Qigong Teacher Certification Level one only

Class 1: Course overview, getting to know each other practice the basic form.

Our routine we will practice throughout the course includes:

Our Qigong Practice form is-3 powers pouring 3 treasures form, natural reunions, reverse breathing and energy pressure, waving Qi, wash the field, Shake it off, bounce around, One Finger Zen, Ta Mo Palm/Fist set and beginning of The Original Temple style Tai Chi with inner Qi Flow instructions.

Class 2:

Practice the form and learn more about-

The 3 Powers Powers pour The 3 Treasures. The 3 treasures are not the source of Qigong or Chinese medicine. The 3 Powers are- 1. Tian (Heaven/Sky/Deity) 2. Dih (Various Earth/Nature’s nourishing’s 3. Body (Virtue in the body)

The 3 treasures are: 1. Jing (Essence Pre and Post along with how to cultivate it) 2. Chi (Energy along with how to cultivate it) 3. Shen (Spirit along with how to cultivate It.

Class 3

The Deeper Dive.

Form practice and Introducing the real masters and the inner temple teachings of Qigong for health and vitality: Video's, Audio's, Texts and includes both Williams translation of Tao Te Ching and his groundbreaking work- The Essence of Qigong

Wu Ji, Tai Chi, Xin (Heart mind) and Yi (Intention/intellectual mind) Yin and Yang, Kan and Li (the bodyminds water and fire essence), Yi(Intention) and Chi(energy),

Class 4

Form practice and-

Zuang Gung-Various methods of standing practice.

Along with ‘The Movement Refinement Series: The body is an interconnected web of materials supplied by 3 powers connected awareness. Learn how to sit down, stand up, lay down, pick something up, turn around, move objects, open and close doors all as a primary Qigong rejuvenating experience.

Smbh painting, Feet/toes weight distribution, grounding through earth connect points (In and down), body alignment, connectivity with sky, earth and your biological biography. Positional stepping precision.

Class 5- The Mudd Pill and The Mudd Palace from ancient Chinese scriptures

Form practice and-

Developing X Ray Vision and Opening the 3rd eye (The Mud palace and the mud pill) Reading The Field. Transparency is key. Making the map of self and client

What is Embryonic Breathing? The most advanced accomplishment of Qigong masters. Includes ancient Qigong scriptures.

Baby fat, jelly steeling, noodle body,

Class 6-

Form practice and a further look into the the inner accomplishment of true Qigong masters:

Qigong Meditation (Embroyic breathing improvements including the methods of feeling peace of mind with downloading/rooting energy further for psychological healing)-Bone Marrowing- reach the bones to soak the bones, bone wrapping/squezing. Naturally longer inhale than exhale for calming down and internal repair/reconfiguration-developing inner immunity. Naturally longer exhale for fighting off predation and developing outer immunity.

Class 7- Customizing/Personalizing your understanding and practice and a look at what long term measurable improvement means for you as an individual.