.  (“How much stamina one has?”). So, this Ming - battery otherwise known as yuanqi 元氣in traditional Chinese medicine, but in Taoism a different character is used 元炁 - the primordial qi*. It is getting spent. And when it ends, then a "kind" man with a scythe comes.

Ming is a tangible real substance and it can be felt, given a perfected sensitivity. Ming can be replenished only by mastering the since Taoist alchemy (just to emphasize that, according to the records of our school, some other traditions also posses such an essentially identical method, ). Note that to "Die" in Chinese is written emphatically: 失命 i.e. LOST MING.

But apart from Ming there is still another substance. It is located in the chest, and any other spiritual schools strive to perfect it. All of them base their teachings on it. It is called XING , which is translated as nature, the nature of the heart. In Chinese it is also called   心性 XIN XING   or 本性 BEN XING. All the many methods of meditations and praying, stopping the internal dialogue, etc appeal to this. The mechanism is simple in theory - it is necessary to reduce the vibrations, to remove the waves and gradually reach a full peace. If you will perfect at this even further, then you will go into a stable peace, the breath will go away, the heart will almost stop beating and A Yin spirit YINSHEN will be able to leave of the body. This is what actually called   enlightenment in the late Chan Buddhism. In addition, this work may lead to the improvement of specific abilities. This spirit is something that in many cultures is called a ghost. This spirit is identical to the soul that leaves the body at death – which is also called YINSHEN.

However, in contrast to the dying person, the spirit of the practitioner is connected to the body. When this out of the body experience happens, and then the spirit returns to the body, there are the certain signs which indicate that it did really happen. However many modern practitioners do not get out of the body, and with closed  eyes travel in their fantasies. And that is a different phenomenon.

All religions and the latest doctrines hope for such an out of body experience, hence the attention to MORALITY is so strong. Control the passions - that's their main slogan.

If such a practitioner has not reached the mastery, he, at his death like all the dead souls, will go to a worser world (hell - in Christian terminology). After death the life memories of an ordinary person is not preserved, but the memories of a person, who has attained perfection at YINSHEN, will be preserved. But he can’t do anything with it and he can’t be reborn as a human being again. The teacher for him can only be another Yin spirit, i.e. another being from the lower worlds. The upper worlds are closed for the YINSHEN.

Xing and Ming are the separated parts of the primordial Unity. If Xing is a Yin part, then Ming is a Yang part. The YIN spirit   (i.e. Xing) is inert and has no energy, and therefore he can’t rise to higher worlds. He needs   energy similarly to  a rocket needing fuel for the takeoff. Using only the meditation and any methods tied to Xing only changes the Yin'S characteristics, but makes no qualitative change. The ancient Taoist tradition (and with it those that I have already mentioned) uses the energy of Ming for fusion with Xing.Thus it turns these two into a Yang Spirit , also called a Tao fetus, who has the real potential and can move to higher worlds. So it is the Fusion of the energy Ming with the soul Xing that is the essence of alchemy.

Thus, the goal of alchemy - to fuse the soul Xing with the energy Ming and creating a  yang Spirit – a Tao fetus, who has the real potential and can move to higher worlds.

How to perfect Xing you can understand by yourself or from the books, but how to perfect Ming you can get only in oral precepts of your Teacher. And  important question is: Why it is so? Because of the fact that the secret of Ming is the secret of Life and Death! In carrying out the practice Ming the person violates a natural law (remember the saying "studying from the nature"). This law establishes that an ordinary person SHOULD BE BORN, GROW, LEAVE OR NO AFTER HIMSELF HIS PROGENY AND HIS ACTIONS, THEN GROW OLD AND DIE. Recall the Taoist phrase: "My destiny (MING!) is inside me, it is not from Heaven!" That is, a Taoist does not follow “the Nature", but instead overcomes it and goes against it.

The method passed on by a Teacher is not so complicated, so everyone can change their destiny - Ming. You do not need a special morality, you just need hard work and persistence. An ordinary person, even talented, does not have enough time to do too much of anything – whether good or evil. At childhood and at youth there are a lot of unconscious, automatic behavior. At maturity, when  you just started to get your strength, the diseases and decline start to kick in. When a person reaches the top of his comprehensions of the meaning of life, ironically there is no longer the strength to do something.

As well said by Zhang Boduan: "Human life is so much as bubble on the water; yesterday one was on a horse, and now the corpse lies in the coffin, immersed in a death dream". "Remember the Death" – is one of the principles of ancient traditions. And now you can change your destiny, prolong life. What does this mean for mankind? Is this possible without responsibility?

So, why Xing can be understood by yourself or from books? Because the mind works rather manifestly, if we just watch it, we can understand that it is useful not to be overly emotional; the calm mind brings feelings of purity and reinvigoration, etc. If you go further, you can even bring out your own spirit from the body (Yin of course). However, it should be done carefully, because if a person is weak, the spirit will not return to the body and a death will occur. Therefore, you can learn it by yourself or from the books.

As for Ming, then the person can’t understand anything. He could only feel the difference between a young age and the old one etc, but it is difficult to determine whether the energy flows out, or   comes in. To see all of these processes clearly you need to be already a being with the cosmic level of thinking. Every second of life staying in the illusion of a permanence, we actually run on an invisible treadmill. What happens to the Universe, how are the energies change, who does understand this now? I.e. to replenish the Ming a new you should be able to change with the cosmos, picking what assists to this task and rejecting anything else. This is the doctrine of changes of the ancient Chinese. How can modern people understand that, living by a bland clock hours and practicing in accordingly? At any modern qigong you will hear that the time and space do not matter, that your practice of qigong helps you “go beyond the natural laws”. And this is said about ordinary people who are can’t even get rid of the laws of heat and cold, food and hunger, but presume to “get rid of the influence of the Cosmos”!

So then the modern person has no alternative, but to seek a direct transmission of knowledge , which  stems from the time, when the mankind have a clear understanding of cosmic laws. Of course, we can assume that a genius who can understand these law without could be born. But such an extraordinary person will not need anything at all from this world  let alone a  transmission. On the other hand there exist fake methods invented by ordinary people, these methods are usually only a projection of their mind and have nothing to do with the laws of Cosmos. Here is an example: Did Someone deciphered the Yi Jing? I think the answer is obvious.

Hence stem here need for  the personal transmission. In this case  firstly  there will be  no distortions, and secondly there will be personalized training for each person. Thirdly, in order to avoid deviations the practice will be done under the oversight of Teacher (and not like today, in stadiums, where participants do anything they want). Also, a ritual of accepting a student is a promise by the Teacher to be personally responsible for his student, to vouch for him, including with teachers own destiny...

古圣有言曰命由性修性由命立 命者炁也性者神也炁则本不离神神则有时离炁

Ancient sages said: 

Ming is perfected starting from Xing. Because you need the true spiritual condition to find your Teacher and then to practise, i.e. you need the correct  state of mind while practicing. 

Xing is established starting from Ming. Without repleniching and perfecting of Ming the true spiritual work is impossible. 

