Decreased resistance in a wire means more current can flow through.

Relax more and conduit more lspr through you.

Touching earth grounding through


These phrases have tremendous power.  Take your time to read through the list of phrases slowly and carefully.  Feel the empowerment coming from each phrase.  This is just an intro.  The inner landscape of personal empowerment technqiues is given in the course.  The art of contemplation requires us to:

Then    -   Leave off words and feel the meaning.




  Why have certain words and phrases developed in our language?  Words and phrases such as these have strong emotional meaning:


Head honcho, Warm hearted, Intestinal Fortitude, Brass Balls, Backbone, Roots that go deep.  Why have these phrases come to have such strong emotional meaning?  Because when these areas are soaring with healthy biomagnetism certain emotional changes happen as well.

Built right into our languages are the words and phrases of energizing the body in the same way that the great chi masters do.


*Remember these words and phrases...exploring them, contemplating them from time to time goes a long way to build cellular biomagnetism.



Pause between the reading of each of these to 'chew' what you just read...10 seconds min. each.

Speak a few words about what each means to you.  Then be silent and feel the meaning a bit.



Here's some words and phrases that relate to healthy emotions and biomagnetically strong areas in the body.


ORGANIZE – Could organize mean that when reality is clear on the outside its because our very organs are clear on the inside?  Thats the original meaning coming from the Greek.


For each major center contemplate these phrases and feel what happens to create each phrase.  We must slow down here.  Just reading the list does not give the intended benefit.  More is explained in our Flow programs.  For now, see if you can feel the meaning of the phrases!



                                                          THE INNER EAR SECRET

                         Hearing the Om.  The good ringing. 

 The face shining inwards results in brain stem convergence. This naturally activates the glands of the head and neck creating superfine hormonal secretions.  Condquently, we are lead to the truth of the 'chakras' or nerve plexus innervation (a medical term meaning that the area has increased electromagetism)...   Now, onto the phrases, read carefully.




A Heart of Gold

Man/Woman with a golden heart






·        Come back to your senses

·        The head of the class

·        Head honcho

·        Get a sense about it

·        Get your head on straight

·        Through the roof

·        Out of this world

·        Raise the roof

·        On top of it

·        Can you top that?


  *Whats all this talk about being 'On top'.   And why is the head referenced to 'being on top of things'?




·        Watching your back

·        Spineless

·        Backbone

·        Backing

·        I've got your back

·        I'm going for backup





Intestinal Fortitude -Somethings left in the basement... 'Rocky motions and runs his fingers over his intestines.

The intestines and belly are the active battery places in the body.  Fasia carries a negative bioelectric charge and muscle carries a positive...these two are sandwiched throughout the of the bodies battery systems.

            The winds abide at the naval.  Touching earth with your mind downloads and digests through the central wire(s) connected above and below.  TThere are 6 layers of muscle and fat in the torso.  Fat carries negative biological electro magnetism and muscle carries positive biological electromagnetism.  This is, scientifically, the bio batter central production area in your body.  In your mind you have the capacity to stretch out your awareness and connect with nature.

Your global/cosmic electromagnetic circuit

Your now connected with your larger body/Nature/the cosmos.  The central wire extends beyond the earth and sky into the cosmos.  Then a re balancing process begins because you are overly head strong, head focused like a sunflower over blooming and pullig up its own roots.  The 3 powers of Qigong is the essence of chi power cultivation i.e. the 3 treasures.  Next, iks the regulation of fire and water.







In many ancient traditions of energy medicine the balls/ovaries are the root of male/female power.


Brass Balls

Big cohones

Bulls Balls

  Why not say ovaries?...Same thing-In a man or woman even if these glands are removed this is still the biomagnetic area of deep energy storage in the body.

  *The only reason we've come to say 'Balls' and not 'Ovaries' is because of the myopic world view that has all too often denied the strength of woman.

Why has 'balls' become synonmous with great strength and courage?  Because this is a/the core production and storage place of energy in the human body.  Whever we are honestly 'turned on' there's a lot of power flowing through us.  The value of healthy sexual energy is talked about in vitually every energy medicine and enlightenment system.  For example, Mr. Hill, hired by Andrew Carnegie the richest man in the world, to study the most successful people in the world.   He studied Edison, Bell, etc.  all the geniuses and most powerfull men and women of the world.  Mr. Hill wrote a book about his findings and there's a whole chapter talking about how each of these people shared a strong sexuality and a healthy relationship with their sexuality.   






Whats your stance on this subject?



Lives begin water bases.


Come down to 'Earth' this is the first place to look for solutions.  A practicle, reasonable person is a GROUNDED person.


Settle down

Grow some roots

Landmark Presentation



Touch down

Land the agreement/deal/sale

Roots that go deep

Breaking new ground


Get back to your roots

Whats your stance on this issue?

Touch Base


Build a foundation

A strong foundation

Can you stand it?

What do you stand for?

A firm stance

Make a stand

Stand Off

In good standing


If you don't stand for something you'll end up falling for anything.

On sacred ground

On level ground



Rooting and Blooming

  *Central Initiations


The body downloads and digests the information of the mind

Downward Digestion unto Breaking ground.

  *The body is the ground wire of the mind.  The body downloads and digests the energy and information of our minds.  The earth disgests the energy and information of our bodies.  Then we grow up...sprout and bloom into the vast expanse of nature.


Soak up some deep nourishments then...grow up and out expanding your attention into the vast expanse of nature. Breathe unboundedly including nature in your breath. In the same way as if you were alone in a beautiful nature setting.  Our senses become boundless?

  Two people in love don't have an inner world and an outer world.  Just one perception at its source.  The source of whats going on within us this is where all perceptinos are taking place.  Objectified dualistic  perception lacks 'the big picture'.


 As we awaken we learn to perceive reality on a feeling basis from the inside out.  Notice a master of any art they often have the same sort of attention.  The big picture in view and the details revealed.




Break ground right here where you are and grow an extensive root structure.  After that...grow up and out into a feeling relationship with the vast expanse of psychic space and nature.   Breathe freely.   These are the rooting and blooming cycles of personal evolution.




Electricity grounds down into and through the earth spreading down and around.-All buildings have a ground wire that leads the excess electricity down to and through the earth for discharge..  When we are properly relaxed the negative energy in our bodyminds goes down into the earth dispersing.