Qi is inherently inseparable from the Shen (the spirit). If qi ever comes apart from shen, there will be an instant death. So while the person is alive they are inseparable. (This refers to the out of body experiences of the spirit when qi remains in the body)

The author © Dmitry A. Artemyev


* While the character  reads qi in the both  first and the second example,   it refers to a different energy. Doctors know only the post heaven energy - houtian, while Taoists practise with pre-heaven one - xiantian... Therefore, doctors don not understand what is contained in the kidneys, mistakenly writing 元氣. Ming and the primordial qi (the Taoist one) are the same. 

Xiantian – pre-heaven, given before birth and can’t be changed in the direction of the increasing by the ordinary man. Houtian – post heaven, the energy that "feeds" a man after the birth: food, water, air, external qi ... a lot of things, but the main thing is that it can’t replace the pre-heaven energy... 

Ming is not located exactly in the kidneys but is closely tied to them, as the system of the kidneys is a a part of a reproducing- discharging system of the human body, so the kidneys spend their energy  directly for the purpose of reproducing...

"Xian are immune to heat and cold, untouched by the elements, and can fly, mounting upward with a fluttering motion. They dwell apart from the chaotic world of man, subsist on air and dew, are not anxious like ordinary people, and have the smooth skin and innocent faces of children. The transcendents live an effortless existence that is best described as spontaneous. They recall the ancient Indian ascetics and holy men known as rishi who possessed similar traits."

Atmic Relationslism unto undetectable/invisable/unknowable/dismissed

Fillling up the meridians: Body filling. Filling up the body balloon

Tong Guan

Embryonic Breathing

Tai Hsui

“Still breathing?”

How does embryonic breathing happen?

“It’s a natural consequence of a deep love affair with nature.”

John Milton

Tai Hsui

Two brains function as one

As far as you transcend-Just that much you have to successfully engage conflict.

Find the two polarities of the body then of the environment

Slow down your experience of life unto a full stop. Life life go without your participation for a while.

Center of ears, eyes, nose.

Not your smelling but by which your smelling is occurring…

Brainstem convergence…Spine and Nerve convergence…

Lip smacking, golden pollen, amrita (Yoga-sweet saliva sexual invigoration)

Again two polarities.


Natural lip smacking, burping

The Devotion Emotion and Qigong for Embryonic Breathing

Note: You cannot Hold your breath it must be completely natural.

Sitting quietly the grass grows by itself.

Time Dilation and Embryonic Breathing

Slow down your experience of time. Establish timelessness.

Practicing Death and Embryonic Breathing (Extricate yourself from the field of psychic magnetism to gain insight which is then applied to making more coherence in the relationships and environments of your lives. Death is one of the highest practices of meditation masters. Of course, death is a myth so the experience of death even while the physical body is still alive gives us a prelude of things to come.

Time passing without any notice nor concern. Completely separate from the external goings on of life.

Coming out of Embryonic Breathing Time=Powering up by soaking up the earth and cosmos to animate the blood, flesh and bone.

The inner ear secret and energy. Binaural beats

The enlightened person regards all people including him/herself as Straw Dogs. Simply food for the cosmic cake.

Why? When you get into the more profound regions of Qigong realization your weaknesses and distortions come to the surface and others including yourself can be consumed by that void.

As you ‘power up’ engage ‘Darshanically safe ambrosial attack’

Stay connected to God, God’s, Guru’s, Nature spirits and nourshing, and Mentor’s Exposing the bad seed in meditation and enduring ambrosial attack.

Retreat into Profound Devotional Meditation is the greatest practice of Qigong. Physical measures are not the way of Qigong only a Catalyst to true Qigong which is found in Embryonic Breathing.

It all starts here!!!

The forehead kiss

The forehead is the place where we first upgrade the software. Usually the cortex is involved in objectifying reality. However, When an person is upset all around the world, people will kiss the forehead, and drop there forehead onto the shoulder of a loved one as a tender gesture of trust. We can do the same by choosing to interpret current reality in a constructive fashion.

Also, in virtually every enlightenment tradition various substances are rubbed on the forehead. Holy objects are touched to the forehead. Why?

When the forehead calms the miracle streams of scent, sight, sound and intellectual interpretation are all welcomed in.

Let’s get started:

Back to childhood breathing

Say Void, Life,Sky, Earth Nature Body Breathing.

Be freed and protected in your freedom

Chi by any other name:

ki – the Japanese (and Korean) equivalent of chi

rLung - Tibetan - inner 'winds' of life force

Ruach Ha Kodesh - 'Hebrew for Breath of God'

Nafs and Ruh - the Islamic terms for a kind of 'Soul breath'

Spiritus Sanctus - the (Catholic) Latin term meaning 'Holy Spirit'

Pneuma - (Greek) 'vital breath'

Élan vital – the term for 'vital life-force' in classical European Vitalism

Natura medica – the inner healing power of Nature – from the early Greek Hippocratic tradition

Aether, (ether) and quintessence – European alchemical terms for life force in its more refined form.

Od or Odic force -  terms used in von Reichenbach's theory

Orgone – revolutionary psycho-biologist Wilhelm Reich's term for vital life force

Nilch'i  -  the Navajo term for 'sacred life-giving wind or life-force'

Ni – the Lakota Sioux term for life-force

Mana (a Oceanic-Polynesian term – and more recently also adopted as the term for life-force by several fantasy role-playing games

Ha – a more-specifically Hawaiian (Huna) term for 'breath' or sacred life force

La – the Ancient Egyptian idea of a vital essence or life energy

and of course the modern (Star Wars) classic term for bio-energy 'the Force'. 

    - and don't forget

  'The Glow' -  from 1985's unforgettable martial arts-musical The Last Dragon.

                              - and there are a variety of other closely-related terms to be found                         throughout the world –  such as:

Seiðr a the Norse mythos term for magical energy and the practices centered around it

Ichor - Greek mythic term for the 'holy blood of the gods', 

Wakan - the Indigenous Sioux  term for the sacred-holy life force in all things.

Maban – the Australian Aboriginal term for an invisible 'magical life force'

Awen - the energy behind poetic inspiration in Welsh mythology,

Inua and Sila – Inuit terms for the universal Spirit or Soul and breath of life

Manitou and Manetuwak – Indigenous NE American Anishinaabe and Leni Lenape peoples' terms for spirits in particular and life-spirit or force in general.

Numen – ancient Roman term for a mysterious force of potential

Ojas, Bindu and Amrita - (East) Indian terms for invisible 'fluids' of deep life-energy and bliss

Tigle - Tibetan term for relatively dense and fluid 'drops' of life-force (comparable to biological Shen in Qigong.)

- and Jing and Shen - subdivisions of Chi from the (Chinese/)Taoist perspective which we'll be exploring in more depth soon.

Ankh- Ancient Egypt

Animal Magnetism- Mesmer

Arunquitha- Aboriginal

Bioenergy- US/Europe

Biomagnetism- US/Europe

Dunanis- Ancient Middle East

Gana- South American

Mgbe- Pygmy


Mumia-Paraclese (The founder of democracy)




Orenda- Inoquois

Pnema- Ancient Greece

Prana- India

Tane- Hawaii

As you can see each culture has a name. Merging with this life force is the best catalyst to health, wisdom and problem solving.

Here’s a few other quotes:

“I have food to eat you know not of”…Swallowing power.

Becoming supernatural. Conceiving the supernatural transfigured bodymind.

“Believe on me and from your belly will flow rivers of living water”

“As I meditate the fire burned in my heart”

The Bible

It’s all about first creating the inner space. That is called WuJi in Qigong

Wuji is the void. From this void all matter and sounds are consumed and then come forth again. The black hole is WuJi. Nothing escapes it, not even light. Then the digested material spans new galaxies. This destruction and creation principle is mirror.

We are overly obsessed with energy therefore we are challenged to create the inner space first.

Energy-Look at me look at me.

The way to get back to spaciousness is be subject to The Atmic Attack of taking energy and projecting energy

We can study everything and become a master of knowledge. We can learn the key forms and demonstrate them with high skill but the real challenge is quieting the mind.

The body is the ground wire of the mind. The body downloads and digests the energy and information of the brain. True relaxation we make contact with the earth and live with earth and nature. This animates our field wheras we expand into natural and cosmic living as well. All this comes from feeling peace of mind, relaxation, nourishment, trust…

Zen and Taoism are close companions. The greatest organizer and trainer known to Qigong is Ta Mo; the creator of Zen.

Chinese text of the Heart Sūtra by Yuan dynasty artist and calligrapher Zhao Mengfu (1254–1322 A.D.)

Zen and Taoism are considered partners in enlightenment. Bodhidharma, the creator of Zen is also the greatest synthesizer of Qigong theory and practice. Qigong is unique because around Bodhidharmas time all the inner practices of Yoga and Tibetan Budhhism were included in the development of Qigong.

The Heart Sutra is the main scripture of Zen chanted every day in Zen monastaries worldwide.

The Heart Sutra

Maha Prajna Paramita Hridya Sutra

Commentary by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva when practicing deeply the Prajna Paramita perceives that all five skandhas are empty and is saved from all suffering and distress.

Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form. That which is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

Shariputra, all dharmas are marked with emptiness; they do not appear or disappear, are not tainted or pure, do not increase or decrease. Therefore, in emptiness no form, no feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no color, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no object of mind; no realm of eyes and so forth until no realm of mind consciousness.

No ignorance and also no extinction of it, and so forth until no old age and death and also no extinction of them.

No suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path, no cognition, also no attainment with nothing to attain.

The Bodhisattva depends on Prajna Paramita and the mind is no hindrance; without any hindrance no fears exist. Far apart from every perverted view one dwells in Nirvana.

In the three worlds all Buddhas depend on Prajna Paramita and attain Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi.

Therefore know that Prajna Paramita is the great transcendent mantra, is the great bright mantra, is the utmost mantra, is the supreme mantra which is able to relieve all suffering and is true, not false. 

So proclaim the Prajna Paramita mantra, proclaim the mantra which says:

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.

gate means gone, gone. Paragate means gone all the way to the other shore.

Another translation-

The Buddha of compassion once said to a student of 'The Way'. The body with brain and nerve does not really have substance; even though it appears as substance. The body is mostly empty space. Science tells us that all matter is 99.999 empty space. Contemplate this for a few moments at least. The matter that you see around you is actually not solid. This is science fact not science fiction. This body that we can touch and feel is exactly spacious. The same is true for our feelings, our consciousness, our thoughts and each sensation. Everything is spacious and not polarized against other things and are not static, solid things as we once perceived in ignorance.

In true spacious being the Nose, ears and eyes all comfortably abide in spacious timelessness. Indeed every perception is more spacious than polarized. People places and things only appear polarized against each other; perceiving more deeply we discover the inherent spaciousness supporting and cushioning all appearances. Every scent, sight, sound and touch is all much more spacious then 'solid' or 'polarized'.

In this spacious timelessness there cannot be a defined separate perception; something existing independent of something else. Non lo In this true quality of awareness we can see something constant in the midst of all changes. there is no disease nor death, no non death, no suffering, no non suffering, no path nor wisdom. Indeed all is in flux but there is a constant reality that never changes. Pure Aweress, just observiation, the current animating all living and dying.

Being only, contented. Allowing time to pass without notice nor concern. Worlds come into existence and disappear yet I am unmoved; just enjoying like a grandparent watching children play, learn and evolve. The only success in life is enjoying the passage of time and all events.

Simply put, enlightened people are beyond myopic duality. These people are in direct contact with the Big Picture of life thereby granting them many special priveledges. The truth existing behind the scenes of environment is wonderful to make contact with and embrace. This truth itself is beyond commentary as we are established in 'Spacious Timeless Awareness.'

Living here the enlightened onjes have no fear and experience profound insight into all matters.

This is the greatest truth in life because from it is birthed all.

This Matra 'Spacious Timelessness Awareness' is the greatest way to enlightenments power and ability transforming all suffering. Say it to yourself again and again; become it.

Buddha once said something to point us in this direction.

Gone, gone, gone over above it all, completely transcended throughout.


And So It Is


“To know the self is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand teachers.” Dogen Zenji

“Do not invite thoughts to tea” Suzuki

Time flowing without any notice nor concern.

Sitting quietly the grass grows by itself. Eons pass and I hardly notice.

Jǐngdé Records of the Transmission of the Lamp, presented to the emperor in 1004, records that Bodhidharma wished to return to India and called together his disciples:

Bodhidharma asked, "Can each of you say something to demonstrate your understanding?"Dao Fu stepped forward and said, "It is not bound by words and phrases, nor is it separate from words and phrases. This is the function of the Tao."Bodhidharma: "You have attained my skin."The nun Zong Chi HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-46" [note 6] HYPERLINK "" \l "cite_note-48" [note 7] stepped up and said, "It is like a glorious glimpse of the realm of Akshobhya Buddha. Seen once, it need not be seen again."Bodhidharma; "You have attained my flesh."Dao Yu said, "The four elements are all empty. The five skandhas are without actual existence. Not a single dharma can be grasped."Bodhidharma: "You have attained my bones."Finally, Huike came forth, bowed deeply in silence and stood up straight.

Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my marrow." 

One of the fundamental Chán texts attributed to Bodhidharma is a four-line stanza whose first two verses echo the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra's disdain for words and whose second two verses stress the importance of the insight into reality achieved through "self-realization":

A special transmission outside the scripturesNot founded upon words and letters;By pointing directly to [one's] mindIt lets one see into [one's own true] nature and [thus] attain Buddhahood. whose basic thrust is to emphasize "the inner  HYPERLINK "" \o "Bodhi" enlightenment that does away with all duality and is raised above all distinctions".

One of the recurrent emphases in the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra is a lack of reliance on words to effectively express reality:

If, Mahamati, you say that because of the reality of words the objects are, this talk lacks in sense. Words are not known in all the Buddha-lands; words, Mahamati, are an artificial creation. In some Buddha-lands ideas are indicated by looking steadily, in others by gestures, in still others by a frown, by the movement of the eyes, by laughing, by yawning, or by the clearing of the throat, or by recollection, or by trembling.

The Lankavatara Sutra addressed these questions: If there is no self, how can an individual accumulate karma, and where is that karma stored?

"storehouse consciousness" (alaya vijnana), which contains the karmic seeds of all past experience. When engaged, these karmic seeds provoke deep memories, and stimulate the process by which sentient beings are reborn. If one can break through at the root of consciousness, at this storehouse level, to grasp the emptiness of all categories and things, then the cycles of rebirth and dependent origination can be broken. This idea of a breakthrough realization of the true nature of mind was appealing to Chan thinkers.

Note: These are the actual Qigong scriptures venerated on Wudang Mountain the home of the greatest living historical and current Qigong masters.

Jade Emperors Embryonic Breathing Classic

The embryo comes from hiding the breath and congeals in the center of the body, the breath comes from the center of the living embryo, breath enters the body and is the reason for life, when the spirit separates from shape, this is the reason for death. knowing how to breathe with the spirit, one may life forever, know how to protect quiet and emptiness and you will nurture the spirit’s energy. when the spirit moves, so does the breath, when the spirit rests, so does the breath. If you want to live for many years, the spirit and breath need to reside in each other. the heart does not stir the emotions. nothing comes and nothing goes, nothing exits and nothing enters, rest in nature as long as possible. persistence and progress are the true road of the Dao!

Methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath During the Sui and Tang Dynasties

During the Sui and Tang dynasties, Daoist concepts of Ingesting Vital Breath ( 服氣 Fuqi ) placed a strong emphasis on the Ingestion of Original Vital Breath ( 服元氣 Fu Yuanqi ), Internal Vital Breath ( 內氣 Neiqi ) and Internal Original Vital Breath ( 內元氣 Nei Yuanqi ). They stressed that, in order to live a long life, people should not dissipate their body's Original Vital Breath and should retain their Vital Essence. Original Vital Breath was considered to be the root of life; only by guarding this root carefully could Dao be attained. The method for preserving that root was Ingesting Original Vital Breath and Internal Vital Breath. According to Perfect Man Yin's Art of Ingesting Original Vital Breath ( 尹真人服元氣術 Yin Zhenren Fu Yuanqi Shu ), "the body's Original Vital Breath is released through the mouth and nose. If exhalation of Original Vital Breath is stopped, the Elixir Field ( 丹田 Dantian ) will be filled. If the Elixir Field is full, you will not feel hunger or thirst, and you will become a Divine Man ( 神人 Shenren ). This is why people begin their life as embryos, without eating, nor drinking, nor breathing, and have Original Vital Breath in abundance. To have an abundance of Original Vital Breath is the way of longevity". If, just like an embryo, you can prevent your Original Vital Breath from leaking outside the body, you have attained the means of attaining longevity. In short, the basic principle of Ingesting Original Vital Breath is to preserve one's Original Vital Breath and prevent its dissipation outside the body.

Still breathing?

Concretely speaking, the methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath are the following:

The methods for Ingesting Original Vital Breath

-The first requirements-

The first requirements for Ingesting Original Vital Breath are to purify one's heart, eliminate thoughts and action, and to remain in a state of simple tranquility.

Exhale naturally. After half the breath, gently continue exhaling with the nose closed. As Vital Breath rises upward, raise your head and swallow forcefully. Raise the head to the left and lower it to the right. Mentally direct the Vital Breath to the abdomen, until it flows into the Elixir Field, and then recommence the cycle by swallowing. The swallowed breath joins the Elixir Field, and from there penetrates the four limbs. This form of mental dirigation of Vital Breath is called "Dissemination of Vital Breath" ( 流布 Liubu ). Take caution not to allow the Vital Breath to leak out of the Obscure Orifice (perineum) ( 玄牝 Xuanpin ), but to make it circulate evenly through the body. You should not gasp or breathe irregularly. If the Vital Breath does not reach the Elixir Field, it is difficult to force it to do so, no matter how much you try. Thus it is difficult for beginners, and they must eat less and make a strenuous effort. With persistent effort, Vital Breath will circulate naturally and ability will accrue. This is called to drink from Spontaneity ( 自然 Ziran ) in order to resist this world, and to approach Divinity in order to enter subtlety. It begins as Three-Five ( 三五 Sanwu ) and ends as Seven-Nine ( 七九 Qijiu ). Lie down on your back, with your head on a low pillow. Contract both knees and shoulders, and stretch both arms. Lie down on your stomach, with a folded quilt under the chest, and stretch out the arms and legs. Inhale with the head raised, making the breath descend on the left, then inhale with the head lowered, making the breath descend on the right. When swallowing Vital Breath make a sound, but do not swallow saliva, and exhale. Beware of allowing wind to enter as you inhale breath. While swallowing Vital Breath, do not rest at will. Wait until the heart is completely tranquil before starting again. When beginning the exercise, you should have a clear mind, without any worries; this will allow the Vital Breath to circulate freely. If the heart is burdened with worry, Vital Breath will not flow. Beginners may feel fullness in their abdomen. If they eat less, they will feel Vital Breath flowing through their organs and into the Elixir Field, and then they will feel it flowing smoothly and freely throughout the body, leading to the spontaneous awakening of the spirit.

The second requirements

Ingesting Original Vital Breath into the Sea of Vital Breath ( 氣海 Qihai )

The Sea of Vital Breath forms when the spermatozoon and the ovum first combine. It lies three inches under the umbilicus. When the baby is born, only the umbilical cord is connected with the mother. Hollow as a pipe, it permits the flowing of the Vital Breath to form the embryo. He who wants longevity must cultivate this root; otherwise, pursuing outer cultivation, he can achieve nothing. The Sea of Vital Breath is connected with the kidneys and thus belongs to the water of Ren and Gui ( 壬癸水 Rengui Shui ). It is named "Sea" for water flows into the sea. Vital Breath has water, which is Yin, as its mother. Yin must combine with Yang for it can't exist alone. The Mind, belonging to the Fire of Bing and Ding ( 丙丁火 Bingding Huo ) in the South, is the lord of Yang. Concentrate the mind in the Sea of Vital Breath, and Yang will come down into Yin and Yin up into Yang. It evaporates into clouds which steam the bones and holes all over the body. He whose Vital Breath doesn't flow well will have diseases in his body. Those whose diseases are incurable by medicine must concentrate, without any other thoughts, on the Sea of Vital Breath. Put one hand under the umbilicus and wait for the Vital Breath. When the Vital Breath comes, it moves under the palm, giving a feeling of breathing, touching, aching, sounding, and pulling. One must wait quietly and concentrate on it with the eyes. Thus, Yang shines on Yin and yin rushes upward and transforms into a vital liquid. After a long time, the breath through the nostrils minimizes under the throat and one only feels one's breath moving in the Sea of Vital Breath. Every time one exercises Vital Breath, one must regulate it slowly to disperse it; otherwise it will become a tumor or a gall.

The third requirements

The Wise Man of Mt. Mao's formula for Ingesting Inner Vital Breath ( 服內氣 Fu Neiqi ).

Lie on your right side, draw both legs slightly, face the east with the head turned south, and hold both fists by the chin. Shut the breath in, swallow it seven times, and then exhale once. The sick first exhales once after inhaling one or two times, and then exhales once after inhaling seven times. Then regulate the breath evenly, inhale 40 times, and sit up to practice. Embrace both erect knees with both hands crossed, hold your breath and bloat your belly fourteen or twenty-one times, and puff when your breath is full. Regulate the breath to keep it from being coarse. Then hold your breath and bloat your belly again until the belly is regulated. When you sweat or feel hot, it means that your breath is full all over your body and all your joints have become comfortable. The old scriptures all prescribe visualization, which is too troublesome for the mind to practice. Ingesting Vital Breath originates from Embryonic Breathing and accords with the function of mysterious creation only if one doesn't have any other thoughts. The law goes as follows: treasure your Essence, hold your breath and swallow your vital water (saliva) : your Vital Breath will transform into blood, your blood into Essence, Eessence into liquid, and your liquid into bones. Practice it often without sluggishness, and you will become extremely vigorous.

The fourth requirements

Gentleman Huanzhen's formula for Ingesting Inner original Vital Breath ( 元氣 Yuanqi ).

The essence of ingesting Vital Breath lies in swallowing breath. Ordinary people swallow their Outer and Inner breath in confusion, while true practitioners distinguish them without fault. Man is born with Original Vital Breath forming his body, and his body with full Original Vital Breath is healthy. Every time one swallows and exhales breath, the Inner Breath corresponds with the Outer Breath. It naturally comes up from the Sea of Vital Breath to the throat. When one exhales completely at the throat, one immediately closes one's mouth and swallows down with a sound. The breath goes down, along the left for man and along the right for woman, just like water through the backbone's 24 joints. The Outer Breath and Inner Breath are thus differentiated clearly while closely related. Send it with the mind and massage it with the hand to make it quickly enter the Sea of Vital Breath.

As for Ingesting Breath and cultivating the body, one enters a quiet room in leisure and undresses, lies facing upward, and stretches one's arms with one's hands open, combs one's hair and spreads it on the bedsheet, and then regulates the breath and ingests it. After ingesting, hold the breath to full capacity and extinguish any thought. Let go of the breath and exhale when one stifles, and regulate it when one pants. Practice again when the breath is even and stop after ten times. A beginner's breath cannot pass through for some time; he can practice holding his breath gradually for one to ten seconds. When it is through, he can gradually add 20 to 50 seconds. Sweating all over is the effect. Pacify the mind and harmonize the Vital Breath, lie and don't rise in wind. This is a good way for the aged to prolong their lives.

The way to let go of Vital Breath ( 委氣 Weiqi ): pacify the body and the breath as well as the mind, then one can practice whenever one walks, stands, sits or lies. Leaning against the door, stretching on the bed, sitting alone, one just makes one's mind thoughtless, quiet and empty as the sky. Then hold and regulate the Vital Breath ( 調息 Tiaoxi ) ten to twenty times, letting go of the Vital Breath without any deliberate struggle with the breath. After a long while, breath will come out from the pores in one's body instead of one's mouth.

While emphasizing Ingesting Vital Breath, Sui and Tang Daoism stressed Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息 Taixi ), which is closely related to Ingesting Breath. Vol. 58 of The Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel ( 雲笈七籤 Yunji Qiqian ) contains the texts On the Essential Subtlety of Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息精微論 Taixi Jingwei Lun ), Essential Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息根旨要訣 Taixi Genzhi Yaojue ),Sundry Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息雜訣 Taixi ZaJue ), and Oral Formulas for Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息口訣 Taixi KouJue ). Vol. 60 contains the Formulas for Embryonic Breathing by Ingesting Vital Breath ( 服氣胎息訣 Fuqi Taixi Jue ) and the Book of Embryonic Breathing ( 胎息經 Taixi Jing ), which are especially about Embryonic Breathing. In addition, the arts of Vital Breath scattered in many books contain skills of Embryonic Breathing. This is an important feature of Daoist Ingesting Vital Breath.

Embryonic Breathing

What is Embryonic Breathing? The Yanling Sovereign's General Treatise on Cultivation and Nourishment ( 延陵君修養大略 Yanling Jun Xiuyang Dalue ) says, " Guarding the One and holding fast to one's own Inner Vital Breath, just as an infant in the mother's embryo, is thus called Embryonic Breathing ". The Oral Formulas on Embryonic Breathing says, "After long practice, the breath, instead of flowing through the mouth and nostrils, flows through the umbilicus just as in an infant. So it is called Embryonic Breathing." Sundry Formulas on Embryonic Breathing says, "Not confusing the Inner Breath with the Outer Breath is called Embryonic Breathing." The Essential Formula on Embryonic Breathing points out, "The ancients' books about Embryonic Breathing seldom reach the Gate of Mystery. Their statements all contain some mistakes or shortcomings. Some say no breath is the embryo; others say holding one's breath is Inner Breath. All, clinging to a single way far from the ultimate truth, confuse later learners." "Embryonic Breathing is the Vital Breath formed when Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth first combined. This Vital Breath concentrated into form. Then the light of this Essential Breath concentrated as two eyes, which are the essential breath of the father. As pure Yang breath, it is able to reflect all things. The Mysterious Female formed with the mother's Yin breath becoming the mouth and nostrils. Thus we can know that form is the basis for receiving Vital Breath and Vital Breath is the root of form, and two kinds of Vital Breath are the root of forms. Since there is the root of form, it can grow with the mother's breath into an embryo and body in ten months. Thus, practitioners imitate it. Recovering one's root is the essence of Embryonic Breathing." So, we know that Daoism has different explanations of Embryonic Breathing with the same metaphor of infant's breath in the embryo.

There are various concrete methods of Embryonic Breathing. On the Essential Subtlety of Embryonic Breathing says, "Embryonic Breathing and Ingesting Vital Breath should be conducted by swallowing seven times in the later half of the night. After each swallowing, regulate the breath seven times and swallow it again like water with a sound of "kan" indicating the flow of breath. Curdle the Vital Breath in the Sea of Vital Breath and make the belly full as a pregnant woman's. Achieve Embryonic Breathing through having an embryo (the Sea of Vital Breath is filled with breath and then it is the way of Embryonic Breathing). The Vital Breath completed, the pure breath condenses as an embryo and impure breath disperses out (through the limbs and hair). The embryo completed, all diseases are naturally cured and one can communicate with Immortals and spirits. Only when the joints are smooth and the sea of the stomach open, can one inhale the Original Vital Breath through Ingesting Breath. After Ingesting the Breath, one must close the joints and exhale slowly through the nostrils. Ingest this way, and the Inner Breath and Outer Breath will not be separate, and embryonic breath will not escape. Count silently from 10 to 100, 200 or 300. After this little achievement, one's senses will become very acute and all diseases will be cured. It is very unreasonable to learn Embryonic Breathing through restraining one's breath. Holding one's breath harms the organs. The secret of great effect and little effort in Ingesting Vital Breath lies only in pacifying the mind. With worries and thoughts extinguished, the Vital Breath channels become fluent, the joints open, and harmonious breath gathers inside all the day. After swallowing seven times at midnight, keep the Inner Breath from flowing out, inhale and exhale slowly through the nostrils, and do not confuse the Inner Breath with the Outer Breath. Ingest seven times at 4 o'clock and again in the early morning. Stop after ingesting 21 times in total. He who restrains from grains is not limited to this number. Swallow the Inner Vital Breath whenever the stomach is empty, and you will not feel hungry. He who finds it a little difficult at first will get used to it after long practice. The Inner Breath and the Outer Breath will not be confused and gradually the joints and pores will open. The Vital Breath comes and goes by itself, and one needn't exhale and inhale slowly through the nostrils. This is all the subtlety of Embryonic Breathing."

Sundry Formulas for Embryonic Breathing introduces two methods

Inhale and exhale slowly and the Original Vital Breath will not leak out. After closing the Inner Breath, exhale and inhale through the nostrils slightly. Make the Inner Breath return at the throat. The Inner Breath, after filling up, will rush upward. Let go of it slowly without any restraint. After the breath is regulated, close it again and breathe through the nostrils slowly, and keep it from the throat. After some great efforts, breathing will suddenly become easy and the body comfortable all over. Then even thousands of breaths will not make one tired.

The essence of Embryonic Breathing is to extinguish thoughts.

The mind is like ashes, the body like wood, one will conform to nature with all his Vital Breath channels and joints open.

If worries and thoughts succeed themselves, one's efforts to pursue Dao will be in vain. Only those who renounce the world can conduct this subtle method; otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

After inhaling fully, visualize flowing water with successive waves. The opening of joints and pores depends on this visualization. Inhale slightly through the nostrils and let the breath out through all the limbs, channels and pores. When the later breath comes, hold it from exhaling. Do this slowly; hold the breath from exhaling while keeping from swallowing it. It will disperse slightly and slowly, and the Inner Breath will not disperse.

The Oral Formulas of Embryonic Breathing says, "He who wants to learn Embryonic Breathing should first sit alone in a quiet room. Sit upright with the left foot crossing the right. Loosen your clothes and belt and then massage your limbs slowly. Hold your hands on your legs, then inhale and exhale three or five times to regulate the breath evenly. Clarify the mind leisurely and then swing the body slowly to spread the organs. Then, beat the Heavenly Drum ( 鳴天鼓 Ming Taingu ) 36 times and visualize the Bright Hall ( 明堂 Mingtang ) one inch deep between the two eyebrows, the Pervasive Chamber ( 洞房 Dongfang ) two inches deep, and the Upper Elixir Field ( 丹田 Dantian ) (also named the Mud Ball Palace ( 泥丸宮 Niwan Gong )) three inches deep. Then visualize in turn the Middle Elixir Field, the Lower Elixir Field, and the Five Organs starting with the heart. Visualize each of the Five organs giving out the Vital Breath of its direction to combine with the white Vital Breath of the three Elixir Fields into one breath. The unified breath comes out from the back of the head, shining with nine colored rays of about 10 meters' length. While visualizing the body in this Vital Breath, shut the mouth and nostrils and visualize Embryonic Breathing only in the umbilicus. Feeling out of breath, exhale slowly and slightly through the nostrils. When the breath recovers its evenness, visualize it as before. Sweating indicates one has finished and there is no limit to the times of practice. Feeling hot, visualize Vital Breath all over the body like steam in a rice pot. This is called Full Breath. Ingest again and visualize all the organs and bowels in the body. Practice slowly without hearing the sound of your breath. After 30 years' practice, one can breathe in the umbilicus and thus easily bear a rope tight around one's neck. Also, one can sit under water for 15 days.

The Book of Embryonic Breathing says,

The embryo forms through taming the breath; breath is tamed through forming the embryo. Vital Breath coming into the body is life; and the spirit's leaving the body is death. Grasping the spirit and Vital Breath, one can achieve longevity; holding to emptiness, one can nourish the spirit and Vital Breath. The Spirit moving, the Vital Breath moves; the Spirit staying still, the Vital Breath stays still. If one desires longevity, one must concentrate the Spirit and Vital Breath on each other. The mind not arousing any thought, it will stay naturally without coming or going. Practicing this diligently is the true way." This method is different from all those cited above in its emphasis on holding to emptiness and the non-moving of the mind. So, there are different ideas about Embryonic Breathing and consequently different methods of practice. Also, Embryonic Breathing is the same as Ingesting Original Vital Breath in its fundamental method, and so it was natural for Sui and Tang Daoism to stress Embryonic Breathing while emphasizing Ingesting Original Vital Breath.

The Daoist Art of Vital Breath is one of the finest flowers of Chinese Life-Nourishing culture. With a deposit of fine heritage from Chinese traditional culture and in spite of some unscientific contents, its main part may as well be the crystal of primeval life science. This great contribution of Daoism to Chinese ancient science still has great value to contemporary human life science and medicine. It deserves our deep study and development. Sui and Tang Daoism, emphasizing Ingesting Original Vital Breath and summarizing a system of methods, became an important period in the history of Daoist cultivating arts. Absorbing Daoist achievements in Breathing Arts of the Han, Wei and Northern and Southern Dynasties and developing to a higher stage, it prepared a basis for the rise of the Inner Alchemy of the end of the Tang, Five Dynasties and Song dynasties. This was an important transitional period in which External Alchemy became Inner Alchemy. Sui and Tang Daoist ways of Ingesting Original Vital Breath are an invaluable treasure in the treasury of the Chinese culture of Nourishing Life.

Zhi Nian

Methods of stopping thoughts

An article by Yang Ywing Ming

Before you start, you should understand that there are no techniques, which are absolutely effective for everybody. It depends on the individual. It may also depend on the situation and timing. Remember that the final goal of regulating your thoughts is to reach “the thought of no thought.” In other words, to regulate your thoughts without thinking of regulating. Therefore, you must continue practicing until the regulating happens naturally and you do not need to consciously regulate your thoughts. Only when you reach this stage will your mind be free and neutral.

Stop and Look Method (Zhi Guan Fa)

“Zhi” means “to stop” and “Guan” means, “to look after,” “to investigate,” and “to take care of.” This means that after your Yi has controlled your Xin, you should concentrate on watching the thoughts as they appear. When one comes, you should stop it immediately, not allowing it to grow. You should keep your consciousness aware of what is happening and use your Yi to stop each new thought. This process is called “Zhi Nian Fa” (stopping thought method).

You will often find that, once you have stopped one thought, another one appears immediately. You stop that one, but another one pops up as if there is no end to the cycle. In order to stop this negative cycle, you must wait until your mind is clear, calm, and peaceful, and then put your Yi there before any more thoughts come up from the Xin. If you can keep your mind in this neutral state, further thoughts will be stopped. The following are methods commonly used by meditators to stop the new thoughts from appearing.

Generally, there are three steps to stopping the Xin and Nian:

1. Tie to the Origin and Stop Method (Xi Yuan Zhi). “Xi” means “to tie,” “to bind,” “Yuan” means “relationship, origin, and cause,” and “Zhi” means “to stop.” In this training you bind your Xin and Nian to one place in the same way that you would tie an ape to a post. If you can keep your Yi centered in a particular spot, you can control your Xin and Nian, but if your Yi is weak, your Xin and Nian will run wild.

There are two places, which are commonly used to center your Yi. The first place is your nose. Place your Yi on your nose and pay attention to your breathing. Gradually, the generation of new Xin and Nian will stop. The second common place is the Lower Dan Tian. Concentrate your Yi at the Dan Tian and feel and sense the generation and movement of Qi. Gradually your Xin and Nian will become quiet.

2. Restrain the Xin and Stop Method (Zhi Xin Zhi). Once you have tied up the ape, you still have to calm it down, or it will continue to run around the post. This is the taming process. Once you are able to bind your Xin and Nian in one place, you must stop the thoughts from being generated by the Xin. You need to understand the reason why the ape is still running wild, whether it is due to hunger or some disturbance, and you need to understand why your Xin is still generating distracting thoughts. If you are taming an ape, in order to keep the ape in the cage without running wild, you must understand the feelings of the ape and try to solve the problem in order to calm it down. Once the ape realizes that he will not be able to escape and will not be harmed, and furthermore, that he will be taken good care of by the master, he will gradually get used to it and calm down.

3. To Comprehend the Real and Stop Method (Ti Zhen Zhi). This is the last step in stopping thought. In this step you analyze how Xin and Nian are being continually generated. Like dealing with an ape, once you understand the cause of its wildness, you can determine how to calm it down. Only after you have calmed it down are you able to lead the Xin to understand and comprehend the nature of reality. Finally, the new disturbances of your Xin will be stopped. It is like educating the ape so that he understands that when he is staying with the master, he will have plenty of food and a nice place to stay. At this point you will not need to keep the ape tied up. Only when you are able to untie the ape (your mind) and have it stay calm and peaceful have you reached real regulation. Then the Xin and Nian, which are generated, will not run wild, and the Yi will be able to direct them effortlessly.

Three Looks to Calm the Mind

There are also three ways of looking at or investigating your thoughts. They are called the Three Looks. When your mind is calm and peaceful, pay attention to your thoughts and learn how to analyze them.

1. The Empty Look (Kong Guan). When you use the Empty Look you look at and investigate everything in this universe: how it is generated, and how it grows, changes, and finally dies. As you look at things, you discover why they happen and what their causes are, and you learn the effects they cause. Everything that happens is ultimately empty. Your experiences are vain, illusory; they gain you nothing but a feeling, which is false and temporary in comparison with the existence of the universe. When your Xin understands this principle, it will not continue to think. Buddhists believe that all motivations and desires generated from the emotional mind do not last long, and ultimately accomplish nothing. If you can see this, you will be able to stop the generation of new Xin and Nian.

2. The False Look (Jia Guan). “Jia” in Chinese means “false, imaginary, not real.” In this method, when you find yourself in a bad situation, perhaps stuck in traffic, you look into the past to see how the traffic jam may have come about, and you look into the future to see how it will surely clear up. You look into the past and future to help you control your Xin in the present. However, since the past and future are not the now, they are false. In this method, you are looking at false things and using them to help yourself let go of unsettling feelings and control your Xin.

3. The Centered Look (Zhong Guan). After you have used the other two Looks and your Xin comprehends the nature of emotional disturbances, you will have seen through every emotional feeling and desire, and you will understand that they are all only temporary. Since your physical life is so short, you should not be bothered by empty emotional feelings. Once you have realized this, you will keep your attention on (look at) only the here and now. Your mind will now be centered and neutral. All of these Looks use your Yi to lead the Xin to understand the truth about emotional feelings. Then Xin will not bother the Yi again.

For example, if you are driving somewhere and suddenly get caught in a traffic jam, do you get upset? Most people would, but if you stop to think about it, what do you gain from getting upset? Will the jam disappear or will the cars start moving faster? What do you gain from getting upset, and what do you lose? If you understand all of this, you will see that there is no benefit derived from getting upset, and you will use the time more gainfully, perhaps by just enjoying the music on the radio. If you can do this, then your mind is centered and regulated.

The Behold and Think Method (Guan Xiang Fa)

“Guan” in Chinese means “to admire, to look up to, or to view someone or something” as an example. “Xiang” means “to imagine, to think, or to meditate.” In this method, when you meditate to regulate your Xin you hold an image or idea in your mind of a person, such as Buddha, or something, such as moonlight, which occupies your attention. If you concentrate on this image, your Xin will be steady and calm, and, consequently, your mind will be regulated. The person or thing upon which you concentrate is the source of the power, which encourages and enables you to conquer your emotional mind.

The Guan Xiang method is widely used by Buddhists. When Christians meditate on the image of Christ to lead their minds into a steady, calm state and finally regulate their minds, they too are using the Guan Xiang method. In Daoist and Buddhist meditations, a Buddha is usually used as an image, and a poem or verse written by the Buddha will be read to help the Xin be steady and peaceful. People use other things as images too. Sometimes people will use the moon, because it is peaceful, gentle, and calm, and can help you to lead your mind into a deep meditative state.

The One Point Spiritual Enlightenment Method (Yi Dian Ling Ming Fa)

“Yi Dian” means “a point.” “Ling” is “the supernatural part of the Shen.” “Ming” means “enlightenment.” In this technique you focus on the highest, most refined level of your Shen. You are looking to enlighten the supernatural Shen, or Ling, and focus it on a tiny point in your Upper Dan Tian (i.e. the third eye). When you are doing this, your thought will have a target. This effort will regulate your Xin and redirect it into a peaceful and calm state.

The Large Hand Stamp Method (Da Shou Yin)

“Da Shou Yin” literally means the “Large Hand Stamp.” Large Hand means the fingers, and Stamp means pressing the fingers together. The Large Hand Stamp meditation method originated with the Indian Buddhists, and was later widely adopted by the Tibetan Buddhists. After a thousand years of study and practice, this method has become a major meditation technique in Tibetan Qigong practice.

In this practice, you press your fingers together in specific ways. The fingers of one hand may press fingers on the other hand, or on the same hand, or the fingers may be interlocked in certain ways. Your mind concentrates on where you are pressing, and at the same time your concentrated mind leads your Shen to a higher state.

Leading your Shen to a higher state is the key to success in regulating. When your Shen is raised, your Yi is strong and the Xin will be controlled. Frequently people will generate a sound or else shout to awaken and raise the Shen and stop the generation of distracting thoughts. For example, when you meditate you may discover that your emotional mind bothers you and you cannot stop it. If you open your eyes and look fiercely and utter the sound “Ha”, you will stop the emotional thought and lead yourself to a new stage of meditation.

Religious meditators will often regulate their minds by raising their Shen. Another method is to concentrate the Shen, rather than raise it. When the Shen is focused, the Yi will naturally also be focused, and the Xin will be controlled. Often a gong is used to help the mediator focus his Yi and Shen.

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, is a renowned author and teacher of Chinese martial arts and Qigong. Born in Taiwan, he has trained and taught Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese martial arts for over forty-five years. He is the author of over thirty books, and was elected by Inside Kung Fu magazine as one of the 10 people who has “made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years.” Dr. Yang lives in Northern California.

Li Ching-Yuen 250 year old man

Born Li Ching-Yuen

The article “Tortoise-Pigeon-Dog”, from the May 15, 1933 issue of Time reports on his history, and includes Li Ching-Yuen’s answer to the secret of a long life:[3]

  • Tranquil mind

  • Sit like a tortoise

  • Walk sprightly like a pigeon

  • Sleep like a dog

Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun (simplified Chinese: 李清云; traditional Chinese: 李清雲; pinyin: Lǐ Qīngyún; died May 6, 1933) was a Chinese herbalist who supposedly lived to be over 256 years old.[1][2] He claimed to be born in 1736, while disputed records suggest 1677. Both alleged lifespans of 197 and 256 years far exceed the longest confirmed lifespan of 122 years and 164 days of the French woman Jeanne Calment. His true date of birth was never determined. He was reported to be a martial artist, herbalist and tactical advisor.

Whereas Li Ching-Yuen himself claimed to have been born in 1736, Wu Chung-chieh, a professor of the Chengdu University, asserts that Li was born in 1677 in Qijiang County, Sichuan province.[citation needed] According to a 1930 New York Times article, Wu discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li on his 150th birthday,[3] and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li’s neighborhood asserted that their grandfathers knew him when they were boys, and that he at that time was a grown man.[4]

One of Li Ching-Yuen disciples, the Taijiquan Master Da Liu told of his master’s story: when 130 years-old Master Li would have encountered in the mountains an olderhermit, over 500 years old, who taught him Baguazhang and a set of Qigong with breathing instructions, movements training coordinated with specific sounds, and dietary recommendations. Da Liu reports that his master said that his longevity “is due to the fact that he performed the exercises every day – regularly, correctly, and with sincerity – for 120 years.”[5] Returning home, he died a year later, some say of natural causes; others claim that he said to friends: “I have done all I have to do in this world. I will now go home.” After Li’s death, General Yang Sen investigated the truth about his claimed background and age and wrote a report about his findings that was later published.[citation needed]

He worked as an herbalist, selling lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs, and lived off a diet of these herbs and rice wine.[6] Li had also supposedly produced over 200 descendants during his life span, surviving 23 wives.[7][8]

 Da Liu reports that his master said that his longevity “is due to the fact that I performed the exercises every day – regularly, correctly, and with sincerity – for 120 years.” He was referring to Bagua exercises:

Walking in a circle in both directions while twisting and curling each joint.

He worked as a herbalist, promoting the use of wild reishi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs

The Great Hug is the model for approaching and realizing embryonic breathing.

The feather in front of the nose. Taped.

Mudding, rolling in the mudd

There is so much nourishment felt that we transcend.

Touch and Absorb

Black rocking-Venting-Discharging toxins

Soak up the atmosphere

Time passing without any notice nor concern occurs in embryonic breathing.

This is the cause of the great energy necessary to grow new neural roots and refresh all of our relationships and circumstances. Ironically, it requires the complete release of concern first.

The first teaching:

“First ye enter the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. Then all you need will be given” J.C.

First be established in pure being then perform action. The scriptures of ancient Yoga

First establish calm then insight will dawn. Zen

First let the stirred up muddy pool of your mind become clear then you will know what to do. The Tao

First be established in calm abiding then clear awareness will dawn. Tibetan Buddhism

So, may I ask you

What is of first and foremost importance in our lives?

I have food to eat you know not of...Jesus

Amrita battery mouth

Flow Soma Flow

The Golden Pollen


Get to the place where swallowing power comes naturally.

Carefully, slowly feel into meaning of the phrases! When certain places in the body are energized it has profound psychological benefits.

The Shamans Touch



Master Lu

Yang Cheng Fu


Come back to your senses

Go to the head of the class

Head honcho

Get a sense about it

They have their head on straight

Through the roof

Out of this world

Raise the roof

On top of it

Can you top that?

*Whats all this talk about being 'On top'. And

why is the head referenced to 'being

on top of things'?


Golden Heart


Soft Hearted

Happy hearted

Straight from the heart

A heart centered approach

Follow your heart

He/She's got a lot of Heart

Straight from the heart


Take heart

A change of heart

A heart of gold

A heart to heart

Absence makes the heart grown fonder

A heart of gold

Light hearted

Be still my heart

All heart

I know it by heart

Cross my heart

Does the heart good

Follow your heart

From the bottom of my heart

Straight from the heart

Get to the heart of the matter

A heart of gold

Have a heart

My heart goes out to you

Light hearted

Take heart

All heart

Young at heart




I've got your back

I'm going for backup

Back at it

Back off

Back to basics

Fight back


Intestinal Fortitude -'Somethings left in the basement... 'Rocky motions and runs his fingers over his intestines.

The intestines and belly are the active battery places in the body. Fasia and water carries a negative bioelectric charge and muscle carries a positive...these two are sandwiched primarily in our midsection

Have you got the guts?

Can you stomach it?

Do you have intestinal fortitude?


In many ancient traditions of energy medicine the balls/ovaries are the root of male/female physical power.

Brass Balls

Big cohones

Bulls Balls

Why not say ovaries?...Same thing-In a man or woman even if these glands are removed this is still the biomagnetic area of deep energy storage in the body.

*The only reason we've come to say 'Balls' and not 'Ovaries' is because of the myopic world view that has all too often denied the strength of woman.

Why has 'balls' become synonmous with great strength and courage? Because this is a/the core production and storage place of energy in the human body. Whever we are honestly 'turned on' there's a lot of power flowing through us. The value of healthy sexual energy is talked about in vitually every energy medicine and enlightenment system. For example, Mr. Hill, hired by Andrew Carnegie the richest man in the world, to study the most successful people in the world. He studied Edison, Bell, etc. all the geniuses and most powerfull men and women of the world. Mr. Hill wrote a book about his findings and there's a whole chapter talking about how each of these people shared a strong sexuality and a healthy relationship with their sexuality.



Whats your stance on this subject?

Hitting Pay Dirt

Come down to 'Earth' this is the first place to look for solutions. A practicle, reasonable person is a GROUNDED person.

Settle down

Grow some roots

Landmark Presentation



Touch down

Land the agreement/deal/sale

Roots that go deep

Breaking new ground


Get back to your roots

Whats your stance on this issue?

Touch Base


Build a foundation

A strong foundation

Can you stand it?

What do you stand for?

A firm stance

Make a stand

Stand Off

In good standing

If you don't stand for something you'll end up falling for anything.

On sacred ground

On level ground

Rooting and Blooming

*Central Initiations

The body downloads and digests the information of the mind

Downward Digestion unto Breaking ground.

*The body is the ground wire of the mind. The body downloads and digests the energy and information of our minds. The earth disgests the energy and information of our bodies. Then we grow up...sprout and bloom into the vast expanse of nature.

Soak up some deep nourishments then...grow up and out expanding your attention into the vast expanse of nature. Breathe unboundedly including nature in your breath. In the same way as if you were alone in a beautiful nature setting. Our senses become boundless?

Two people in love don't have an inner world and an outer world. Just one perception at its source. The source of whats going on within us this is where all perceptinos are taking place. Objectified dualistic perception lacks 'the big picture'.

As we awaken we learn to perceive reality on a feeling basis from the inside out. Notice a master of any art they often have the same sort of attention. The big picture in view and the details revealed.


Break ground right here where you are and grow an extensive root structure. After that...grow up and out into a feeling relationship with the vast expanse of psychic space and nature. Breathe freely. These are the rooting and blooming cycles of personal evolution.

Electricity grounds down into and through the earth spreading down and around.-All buildings have a ground wire that leads the excess electricity down to and through the earth for discharge.. When we are properly relaxed the negative energy in our bodyminds goes down into the earth dispersing.

From Shentherapy-Reprinted with kind permission

Ancient Philosophical Correspondences Relating to Biofield


Qi (PinYin transliteration, 1979+) Ch’i (Wade-Giles transliteration, prior to 1979) Pronounced “chee” (Lower part of pictogram = fire; upper = steam from cooking rice) Cosmological

Vital stuff of all things, swings through phases (tides) of yin and yang [3]


Prior to the Han Dynasty: ‘breath’, animating fluid [1] Hylozoistic vapors, the activating fluid, vital energizing fluid [3]

The life force, breath, energy [2]

Emits from the hands, used in healing (wei-qi) Vital energy [5] Vital energy, life force {6}